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Bruce Collier AKA Hagar
Age: Late 50s
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Mornington, Dunedin, New Zealand
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, SQR
Bruce Collier AKA Hagar is a pedophile who served as a Scout Master in New Zealand before his arrest for child pornography.

Hagar's sig pic

Bruce Collier AKA Hagar is a pedophile who stumbled upon BoyChat through a series of links while he was, by his own admission, looking for pictures of boys on the Internet.

Collier was a Boy Scout leader in New Zealand until he was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography, even though the charges were later withdrawn. According to Collier, the chief government censor stated in court that "the test is how a reasonable person would regard the photographs, not a paedophile." Collier has posted often about his past legal troubles and how it cost him his job, his friends, his credibility in the community and most of his life savings. In addition, he states that it cost him his relationship with his YF ("young friend"). Once the charges were dropped against him, he attempted to contact the child by sending him a letter, however it was returned marked "Return to Sender". He has stated that someday in the future he may try to contact him again to "explain" what happened.

Collier states that he has met other boy lovers from BoyChat face to face. He has also posted that he has an armpit fetish. Collier also believes that boy lover pedophiles are the best persons to lead a Boy Scout troop, and that there "may" be nothing bad about stroking the genitals of a baby as long as it provides pleasure.


Who better than a Boy Lover to lead a troop of Boy Scouts?

And it doesn't matter to me that I use my registered nick, because I've already been "outed" and am no longer welcome in Scouting.

If you stick a pin in a baby he'll most likely cry.

If you gently stroke a baby - including his genitals he'll most likely smile. Even though babies cannot comprehend "informed consent" they certainly understand pain and pleasure and can show reaction to it. Actions producing distress in the baby are bad. Actions producing pleasure may not be...

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first saw Hagar on BoyChat and noted his e-mail address as hagar107@hushmail.com. He described himself as an out pedophile who has had legal problems as a result.
  • A search of his e-mail address lead us to his account on YouTube, which listed his location as being New Zealand
  • We also located a Yahoo profile with him using the screen name "hagar107", which matches his previously posted e-mail address.
  • Searching further using his screen name hagar107, we located a profile for a site which is much like New Zealand's version of eBay. His profile listed his name as being "Bruce" and stated that he lived in "Dunedin". The site also contained a feedback section which showed his latest sales and a verified address of "Dunedin,Otago". He also sold Scouting patches and a book which he claimed would be of interest to NZ Rover Scouts.
  • Searching through Hagar's BoyChat posts, we also found three other e-mail addresses he had posted.
  • Using the bcollier@es.co.nz e-mail address, we were lead to a Usenet scouting group in which he listed his name as being "Bruce Collier" and a scouting site wherein he was listed as "Bruce Collier" with the same e-mail address. He also listed his HAM Radio operator call-sign, which is registered to J. B. Collier and gives an address in Dunedin.
  • Confirmation of his call-sign came when we discovered a post on BoyChat wherein he mentioned the first half of his call-sign in a discussion regarding sunspots affecting ham radios.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Hagar
  • Hagar107
  • Haga

Known E-Mail Addresses

  • hagar107@hushmail.com
  • hagar107@yahoo.com
  • bcollier@es.co.nz
  • bcollier@zeus.es.co.nz
  • hagar107@hotmail.com
  • hagar107@ziplip.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

86 Mailer Street
Mornington, Dunedin
New Zealand

Additional Quotes[edit]

Finding this place (where I could talk about how much in love I was with a boy) was a miracle.

Apart from posting on the board, or talking IRL to the few BL's I've met (mostly through BC), the only other people I've been able to talk with about my feelings were my Lawyer, and a Psychiatrist and both charged heaps for the privilige (oh - there was also the Detective who arrested me but he wasn't very sympathetic - LOL).

The worst thing anyone ever did to me was to return a letter to me unopened. It was a letter I sent to my former YF when my legal problems were eventually sorted out - at least in theory. It explained the true facts of my case and expressed regret for what he had been put through at the time. It was returned unopened "Return To Sender". I'll probably never know if he even knew about it, or if his parents kept it from him. It really hurt.

