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Age: 34
Birthdate: September 11, 1985
Occupation: Nanny, Musician
Location: Washington, DC, was in Vacaville, California, and before that, in Ft. Myers, Florida for many years
Physical Description:
Weight: Lean
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: BoyChat, GirlChat, annabelleigh.net, Age Taboo
Emovocals AKA Donald J. Shepherd (sometimes called Jon) is a bisexual pedophile who promotes abolishing age of consent laws. He was actively employed as a Nanny before being arrested for child molestation and child pornography.
Donald Shepherd
News Article
News Article
News Article

Donald Shepherd


Donald Shepherd was sentenced to 25 years to life in August, 2010.


Donald Shepherd was arrested in Vermont, while working as a nanny, after police say he sexually abused the child he cared for.

Police say he confessed to numerous sex acts with a child. They say he got the job through an online nanny service. He was charged with five counts of aggravated sexual assault and lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. Conviction on even one of the sexual-assault charges carries a punishment of up to life in prison and $50,000 in fines.

Following his arrest, Shepherd's computers were found to contain over 650 images and 50 videos of child pornography, some of which police believe Shepherd may have produced himself. He now faces additional charges, 18 counts of use of a child in a sexual performance and six counts of possession of child pornography. His arraignment is February 25, 2010.

Emovocals AKA Philosophy AKA Donald J. Shepherd AKA Douglas Shepherd is one of the most dangerous kinds of pedophiles there is, because he works with children on a daily basis as a professional Nanny and is not against adult-child sexual relationships.

A member of both BoyChat and GirlChat, where he claims to be sexually attracted to both little boys and little girls, Shepherd has openly posted about the children he works with, while pushing his beliefs that age of consent laws should be abolished. He has also stated that he works with Children & Family Services where he lives, although this has yet to be confirmed.

As recently as April of 2008, he has been found posting ads actively seeking childcare jobs. He seems to prefer kids in the 3 to 14 year range. His latest ads place him in the South East part of Washington D. C.

Shepherd has come out to his Father, who disapproves of his son's actions. His Father lovingly tried to help his son, but to no avail. His attraction is mostly to young children, although he says that he can also be attracted to adult women if they appear to be very young.

Shepherd also doesn't appear to be very well trusted amongst his peers, because he tends to post comments and stories, then later retracts the same. He has admitted to creating many user names on the same message boards. When he was recently outed online, with his real name being posted, he became fearful that he was about to be arrested and requested that the administrators of the sites he frequents delete all of his posts and his account. When they explained to him that they couldn't, he made up yet another story, stating that he was a married man who was not really a pedophile. He has also claimed before that he has a daughter.

He still, however, continues to use social networking sites such as MySpace, with subtle indications that he truly is a pedophile. On one of his MySpace profiles, he posts that he loves LGs (little girls) and that his hero is Lindsay Ashford, a well known pedophile who is the founder of puellula.com. Shepherd is fearful that a potential employer will use Google to search his background and discover that he is indeed a pedophile.

He constantly obsesses over little girls who are obviously either grossed out by him or doesn't know he exists. He "falls in love with them" from afar, creating "relationships" in his own head. He's clearly delusional, and exceptionally dangerous.


Okay, I know I have said many different things regarding this topic, but let me tell you what I Truly believe in.

I believe in contact. However, the question is..What forms of contact?

In this day and age?

Kissing, huggin, holding hands, caressing, cuddling, etc.

In a perfect where other things are moderately accepted? The above, and perhaps genital stimulation, but not penetration before puberty. The debate of what age a child is "ready" for penetration or sexual intercourse is very GREY . So we can't logically argue such a thing. This is why I continuously use the term Puberty. I have known some 11 years olds who physically ready for sex, and who (by scientific terms) "Desire" it.

