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Royal B.
Age: 94 (approx if still alive)
Birthdate: Between 01/01 - 06/14/1925
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Possibly TV Repair Service
Location: Australia - Possibly Applecross WA
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Egon, aka Royal B., is a pedophile who is the creator of old boylove cartoons which he used to entertain his fellow pedos

Egon, aka Royal B., is an elderly pedophile from Australia. He regularly posts on BoyChat and is known for his boylove cartoons, featuring a character by the name of "Robbie", a 7 year old little boy who supposedly lives next door to Egon.

Believed to be originally from Germany, Egon states that he decided to settle in Australia in the early 1960's. He has eluded to the fact that he may be a convicted sex offender, who was tried sometime between 1990-1997 (+/-). He has expressed disdain for a well known radio and television broadcaster by the name of Derryn Hinch, who made Egon the subject of nightly rants on Australian airwaves. He is active in supporting a campaign called International Boy Love Day (IBLD), and believes that being a pedophile is not criminal nor is it unnatural. Egan took his screen name from his first boy love attraction, a fellow student when he was in school.


Boylove is not criminal and not a disease regardless of what this "flash in the pan" of present history appears to indicate.

Friday,the 4th of May Is "National Children walk to school day" in Australia.

Slogan: 'Active kids are healthy kids'. Children waiting at the side of the road can only cross holding hands of an adult'

Be ready !

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Email Addresses

  • roy25@iinet.net.au

Known Screennames

  • Egon
  • Egon Samek
  • Robbie
  • Robie


Last Known Address[edit]


Last Known Phone Number[edit]

If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact admin@wikisposure.com.

Additional Quotes[edit]

Brunette and brown smell the nicest,red the worst.

We are not a bad people and should fight back with activism,blogs,letters to editors etc.

It isn't very often I get emotional and my tear ducts don't open very often but they did when I saw this video clip on CNN.There is a moral here.First qf all it shows that we are not in it for sex alone and secondly,millions of little boys like him are deprived of such an experience simply because they are in a "single mother" situation brought about by the selfishness of those mothers.

Additional Information[edit]

Not much is known about Egon at this time. He was in the Royal Navy during World War II. His pet peeve is double negatives. He seems to keep very in the loop on politics. English is not his first language and his posts would indicate that he is familiar with German. Egon posts as Robie on BoyChat, sometimes undetected by his fellow posters, in this case, Jimf3.

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If you have any information regarding this individual's identity or current whereabouts, contact admin@wikisposure.com.

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