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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Elijah Wood
Age: 56
Birthdate: November 15, 1963
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: TV Repairman
Location: Los Angeles, California
Physical Description:
Organizations: BLISS, BoyTales, BoyTalk, Girltalk - girltales.com, BL.net
Elijah Wood is a pedophile who has assisted in the start up and operation of several "boylove" sites. He is sexually attracted to little boys and believes that pedophiles should discuss their fantasies in order to validate each other as "normal", decent people.

Elijah Wood is a pedophile who is sexually attracted to little boys, and belongs to several online pedophile communities. In addition to his membership on BL.net, Elijah Wood has been instrumental in the start up of sites such as BLISS and Girltalk - girltales.com. He took over as an admin at BoyTales and BoyTalk when the previous administrator left, however he is no longer the lead admin of the site. He was also an administrator at the now defunct site, Ghouldrool, and has served as an editor of the BLISS ezine, "Boycentric", as well.

Elijah Wood has stated that he feels the online forums are necessary for the pedophile community because it gives them an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and desires, which in turn "validates" each other as "normal, decent" people. He often writes poems, parodies and short stories which are graphic and often foul in nature. He is obsessed with the real Elijah Wood, child actor, and posts often about masturbating while viewing images of the boy on his computer.

Elijah Wood has also posted that he has had heart bypass surgery and that even after having had that surgery, he is still a drinker and a smoker, and may have lung cancer. He is a television repairman in southern California, however it is unknown as to whether he does his work in a shop or if he goes into customer homes where children may be.


"I don't believe the sex act itself is damaging, not if it is on the child's level, which is mostly play. I do believe, though that the view of society in regards to intergenerational is unhealthy and harmful. As long as it's pounded into kid's little heads that sexual activity of any kind with an adult will cause them horrible psycological damage, sex with an adult will possibly cause psycological damage, especially if the activity is found out."

"There is no aspect of boylove that I will shy away from. I am brutally honest about my desires and I'm open to the desires of others. For example, I've posted about masturbating to images of my favorite actor young Elijah Wood. Why should I be so open about such a personal subject? Why not? You already know the most personal and well guarded aspect of my life... the fact that I'm a boylover."

Our Investigation

  • We first discovered Elijah Wood on the BLISS web site, serving in the capacity of an advisor/administrator.
  • Upon further investigation, we were able to locate posts made by Elijah Wood wherein he disclosed his location as being southern California. In one post he mentioned being in a rather large earthquake in Los Angeles in 1971, when he was 8 years old. On BLISS and BL.net we found posts which indicated his birthday as being November 15th.
  • In two other posts we found that he works as a television repairman.
  • Our investigation into this individual is ongoing. We will update this article when more information becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Elijah Wood
  • EW

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

  • Believed to be living in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Additional Quotes

"By expressing and sharing our sexual fantacies and desires we validate each other as normal, good and decent people.

We need not look down on ourselves because we are sexually attracted to boys."

"Thanks guys! It's been a little while since I last posted here. I was taking a little nap, dreaming of sweet naked moments with little Elijah Wood. Now I'm sporting a morning boner a small child could do chin-ups on. Let's ROCK!"

"Re: What would you do if BLISS were shut down?

Damn! I guess that would mean that I'd have to go back to jacking off to freeze frames of Elijah Wood movies and taped TV shows!"

"Just like that guy said in that old Vietnam war movie... "There's nothing like the smell of wet undies in the morning!""

"It is true that certain aromas enhance the sexual experience. There have been a number of studies on this topic. One of the aromas, though not for everyone, is urin. Yup, you heard me right! The top two aromas for men were lavender and pumpkin pie! I never attached any sexual feeling to pumpkin pie but what the hell, I think I'll give it a try tommorrow!"

"Most of our hang-ups are due to our sexual attractions and it's important that we legitimize each other by sharing our attractions. No, we don't need to talk about weather or not we've ever taken libeties witha real boy's underwear, but we shouldn't be discouraged from discussing the topic either. If someone has a fetish for rectal thermometers he shouldn't be talking about the boys he's actually used them on, but he shouldn't be discouraged from discussing his fetish or expressing his fantacies. Sure, that's kinda wierd, but then so is boylove in the eyes of the public. Who are WE to chase somebody away because we think thei fettish is disgusting? THat fellow who liked rectal thermometers came here for support."

Additional Information

  • May live with his Mother and Nephew, as he mentioned having them around to help him when he suffered a bout of pneumonia.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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