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Elijah's World
Created: Unknown
Referred to as: Elijah's World
Based out of: Unknown
Founder: The Good Son
Purpose: To provide a place for pedophiles to gather for socialization and support
Website Address:
Previous: (defunct) http://elijahsworld.19.forumer.com
Former pedophile gathering place online for socialiazation and support
Banner shown Elijah's World Forum
Forum banner with the message, "Come and get some"
Yet another forum banner, "Where boys come to play"
File:Elijahs World -- Index 01-01-2007.png
Index page of Elijah's World from January 1, 2006

Elijah's World was one of many pedophile forums that was set up to provide a place for pedophiles to receive socialization and support. This site, which was hosted on a free web forum hosting service, was shut down by the host due to several violations of their Terms of Service. No activity has been noted on the site since February 2007.

CQ2- 02-24-2007

hehe guys u dont turn into adult simply because the calendar says you are 18 nah, got little to do with that, hell no buddy. enjoy your books and never mind the old fart, let him live in his little world of illusion. play, read and have fun damn it, you will soon enough be an adult. all i ask- be sensible when it is called for think u know what i mean may the force of boylove be with you CQ2 is still very much in touch with his inner child

Although the site is now defunct, we were able to obtain screen shots of the main index page through archived records, which show some of the following screen names of the forum's members. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any archived posts from these individuals:

  • The Good Son - Owner/Administrator
  • ambboy89
  • bobyoo
  • charlie
  • CQ2
  • craig
  • crazee88
  • DarkKnight
  • Elijahdance
  • erik7772
  • eskimo
  • Firebird
  • Fotofreddie
  • frosch
  • Gash
  • gershom
  • Honko
  • James
  • Joe
  • johndoe
  • jojo
  • keren
  • kevkicker
  • koolkid14
  • lonelyguy
  • LukeUlrich
  • Murdy
  • Nathan
  • Simple
  • Stony
  • stubri
  • stud321
  • takk
  • theone70
  • top19
  • Uncle charlie
  • urbud17
  • vergilswrath
  • wouldntitbenice
  • Zach
  • zakiwood

Contact Us[edit]

If you have information regarding this site, it's owners, administration, or membership, please contact us at admin@wikisposure.com.

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