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Gary Wolchesky aka MyIDIsPhat, others
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Middleton, New Jersey, USA
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, BoyMoment
Gary Wolchesky aka MyIDIsPhat is a pedophile who posted videos and comments on Youtube, bragging about molesting underage boys. He was arrested thanks to the other Youtube members who reported him to police.

Gary Wolchesky

Gary Wolchesky aka MyIDIsPhat, MyIDIsCool, and MyIDis- numerous other things, is a pedophile from Middleton, New Jersey. He has frequented pedophile boards such as Boychat and Boymoment, and repeatedly posted pro-pedophilia videos and comments on Youtube. According to his own statements, he has also used Xbox gaming sites to prey on underage boys.

Wolchesky began annoying Youtube in 2008. Using screen names such as MyIDIsPhat, MyIDIsCool, MyIDIsGary, MyIDIsOne and a number of others, he would post videos bragging about molesting young boys, and use comments to pick fights with child safety activists. Every time his pro-pedophile activity would result in one account being disabled, he would apparently just make another “MyIDIs____” account and start all over again. Other members of Youtube expressed their opinion of all this by creating parody accounts and a web page to make fun of Wolchesky; and by tracking down his real name and notifying local police.

In October of 2009, thanks to the Youtube members who kept reporting him to law enforcement, Wolchesky was arrested on child endangerment charges. Pornography with images of children under 16 was found on his computer.

Our Investigation

  • Wolchesky was already known as a pedophile due to his activity on YouTube.

Online Accounts

  • MyIDisPhat
  • MyIDisCool
  • MyIDIsWicked
  • MyIDIsMortal
  • MyIDIsWhat
  • MyIDIsWizered
  • MyIDIsOne
  • Numerous additional “MyIDis____” accounts were also created on Youtube, but some may be parodies

Email Addresses:

  • Myidiscool @yahoo.com


Last Known Address

Middleton, New Jersey, USA

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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