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Thomas Robertson
Age: Late 50's
Birthdate: withheld
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Professional Photographer
Location: Montreal, Canada
Physical Description:
Organizations: Boytalk Radio, boylover.net, jeffsfortboard.com
Thomas Robertson is a pedophile living in Montreal, Canada. He is a photographer and is obsessed with a young boy he calls his "YF"
File:Father-tmjr pic1.jpg
Father TMJR AKA Thomas Robertson

Father_TMJR is the screen name of Thomas Robertson, a dangerous pedophile activist from Montreal, Canada and a regular poster on IRC boytalk. He is a frequent listener of Boytalk Radio. Robertson is also a member of boylover.net.

This pedophile is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits of children. Evidence indicates that he works in close proximity to school children and is a professional photographer.

Living at 360 Roy St., right next to École Gentilly Elementary school, he can freely watch the children playing in the school yard from his deck. Robertson frequently has the neighborhood children over to play and has a photography studio set up in his garage.

Not only does Robertson like to watch children, he is obsessed with one in particular; a Chinese boy he has known for nine years. Calling himself Uncle Tom, he spends a great deal of time with this boy and exhibits classic grooming behaviors such as providing video games for him to play at his home, playing table tennis, taking him fishing, going to the mall or out to eat, even picking the boy up from school.

The child lives in the Toronto area and "Uncle Tom" has not only visited often, but once stayed with the boy and his parents for a month. Robertson has earned the trust of the boy's parents and has had the boy stay over at his home. This disturbing behavior is of great concern as the boy is the target of this man's obsession. He has been in contact with the child even as recently as December 7th 2008. If you have any information in regards to the identity of this child, please contact Administration.

Posting frequently on IRC Boytalk, a chat room for pedophiles who call themselves BL's ("boylovers"), he constantly talks of his Young Friend or of child stars he finds "cute" or attractive. The boytalk chat was previously hosted by Jon Schillaci, aka Dylan Thomas, webmaster of Boychat and one of the top 10 FBI's most wanted, recently captured June 2008.

His other "young friend" moved to the West Coast but Father_TMJR stays in close contact with him as well.


I will be meeting my yf this Friday

Haven't seen him since, um, Sunday nite

l Father_TMJR is going through Yf withdrawal

He will be 16, but he's still a cutie

• Father_TMJR is away at work right now, and deeply misses his YF :-/

Darn i miss my YF... this is terrible

After seeing him nearly every day for the past month and a half I haven't seen him for three days now

Our Investigation

The following are the steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "Father_TMJR" with the real name of Thomas Robertson:

  • We noticed the "Father_TMJR" screen name posting in the Boytalk chat room. His joining and logging out provided another nick name "Tomspider" (Father_TMJR [[email protected] user.boytalk.network] has left #boytalk).
  • By simply reading the chat logs over the course of several months, Robertson shared many details on himself that provided some key points in narrowing down his location.
  • He stated he lived in Canada and had taken his YF (young friend) to a large Chinese mall. There are only 2, West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta and Pacific Mall in Toronto. He commented that a previous YF moved "way out west" making the Toronto location more plausible. So if his YF is in Toronto and he is a 5 hour drive away, that places him in either Ottawa or Montreal. He had also said he lived close to an international airport.
  • Searching the tomspider nickname led to his YouTube account that stated he was from Niagara Falls and his hobby was cycling. It also led to his Flickr account, photos-of-the-year profile and his blogger profile.
  • We then found his online photography portfolio also using the tomspider nickname. This provided his yahoo email. The portfolio confirmed his business name: TMJR Photography and where he was located.
  • Searching some key terms led to his tomthephotographer Flickr account that had several photos of his home, his YF, several children, his minivan and several scenery photos. Photos posted were that of the Montreal area and one photo in particular provided part of a street sign (the caption stated it was a picture taken from his front door). The last two letters of his street were "OY". Still another photo showed a school located just out his back door. Many clues between the photos and chat logs provided enough information to pin point his address.
  • Searching his yahoo address provided his MySpace page indicating his age as 55.
  • On BTR (boytalkradio) he also used the nick Sir_TMJR. Locating his profile using this nickname on a photography site gave us his name, Thomas Robertson, and confirmed his email address, his location as Montreal, Canada and that he was indeed a photographer. His stated age was 46.
  • Searching his name and profession led to a photograph, the close up posted here. We also determined he was quite likely in the cast of Tommy Tricker.
  • Having his name and partial street name made confirmation of his "360 Roy Street" address easy.
  • He has since revised the location on his professional site to "Ottawa, Ontario"

Online Accounts

Known Aliases:

  • Father_TMJR
  • Sir_TMJR
  • tomspider
  • tomthephotographer
  • Uncle_Tom
  • Uncle_TMJR
  • spidertom
  • spidertomspider

Known Email Addresses:

Known Websites:


Associated with other pedophiles:

  • Dylan Thomas - BTR/BoyChat
  • phantomspider - BTR
  • justme - Staff at BTR
  • calloway - BTR
  • dundustin - BTR

Last Known Address

360 Roy Dorval, QC H9S 3E1

Place of Employment:

Last Known Phone Number

(514) 631-5188

Additional Quotes

Uncle_TMJR is in BL heaven again

Yeah, I was up this late last nite, chatting with a cute west coast boy Chatted with him again tonight, too

Additional Information

  • He drives a minivan
  • He used to coach kids' soccer
  • He had or has a motorcycle
  • He travels throughout the region for photoshoots
  • He wears glasses for driving

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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