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Age: 59
Birthdate: January 20, 1960
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Self Employed
Location: Missouri
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline
Doug9613 is a pedophile who frequents Boylandonline and serves in the role of senior moderator for the site.

Doug9613 is a boylover pedophile who frequents Boylandonline and Kidzlandonline, serving in the role of a senior moderator for the sites. Little is known about him except that he is from the United States and is either self-employed or retired (he's stated both in his postings). It is unknown as to which field he may be in career-wise.

Doug has not stated his AoA, however he has openly stated that he is gay and a boylover. As a poster on Boylandonline, Doug is generally passive and doesn't participate in many discussions, opting mostly to comment on photos posted or to participate in silly word type games.


Re: What would you do if you walked in on a young lad masturbating?

I chose offer to lend him a hand.

Re: hairy or hairless? (poll question) Do you prefer your boys to be hairy or hairless?

Hairless for me too.

Our Investigation

All information found on this individual has been taken directly from his profile and posts on Boylandonline. Our investigation is ongoing at this time.

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  • Doug9613

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  • YIM: Doug9613



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