I lost my glasses a couple weeks ago, so can barely see. I can see people about 20 feet away, but only a colored silhouette. So i was sitting by the gate waiting for my plane, when I noticed a very antsy girl who kept getting up and wondering around the terminal. I couldn't make out many of her features, but I could tell from her Silhouette that she was attractive. I also, i couldn't really make out how old she was, but her hips told me she was around 12-14.


We were flying in a dual propeller 30 passenger deathcab and just when they were about to start the engines the Flight Attendant comes and tells us if we are sitting in the 1-4 row we would have to find any empty seat in the rear of the Plane. So I moved. Thank I did, because guess who I saw! Scratch that, guess how I was remotely sitting next to!!!! That girl that was obsessing over in the Terminal. I had a window seat, which I love (I take photos out the windows) and the woman whom I talked to took the aisle. The girl took the window on the opposite side, and her mother? Took the window. So

It gets boring here.

All the while the Woman and I we're talking the very cute girl who could not have been older than 12 kept looking at me and smiling in a quite precocious manner. I would sip my beer, and flirtingly smile back at her. This went for the whole flight.

I kept thinking GOD DAMNED DUMBASS WHY DIDNT YOU TAKE THE WINDOW!!!! But it's okay. At least I know that cute little girls do find me attractive in some manner


Okay, so why is this a big deal? It just is. I have known this girl since she was 11, and I have had these feelings for her since. It's been hard because a couple years ago I told her brother how i felt about her, now I finally told her.

I wrote her message and this is the response I got.

"hey i kinda actually knew about the whole you liking me and telling matt that, but i had forgotten because that was a while ago anyway, i dont really know what to say because i really dont know you at all so ya its sweet and all but i cant say the feelings are mutual or anything you know.? im sure theres someone whos a lot better than me that you're meant to be with and i dont think its me, im going to bed so ya peace “

I am a 22 year old male live in Nanny. I consider this a career and not just something I do to make money. Due to some financial troubles I have to seek out a means to earn some extra money. So my troubles are your happiness.

I am available to babysit in your home on Friday and Sunday, and some Saturday nights.

I am looking to care for children ages 3-14, and my rates are negotiable.

I am a Manny to a 5 year old girl. She is amazing in every aspect. Shes very smart, funny, and just so cute.

Our Investigation

We noticed that a pedophile using the screen name "emovocals" was asking the moderators at BoyChat and GirlChat to delete all of his messages. We found out that the reason why he was doing that was because an anti-pedophile blog by the name of I Luv 2 Surf had found his real name and outed him, so we decided to do our own investigation. Here are the steps we took to verify that "emovocals" was actually Donald J. Shepherd:

  • We found some talk about it on GirlChat where the moderators responded to emovocals asking what email he used to email them with. *They responded that the email he used was [email protected] Emovocals responded that his email address was [email protected] We also found a post that he made that was about an email exchange he had with his father, which included this email address: [email protected], and referenced this website: www.purevolume.com/donaldshepherd.
  • From there, it was pretty easy to track him down. Doing a search in MySpace for the [email protected] email address, we found this myspace profile: http://www.myspace.com/trac3records
  • Using this email address: [email protected], we found this MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/djonshepherd, on which there was this quote: "I like LGs!" and a location of Vacaville, CA, and his age. It also states that his hero is Lindsay Ashford, and some friends had wished him a happy birthday on the day that coincides with his real name.
  • This email address: [email protected] linked to this MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/jonshepherdmusic, which confirmed the name even more. Please note - MySpace deleted this page, however, when a custom URL from MySpace is deleted it is then open for someone else to pick up on. As of March 2010, the page belonging to "jonshepherdmusic" is NOT the same person listed in this article.
  • The address listed as his last known address was found using the information above.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • emovocals
  • Philosophy
  • punkismylife85
  • Lillian Mayes
  • Jon
  • Jon5
  • vocalsforchrist
  • Doodle

