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Shakeel Mirza
Age: 39
Birthdate: October 16, 1980
Occupation: Student
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Dark hair
Other: big ears
Organizations: BoyChat
Shakeel Mirza is a pedophile who pled guilty to attempted indecent assault of an 11 year old.

Shakeel Mirza AKA "Greencrystal" is a pedophile activist who is currently living in New Zealand. Originally from Pakistan, Shakeel is proud of his Muslim faith.

In 2006, when Shakeel was a third-year medical student at the University of Queensland in Australia, he was charged with attempting to molest a young boy. He had met the boy while volunteering as a mentor in the Lions Club program called “Aunties and Uncles.” Even though Shakeel pled guilty, the judge ruled that no jail time would be imposed; stating this was because the offense was "out of character" for Shakeel. Shakeel was only ordered to serve 12 months probation and his conviction was not recorded so as not to interfere with his plans to become a physician.

At the time of his offense, Shakeel Mirza had been an active member of pedophile message boards for several years; his involvement continues to this day. Shakeel often writes in desperate tones regarding his desire for young boys. Although he participated in a therapy program, he recently posted on BoyChat that any treatment was only as good as what the offender was willing to confess.


Boys boys boys

Love, life, ethereal energy, source of joy, torture, pain so exquisite is makes you glad to be alive, killers of the adults, destroyers of tomorrows, I dont know where I'm going with this, I just know that I hurt hurt hurt hurt and I hope theyir hurts have now stopped in some way at least I was too involved I dont know if I can ever love or dare to be friends with another ever again

I love boys. Its that simple. Sorry to the world, but hey, the world can go fuck itself-

I love boys. i cant help it. I dont think there's a cure of it either. I suppose I could try lobotomy, but I'm not sure how much of my brain they would have to chop out before i stop loving boys-my prediction is that they will achieve that goal eventually-but even as I lay there as a drooling vegetable, I think I will still love boys. Perhaps when I'm declared "brain dead", maybe then-but maybe not even then.

Boys now are a challenge for me. Used to be fun, but not anymore I guess. Its sorta like having a compulsion to swallow poison, knowing its going to kill me but being completely unable to prevent myself from doing so for longboys, very simply, are my life

We are all boylovers.

we are all child molesters.

the difference is simply how we feel on that particular day at that particular time in that particular circumstance..its just one SPECTRUM. And we, as human beings, simply "float" along the spectrum..sometimes we are more BL, other times more Child moester.

no true absolutes. just..variations in the bell curve..or IS there a bell curve with this??


so I believe that all boylovers are capable of being child molesters. And I also believe that all child molesters are capable of being boylovers.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a pedophile named Greencrystal posting on BoyChat.
  • He posted his age, country, previous locations, educational and volunteer activities.
  • He posted about winning the Silver Medal in Taekwon-Do.
  • From the list of winners we were able to identify Greencrystal based upon the information he had posted on BoyChat including details regarding his legal problems.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • Greencrystal
  • Greencrystal2
  • greenie
  • mirsh974

Additional Quotes

what is your grand plan now? If you plan on never loving boys, then OK-good luck. Sometimes I think I am worse off for having come to BC-being here has made me into a bigger pedophile than what I ever was originally. its like smoking occasionally by myself, and then joinging a group of smokers, and thus becoming hooked on smoking.

I often wonder if what I am, ie boylover, is a good thing or a bad thing..perhaps my yf would benefit better if I DIDN'T have a special relationship with him. Afterall, if he and I could be just "buddies", he would be getting the same message as those that his friends are getting from everyone else, ie go for girls, girls are sexy, girls are good to be "taken", fucking girls is the best thing in the world etc, etc, etc..teach him all that he needs to know in order to be a proper man, ie how to score girls by the multitude etc,etc,etc..and as I wouldn't have any special interest in him, it wouldn't hurt nor bother me at all. it's hard being a boylober.

Dude..you are far more honourable than me. Waay more. YOu see, if I were a counselor at camp, I would not do what you did..however, i would blatantly try to make friends with some of those boys for my own gain.

whic is why i don't ever get into those situations..its why I don't take up teaching as a career. I can't allow myself to be in that place where I know I will take advantage.

Yes, women want it all. Power in bed, power over boys, power over their lives, and to hell with menthats an exaggeration, but still.

and then women have the GALL to complain when they get raped.

hell, they deserve it.

Ok, let me put this into context

when massaging a boy, one tends to notice certain areas that are "ticklish". It feels "good".

