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Donald Rispens
Age: 72
Birthdate: September 23, 1946
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Artist
Location: Belgium
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoySky, BlueboxServer.net, Boylover.net, BoyHome
Donald Rispens, aka Elvin, is a pedophile from Belgium who serves as a moderator on the BoySky forum, and on the Dutch forum associated with Boylover.net.

Donald Rispens, aka Elvin, is a pedophile who lives in Belgium and serves as a moderator on BoySky, and also as a moderator on the Dutch language forum associated with Boylover.net. He is also associated with BlueboxServer.net, which is an internet service provider located in the Netherlands, notorious for serving the web service needs of several pedophile websites.

Rispins seems to like both young boys and young girls because he is currently active on BoySky and BoyHome, but also hosts sites with images of young girls, some of them appearing topless.

Our Investigation[edit]

The following steps have been taken to link the online screen name "Elvin" to the real name of "Donald Rispens":

  • We noticed someone named Elvin, and variations of the same name, posting on well known pedophile websites.
  • Elvin carelessly let his real name become known when he used an e-mail address with the real name "donaldrispens" before the domain name. A search using this information lead us to discover other e-mail addresses for Elvin, Elvin11, Elvin111 and Elvin12 using the same name of Donald Rispens in front of various domains.
  • Further searches turned up the name Donald Rispens posting in guestbooks belonging to members of photography sites, particularly those featuring children. While he signed his name Donald on some of them, in others he signed his name Elvin. In almost every entry, he stated that he was from Belgium, which matched all of our previous information.
  • Searches using his e-mail accounts also lead us to a photo hosting site using both his real name and screen name Elvin11, as well as a Yahoo Groups account which included his IP number. A check of his IP number showed that he was in Belgium.

Online Accounts[edit]

E-Mail Addresses:

  • rispensdon1@yahoo.com
  • donald.rispens@pandora.be
  • donaldrispens@hotmail.com

Instant Messenger Services:

  • Yahoo Messenger: rispendon1
  • MSN Messenger: rispensdon@msn.com

Alternate Screen Names:

  • Elvin
  • Elvin11
  • Elvin111
  • Elvin12


Last Known Address[edit]


If you have information as to the whereabouts and contact information on this person, please contact us at admin@wikisposure.com.

Additional Information[edit]

Rispens has expressed a strong interest in photography, fine arts, boy choirs, and classical music. His primary language is Dutch with English as a second language. He spends most of his online time viewing photography sites, particularly those carrying images of children.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual, his location, or his contact with young children, please contact admin@wikisposure.com.

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