Some time ago I had to speak to our town council.

Afterwards I was congratulated on my presentation, and my confidence, lack of nervousness etc. What they didn't realise was that having been dragged through the courts on trumped-up KP charges, having faced up to judges, lawyers, court officials, reporters and the public gallery, there was no way that I would be intimidated by a bunch of town councillors. I guess it's true - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Hagar The Horrible" is a comic strip character who appears in our daily newspaper - a middle aged, brow-beaten, Viking warrior who is always getting into strife of some sort.

My y.f. at the time gave me a pair of Boxer Shorts which featured "Hagar" for a Xmas present. They were too small and I never wore them (however they are still in my underwear drawer) but the character appealed to me, plus it reminded me of my y.f. (sadly taken from my life by an over zealous LEO) so I adopted the nick. I somtimes wonder if I should have adopted the nick "Hamlet" instead - "Hamlet" is Hagars cute young comic strip son...

Personally some days are better than others but in general I like what and who I am. I wouldn't take the pill, or any other attempts at changing me.

I don't have any close friendships with boys these days, but as you say I can still enjoy boys By smiling and making eye contact when we do encounter a boy? By donating money or goods to children's charities? I'll pass on the praying option, but if it's helpful to you I don't have a problem with it. At my (advancing) age the lack of sex is less important than perhaps it once was. I can see the day ahead when sex would be more of a hassle than a pleasure anyway.

When I was younger I often spent several days at a time in a residential situation with groups of boys. More than once a boy himself commented "How come you are always so happy? How come you are always smiling?". Boners were an issue sometimes in those days, but not now. Yeah it gets easier as you get older (but not as much fun)... Enjoy it while you can

Having been "arrested, charged and outed in (my) local tabloid" and then had the charges withdrawn because I defended them; and having had the chief government censor classify the images as "unrestricted" with the comment "...The test is how a reasonable person would regard the photographs, not a paedophile..."; I would encourage others to explore any possible defence that their jurisdiction may allow. It still cost me my job, my young friend, most of my life savings, practically all of my other friends, my credibility in the community, a lot of self-esteem (until I recovered); but hey, my record is squeaky clean - LOL.

From my personal experience, BL's who may be involved in Scouts are so paranoid about being "found out" by the Scout organisation that they keep their innermost feelings to themselves - in fact deny them if the question ever arises...

Hypocritical? Probably, but a matter of survival.

I was a Scoutmaster 30 years ago (although NOT in the BSA).

I can't recall any discussions with other SM's about boys being cute or hot although - yeah - favoritism was sometimes noticeable. In hindsight there are many of my colleagues that I would pick as "probably" having been BL's but at the time I wasn't familiar with the concept - least of all concerning myself!! When I discovered BoyChat and identified with other posters here as a BL, my biggest fear was that I would be outed as a Scoutmaster - little did I realise how many of us were here

The link below leads to a New Zealand Television advertisement for the Auckland City Mission. In my opinion it is either deliberately targeting BL's, or was created by a BL, or both!! Sure it's blatent exploitation (and no doubt mvanhouton will have plenty to say about that) but it certainly had the desired effect on at least one BL (me).

The boy is cute (especially if you like young Maori boys) The opening shot is a close up of a boy-armpit (I have an armpit fetish - LOL) The next wider shot shows the boys boxers hanging fairly low As he puts on his jeans he zips up the fly with his right hand, then clearly "adjusts his package" with his left!! The rest of it is commercial heartstring tearing type stuff but the final message is sad - one in five children is living in poverty

My biggest regret - the viewing window is so small - I want to see it on big screen!!!

Additional Information[edit]

  • Likes going to yard/garage sales
  • Served as Assistant Area Commissioner, Otago Area, Scouting New Zealand
  • Ham radio operator, with his callsign being ZL4TFL

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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