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Ahmad Ali AKA Ahmad Al-Hamzawi
Age: 36
Birthdate: February 2, 1983
Race: Middle Eastern, Arabic
Occupation: Intern, Field Unknown
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 187
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: GirlChat
Fachy AKA Ahmad Ali is an Egyptian pedophile living in the US. He enjoys sharing his grooming fantasies/techniques with his peers.
File:Fachy pic1.png
Fachy AKA Ahmad Ali

Fachy AKA Ahmad Al-Hamzawi AKA Ahmad Ali is a pedophile who was originally from Geeza, Egypt, but is now living in the United States. He is a member of and frequent poster on the known pedophile website, GirlChat.

Although much is not known about Fachy, what is known is that he enjoys fantasizing about how to groom little girls and sharing those fantasies with his peers on GirlChat. He is sometimes met with resistance regarding his views, as some members of the site are against adult/child sexual relationships, but Fachy is clearly not of that school of thought. It is frightening to know that someone like Fachy sits around thinking of ways to groom a child for his own needs, however, reading his posts provide a good example of how dangerous someone like Fachy could be.


You know one thing about me is that I usually don't like to imagine unrealistic fantasies, if you know what I mean. Like, I won't enjoy a thought of "I saw that 10 yr old girl in the street, winked to her, and we had sex on the roof" you know? I think what makes one fantasy so beautiful is that its possiblity to come true oneday, whether that happens or not...

Our Investigation[edit]

  • Fachy was first noticed posting on GirlChat, where he also posted his e-mail address.
  • A search of Fachy's e-mail address revealed his first name, "Ahmad", along with his age, location, and a profile on the social networking site, Hi5.com.
  • Further searching the same e-mail address led us to posts by Ahmad on Yahoo's group for Moslem ITs, which included the full name "Ahmad Ali". His birthday was listed there as February 2nd, and his location as Ellicott City, MD, which matched information we had previously found on his DOB and location.
  • We also located a profile for Fachy on Windows Live Space, which listed his location as Maryland, but also stated that he could be contacted in Doi (Dokki) Egypt. Another profile for Fachy on muslima.com, also listed the same e-mail address and location, with further details about his interests and physical appearance.
  • Continuing our search, we found Fachy on a Muslim social networking site with matching information. Another profile for Fachy on Internetmosque.net listed an IP number which traces back to Maryland, giving us solid confirmation of his location. He also listed his name on the site as being "Ahmad Al-Hamzawi", along with a telephone number and e-mail address which matched his Fachy100@hotmail.com address.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Fachy

Known E-mail Addresses

  • Fachy1000@hotmail.com

Known Websites

  • Hi5.com Profile - deleted
  • Muslima.com Profile - deleted
  • Flixter Profile - Cancelled
  • Windows Live Profile - deleted
  • Facebook Profile - deleted
  • Internet Mosque.net Volunteer


Last Known Address[edit]

Ellicott City, Maryland

Additional Quotes[edit]

In the following exchange, Fachy tells his peers about how he'd groom a child for his needs:

Where I live there are alot of street kids, you find them outside mosques begging or cleaning cars' windows at stop light and so on... my idea basically is to be nice to one of those once, and increase it gradually to achieve some..ahem... desirable outcomes. Let's examine this in details assuming the GEORGOUS girl I just saw today outside the mosque... she was about 6-7, had the cutest face ever with a veil covering hair, and was selling tissues I think

Ok, so assuming I had some change today, AND a private flat, things would go like this: -Me, smiling, approach her and give her a couple of (Egyptian) pounds --> considered relatively high charity here, but not enough to make her gasp or anything. I ask her if she comes here everyday, (and she says yes), I move away with a smile

-Next day (that would be tommorow!), I approach her again on my way out of the mosque with the same smile, repeating what I did today essentially, but giving her 3 pounds, and exchanging a very brief talk about her name and where she lives

-Next day: repeating what happened in the previous day, and exchanging a small talk about her family asking if she's got siblings

Next day: I tell her that I have no money on me, and ask if she'd like to come to my house (which is about 5 mins walk from the mosque) to take her change... she agrees, and we go to my house, I give her 5 pounds this time, and WALK HER BACK TO THE MOSQUE (I knew what you were thinking, not now you pervert

The next day I won't have money on me either, and we'll walk home just like we did, BUT this time there's a surprise, PIZZA! This girl has likely never tasted one, and I'll have a vegetable pizza and a cream/sugar-pie (never mind, it's Egyptian food) ready for her, and ask if she'd like to eat quickly before her mom (or whomever is supervising her) notices, plus her 5 pounds.

TWO NOTES HERE: I should give her the 5 pounds in change, not one bill, so her supervisor doesn't ask where she got it from. I also must make her feel that coming to my house should not be told, in an indirect way such as telling her "would you like to eat quickly before they notice you're not at the mosque?" or adding when we're leaving my house "if they ask you where have you been say you've been walking around the block" --> as if she'd be punished by THEM for coming, and I'm trying to prevent that.

Fachy didn't get quite the response he had hoped for from some people and replied to them, saying:

Why're you taking it to the bad-intention side? Why not think that:

1) Sex doesn't have to happen 2) If it happens, I can take care of her for quite a long time after that

And there's NOTHING unethical about making a child happy, and trying to make yourself happy in the process. Gee, many people donate money coz it simply makes them feel good about themselves, is this taking advantage of the poor??

"but please, do not do this as a payment for potential sexual favors. Little girls deserve better." --> What's better than love Mister 28? That's a very closed-minded statement you just said here

Thank you Dragon, finally someone who can think right! You're (relatively) happy, the girl is (relatively) happy, what the heck is wrong with that?

If any smart head says "but the girl is giving things she doesn't 'want to' give", then I'd normally reply that "you ALSO are doing the same, nothing is 100% profitable. But profit comes when you gain more than you lose, and thus make the decision to take that action"

Additional Information[edit]

  • Loves animals so much he does not eat meat or chicken
  • Has several cats
  • Enjoys Arabic chants and music, watches Aljazeera television
  • Like Sci-Fi and Historical movies

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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