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Cory M. Andser
Age: 43
Birthdate: December 12, 1975
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unemployed / Photographer
Location: Allison Park, Pennsylvania
Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Other: 2 scars around right eye; may walk with crutches
Pedophile Websites: Visions of Alice, Logical Reality
Cory M. Andser AKA FPJmask has been a member on pro-pedophile forums such as Visions of Alice and Logical Reality. This pedophile activist has a fetish involving little girls in masks. He also admits to befriending several disabled children, including a girl named Kina, in order to develop a relationship with them.

FPJmask AKA Cory Andser

FPJmask AKA Cory M. Andser has been a member on pro-pedophile forums such as Visions of Alice and Logical Reality.

Cory has a fetish involving masks on young girls, and footed pajamas as well. He claims to be disabled, needing crutches for mobility, as he says he suffers from spina bifida, however it doesn't stop him from doing volunteer work at hospitals and church organizations where he likely has access to both surgical masks and children.

It also appears that Cory is still keeping tabs on a girl named Nicole AKA Kina who he befriended when she was very ill.

He also thinks that it's cool to be a pedophile:

I'm a pedophile just because its "cool".


Perfect Age? For me it tends to be 9. I've seen so many of 9f's that seemed JUST on the verge of puberty, but still flat.

Maybe something in the muscle-tone or specific babyfat amount in a girl of that age. And the fact that she still has no hair in the netherlands, usually. And at the age just sounds erotic. Odd to say, but I get excited. Seems at 10, they are on to bigger and better things.

Here he describes an encounter with a few young girls that live near him:

There's these twin PT's, about 11 y/o, down in apartment 7. Lovely thin, pale brunettes. Every night I go down and ask if they want to go to a movie and a romantic dinner (or I at least attempt to). But every day, I get shot down by their angry father, who always answers the door and tells me that 31 year olds can't be doing that. I'm starting to believe his threats of siccing the cops on me soon.

Our Investigation[edit]

The following are steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "FPJMask" with the real name of Cory M. Andser:

  • We noticed the "F.P.J.Mask" nick posting on the VoA (Visions of Alice) Website.
  • His pedophile user profile showed his name as Cory, his location and birthdate.
  • Searching that nick, we came across a blog at LiveJournal that contained personal details about himself. Additionally, his name, Cory, matched the information posted on other pedophile Web sites.
  • Further searching on the internet turned up many other accounts that listed additional personal and family information, and he also openly discusses his "fetishes" for masks and "girls gymnastics".
  • Pictures were discovered on deviantArt and other sites matching same pictures on VoA.
  • Information contained on these accounts lead to more profiles and other usernames located throughout the Web, most of which the name Cory M. Andser was attached and stating that he currently lives in Allison Park, PA -- his birthdate, other personal information and "fetishes" all matched.
  • This also lead to his MySpace account, which included pictures of him that matched other profiles around the Web and again his fetish for masks.
  • Public records confirmed the name matched the address Cory posted on numerous user profiles at various locations on the Web.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • F.P.J. Mask
  • Coryma
  • Coryma26
  • fpjluvr
  • tm15101
  • purplebiff
  • YIM: fpjmask
  • YIM: tinymonster15101
  • YIM: cornstarchGH
  • AIM: fpjmask
  • AIM: cornstarchGH

Known Websites

Known E-mail Addresses

  • fpjmask@yahoo.com
  • coryma@earthling.net
  • tinymonster15101@yahoo.com


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]


Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(412) 366-7666

Additional Quotes[edit]

I obviously have a fetish for footed pajamas and protective masks (medical, respirator). But I also love sailor dresses or easter dresses, and a good pair of tights, preferable white or cream colored cable knit. Nice and thick. Oh, and mary janes! Black and polished! Mmmmm. Depending on the dress, I also like nice, lacy or satiny gloves.

Oh yes. The first girl I ever kissed. Me 16, she 12. She was quite a kisser, and I still imagine her doing that and doing...ummm...certain other things to me. She'd be 27 now, which isn't necessary a bad thing for me, but I like to think about her still at 12.

Here's the answers to a few questions on a quiz he took:

20. Do you have a porn collection?

Wellll....not so much nudity, but I do have a massive fetish for girls wearing masks, so yes I have lots of that stuff. A few young women in footed PJ's, too. Yup, I'm fpjmask.

31. Do you wear your boyfriend/girlfrends clothEs?

Heh! No. I do sort of wonder what a nice schoolgirl outfit feel like. Kina? Care to comment? :p

36. Have you ever broken anyones heart?

Probably. I tend to attract many antisocial types that assume that befriending a disabled person is just so so easy because we apparently are so desperate for friends that we will hang out with anyone.

Additional Information[edit]

  • He states his hobbies are: "soccer, w. gymnastics fetishes: protective masks, footed pjs"
  • He states his interests are: "gymnastics, interpol, soccer"
  • He attended the following schools:
    • Schools: Judson School - Scottsdale, AZ (1994)
    • Landmark College - Putney, VT (1994 - 1997)
    • California State University - Sacramento - Sacramento, CA (1998 - 1999)
  • He has family that lives in Washington, California and Webster Groves.
  • He states that he volunteers at North Hills Community Outreach and was laid off from Giant Eagle two years ago. *He also claims to have an Agent Orange pension.

I'm not sure what else to say about that subject. Maybe I'm beating a dead horse. I am heading back in to volunteer at North Hills Commnity Outreach, a local non-profit that strives to help financially and emotionally down-and-out folks in this relatively wealthy area. Everything from a food pantry to counseling services. Anything under the sun that can be donated as a product or service. I do various types of data entry work, which is fun.

For the first time in over two years since my layoff from Giant Eagle, I am sort of getting the urge for paid work again, even though I have an Agent Orange pension. So, who knows.

I volunteer twice a week with an outreach program that helps needy people in a rather upper-class suburban area...an area where you wouldn't think there was much need.

I do data entry for them. Others donate money, food, groceries, psychological services, and mechanic services. I have also been more aware of cystic fibrosis, a disease that clogs the lungs and pancreas, and for which the average age of death is 36 (but in my experience, seems to be much, much less). I went on a 2.5 mile walk (Great Strides) that was put on by the CF Foundation. I want to attend more gatherings put on by them in the future. I became aware after meeting a young woman with the disease. She, in turn, introduced me to another girl with CF who, sadly, passed away waiting for a 3rd transplant on 7 June.

Point is, I think service to the community is great, but it means the most when the cause has a direct meaning for you, and you're not just donating for the sake of donating.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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