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Freedom Board
Created: November 2002
Referred to as: Freedom Board
Based out of: Canada, hosted in Russia
Founder: Etenne
Purpose: Pro-pedophile activism
Website Address:
Current: http://freespirits.org/freedom - defunct
Organizations: FSC
The Freedom Board was a message board specifically for pedophiles to use to talk about political pedophile activism.

Closed in November of 2005 (archives still online), the Freedom Board acted as a venue for pedophiles to discuss their ideas about activism that would spread pedophile propaganda, and force governments and societies to accept pedophiles and change laws so that they could operate as they wish: so that they could have sex with children.


Email Address


I have the impression that quite a number of people on BC think that the best way for society to handle boylove is not to think about it. Therefore, boylovers should sit still and be silent. As if society would forget about us if we just don't move.

I think it's the opposite way that will lead to success. Why not choose a number of newspapers, radio and TV stations and send them a letter each week containing some enlightening thoughts about boylove?

"Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein", as we say over here. I don't know if there is a corresponding proverb in English. The translation is, "constant drops mould the stone".

CAs made the public believe that all pedophiles are evil. We can make the public believe that most pedophiles are honorable people. It's simply a question of public relations. (And remember: The truth is on our side.)

What does an advert in the New York Times cost? Say, half a page? Make the headline, "I Am a Pedophile". That will catch people's eyes. People will read the text. They won't have to believe it right away. Let it sink into their minds bit by bit.

An irrational fear of pedophiles, including boylovers, is sweeping the nation. Based primarily on the false notion that anyone with an attraction to minors cannot exercise any self control, extreme laws are being or have been enacted. Agencies of law enforcement, including investigators, prosecutors and judges are routinely violating the basic legal rights of suspects, the accused and the convicted.

We need a defense. A BL Defense Fund that would do the sort of things the ACLU does, but focused on our concerns would be helpful. Perhaps Free Spirits could take the lead in creating such an enterprise. Or we might want to encourage the ACLU to do more. They would I think, if boylovers made more contributions and told them why they were giving these funds.

This needs to be stopped. These self-appointed Moral Guardians must be challenged, hung up and questioned at every opportunity and in every way available to us. Letting this kind of society continue will only ensure that it will indefinitely. Nazis took over Germany and started rounding up and killing members of its population because no one had the courage to stand up and oppose all the little shifts going on and before anyone realized it, you had Gestapo roaming the streets and Jews, Gypsies, Gays and the disabled on boxcars heading for extermination.

Don't let this stand. Fight for your freedom, in big ways and in small ways, but fight for it at every turn. We won't have it for long if we don't fight to keep what little we have.

Individual boylovers may be hated for their actions, but boylovers in general are hated for their attractions. It's not what we do that makes religious zealots and talk-show hosts hate us; it is the way we feel.

There are no misconceptions about us that need to be cleared up and there are no media distortions that need to be corrected. We can explain, correct, dispute and debate all we like. They already know everything that they need to know.

We are attracted to boys, and there is nothing we can do to explain that away.

I would like to begin working on a standardized pamphlet that any boylover can download, print and anonymously disperse wherever he or she chooses. I know this has been done in the past but I've been told that it was not done well. I would like to put together a pamplet in the style of a wiki board. Everyone has input and we can edit and edit until the majority of us decide that it is representitive of what we want to convey.

My ideas:

I don't think this pamphlet will work unless the layperson can understand its message. Meaning that most boylove terms that are only obvious to established boylovers should be avoided. No technical and legal jargon. Just a plain and simple message of who we are, what we stand for and what we hope for in the future...as well as links and information on how to participate and join in the fun.

food for thought....what kinds of ideas do we have in the way of bankrolling a mass brochure mailing to everyone in a city. Possibly even several major cities. I think this would be a great goal to work towards.

I'll be working on the initial brochure in the meantime and we can start editing as soon as i get it up (no pun intended).

Bush's victory is a victory for homophobes all across America.

Things will only be getting much, much worse for us BLs because of it.

We have no allies outside of our community. We have many enemies inside of our community. Anybody who voted for Bush is an enemy of our cause, because hatred against BLs is based primarily in homophobia, and Bush is a major promoter of homophobia in America today.

As far as I can tell, our cause is now fucking hopeless. Things will get worse before they get better, if they ever get better. We are like Jews living in '40s Warsaw.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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