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

  • Youtube User:emovocals - has videos of underage boys
  • MySpace:indifferencerecoreds
  • Geocities Website, "A Dangerous Mind" - now deleted
  • Yahoo User:punkismylife85
  • MySpace User:TRAC3Records - deleted
  • MySpace User:DJonShepherd - deleted
  • MySpace User:JonShepherdMusic - custom URL recycled, this account now belongs to a different person
  • MySpace User:DonaldShepherd - deleted
  • Men4SexNow.com - profile deleted
  • Anti-pedo video about Shepherd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2qM25t7Jh8


Last Known Address


Previous Addresses

1877 Quazl Meadows Circle
Vacaville, California

  • Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Zanesville, Ohio
  • Plainwell, Michigan
  • San Diego, California
  • Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill

Last Known Phone Number

(202) 583-1716

Additional Quotes

Some things about me you might find interesting. I am a professional Nanny. I get to hang out with kids, travel across the country, and make tax free money. All while living for free. I have virtually no expenses. Imagine what that would be like. I am a man, so its hard for me to find a job. If you are a parent and are reading this. Good. You need to know that Men in the child care field aren't what you may think.

If A Terminally Lg Wanted You... would you?

Another fantasy topic, albeit a little more contrived. Made all the more interesting due to the particular twist this situation has, where any damage done could only be done in the short term (ie physical pain) - and therefore if the act was an enjoyable act for the child - would it be permissable? At least in this fantasy setting.

I got to thinking about the classic children holiday story "The Nutcracker"

I wondered what it would be like to re write that story, with the prince as a pedophile and the rat kind would stay a rat, but would be an pedo activist, and a cop? I think this would be very cool. I have lots of ideas about this. So if anyone would like to get with me on writing this. Let me know.

I think this would be really cool.

You guys will never believe this, but its the truth. I have landed a job with a mom that looks like she’s my age, and is absolutely Gorgeous. A 7yo little girl and the rest boys. I think its going to be sweet. To make things even better. She’s a pinup model

I don't really know the answer to that question. I am attracted to adult women who look very young, but still have very Adult features. I don't like big breasts, but I woulnd't like them even if I weren't a pedosexual.

I still consider myself a pedo though because little girls do it for me, much more than any woman could.

Actually when I worked for my last family I would often go with the boys to their gymnastics meets, and get to watch all the LGs. It was quite nice.

I dont even want to get a job because I am afraid I might be caught looking at somebodie's daughter. That doesnt end well. Ever. Unless of course he is a GL too. But when does that ever happen. I have been thinking if I should have children. I want children but dont know how that would work out. Its been drilled into by many different therapists and crap that its wrong. But I know thats all bollucks.

Honestly. I told you what I do for a living. There is no false information there. I don't expect you to believe me. I know I have "cried wolf" too many times in the past for anyone to believe anything I say, but there are people on this board who really know me and can tell you that most things that "emovocals" posts on this board now are in fact the truth.

People are being jailed just for being attracted to children. Isn't that what you tell me when I would give out information about myself on this board? Hell, now I am on some ass hole's blog. My pictures and all. That is what happens though when you stand up for something you believe in. I risk the chance everyday of being found out and investgated. How do you think that makes me feel?

I am not asking you to look past the things I have done, or except my lies. I am only asking you to stop your madness. I am harmless. I can promise you that. I just need people to talk to. I hope that some of this will sink in, but I doubt it.

Most of you know my position though. I have two children in my current position and I walk them to school and such. I get to see all the cute boys that go to school there. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous lol.

It's not really legal matters. I discovered that my legal name is linked GC and BC, and being a Nanny I can't have that. That and that fuck with his forum and my Name being all over it. With pictures and all that. Fucked me over big time. All one has to do is Type my name in a Google search and that's the first thing that pops up. I am fucked big time. There is nothing I can do really.

Additional Information

  • States that his hometown is Zanesville, Ohio
  • Has previously represented himself as a female
  • Has used online dating service to find a male partner to get drunk with and to have sexual relations with
  • States in dating profile that he's into one-on-one sex, cross dressing, and open to a long term relationship


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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