I have, after some practical (and fully legal) research found SOME erogenous zones-

1. The back, more specifically the lower back, L2, L3, L4 level.
2. The front-the chest, the flanks, the tummy..a gentle rub there is guaranteed to please.
3. The legs-one has to set some personal limits, and strictly enfore them, but overall, the legs are a lovely area to rub and massage
4. Feet-boys LOVE having their feet rubbed..not tickled, but gently massaged.

any others? I know that rubbing the forehead is calming, especially when they are stressed or have a bit of a headache. The back of the neck is nice

I, a boylover, exist in the gutterslums, I am the poor teacher with barely enough for myself-but look at my charges! each one a high achiever!

I am the doctor who will NEVER give up on a child-never ever ever. Never. I will give and fight with ALL my soul to protect and preserve the life of any young soul that finds itself into my care.

And I'm a damn good fighter.

I fight against the oppression of society, each time trying to preserve not only the lives of the children who I am placed here on earth to serve-I fight to save YOU-and yet you do not realise it! Instead, you beat me, you try to cut me, to lock me away.

I will never give up, I shall never surrender. Till my last day in this life, I will forever and always be first and foremost A BOYLOVER, and til the light dims out of my eyes I will protect and serve humantiy's children- I will be better than you, I will NEVER become like your "99%" of fuckwits that inhabit this world of ours- people who make wars, who fight, who oppress others-

And though my death may be unremarkable, just another anonymous gravestone in a tired country FILLED with the blood and march ofa millenia or more of your "99%" of typical humanity-

I WILL change the world. Be it some tiny corner of hunamity, be it an orphanage, a school, a clinic, a town-I shall bear witness to the greatness and power of humanity's greatest hope-

Its children.

I am a boylover. I am here to stay.

Angry at myself.

I went to see a movie today...schools out, plenty of kids around. I went to take a pee..a 12/13 year old walked in...turned his back to me and faced the urinal..I looked at his neck. succulent, soft...I love hairs on the nape of the neck. I wanted him. I wanted almost every boy I saw today.

And I'm angry. I'm hurt inside. I wanted to grab him, hold him, lick his neck, make him moan...run my hands through his hair, brush my fingers against his soft lips... I WANTED HIM!!!!!! What the FUCK is wrong with me?

I'm getting worse, I'm getting more and more angry, and I'm losing control more quickly nowadays..if i dont DO something..I reckon I'll start mutilating myself. I want to cut, and cut, and CUT till i get to where this FEELING resides and CUTN IT AWAY FROM ME..i hate this!


No more boys. Please..no more. No more kids. NO MORE ME. thats all I want. Is this so hard? Am I asking for too much?? WIll my life become so FUCKING PERFECT that God JUST CAN'T give it to me cos according to Him, no man is perfect?

Why am i being punished with all this sin? I HATE this! I WANT to live a good life! JUST LIKE EVERYFUCKING- ELSE! WHO needs this complication of loving boys? I want to be free, dammit!!

Man...I could so do this..I've got dissecting knives and scalpels and whatnot at home..hey, betcha I could do a fucking marvellous job too!! I know EXACTLY how to cut the skin, flowing along its tension lines so that the skin parts ohso-neatly....

I DONT want to kill myself. I just want this evil to go away.

I could never rape a child. But the bestial animal inside me could and would. I grab. To hold. I TAKE what I want!! The pleasure..the release..it would be sooooooooo good..to take him. To take them. To USE, to use ALL I know, manipulate to the HIGHEST degree to my maximum ability..ah, the pleasure..the honey in the pain...the sweetness..to lick his tears as he cries, to strangle him oh sooo slowly...but not kill him, oh no..that would ruin my pleasure!! I'd dig my nails into his skin, rake his arms..his oh-so-soft arms...and his sides I'd tear into..the fear in his eyes..oh my.. and then I'd kill myself. after I rape him. or maybe I'd rape some more boys, and kill myself later...

am i normal? am i just a boylver?.

I'm a freak..I'm a fucking faggot...I'm an insane animal living in a world full of boys.

What am I? Whatever it is, it is surely worse than death..but death is not a bad thing..it can be made sweet..the high pitched cries of a tortured child, the agnosied screams as i bite.. mayhaps the devil will look in my eyes..and he will be afraid.. God, you created me. YOu gave me this. I never wanted it, I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS FUCKING TORTURE!! Now You see what i do..see how I live. "You may not love God, but God still loves you" yeah fuck me. Would You feel good if I raped and hurt and killed children?? huh? WOULD YOU FEEL LIKE I HAVE FINALLY SERVED MY PURPOSE IN LIFE?? Thanks a fucking lot for giving this fucking hell to me!! I'm such a bastard..someone should shoot me. IF they can.. You God..grant me peace. amen. Greencrystal

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