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Created: June 2005
Referred to as: Girl Love Wiki, GlWiki
Based out of: Unknown
Founder: Lux - Anonymous Bob
Purpose: "To become the main source of Girl Love information on the internet. Categorising all Little Girls in films, which actress, pro-pedophilic or pro-girl love movies, all kinds of words, meanings, and different facts about Pedophilia in general."
Website Address:
Current: http://www.childlover.org - now defunct
Organizations: TkGL
GlWiki is a wiki-based pedophile Web page used to post pro-pedophilia articles pertaining to little girls.

GlWiki AKA GirlLove Wiki was the girllove equivalent to BoyWiki. It is a wiki-based project used to collect and post articles, pictures, poetry and news stories pertaining to young girls. The website was started in June of 2005 by Lux, but has not been updated since November of 2006. This is probably because of the legal troubles that Lux has had and the fact that he is now in jail.

He even used GlWiki to update everyone on the time line of his arrest, trial, and plea deal as well as a guide for fellow pedophiles to follow to try to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

When Flickorna was outed, this site went down.


Notable Members


**Warning: These links may contain disturbing material**


From an article about Hygiene:

For little girls, until they are around the ace of 3 or 4, it is probably easiest for a parent to wash them and make sure that they are clean. Once the girl is old enough, and by 4 years they usually are, it is time to teach her how to wash her vulva, and around her anus, every time she has a bath or a shower. These areas are the ones that are normally missed - and probably the most crucial. If a little girl does not wash the rest of her body properly for a few days, it won't matter too much...

A girl needs to be shown how to clean her vulva. A soft flannel is the best, and warm water, preferably not too soapy. NEVER put soap in the vagina, in fact try to keep it away from the vulva as well as these areas are sensitive and may cause pain, discomfort and reddening of the area. Some body wash liquid soaps are suitable for direct application as they are low-irritant.

Show the girl how to clean around the vulva, how to part the labia majora and to clean the build-up of sebum from the folds of skin.

Next, educate her in how to clean her anus, using light pressure around it, and slightly pushing into the anus so as to clean any faecal matter that might be still remaining around the anal entry.

It is probably a good idea to check that she has done both of these adequately when she is first learning to do so. It can take a few weeks or months for them to master the actions successfully.

It is not necessary to clean inside the girl's vagina under normal circumstances. It is self-cleansing and to introduce soap etc will upset the natural chemical balance. It may also cause inflammation and discomfort.

Regarding a young girl modeling on a website:

Jillian is besides Emmie the top model in the Willey "stable". She is a stunning beauty with gorgeous facial features, nice almond-shaped eyes, alluring lips and a jaw-dropping athletic body with a perfect caribbean skin tone. Though her front teeth are sticking out a bit as you can notice on most pictures, it doesn't derogate her exceptional appearance. If just someone could teach Jillian to play a bit with her facial expressions she would be a perfect beauty queen, but unfortunately we can see the same kind of run-of-the-mill smile all along.

Likewise other model sites Jillian started in her earlier sets with "standard" outfits like bikinis, shorts, tight skirts etc. whereas in her later sets the costumes became more extravagant and fancy and Jillian usually takes off most of her clothes ending up in revealing thongs and small ribbon bands or transparent rags hardly covering her breast. Therewith the envelope has been pushed to the limit!!!

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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