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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Allan Lee Doerner
Age: 87 (if still alive)
Birthdate: April 4, 1932
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Retired
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 11"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Other: Long bleached-blond hair, mustache & goatee (sometimes all three are dyed), eccentric style of dress
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat LifeLine
Hangtwenty is a pedophile in Florida who claims to be having the time of his life, singing karaoke and hanging out with the younger crowd. He thinks it's fine to have had consensual sex with boys and claims he didn't know that it was illegal to have sex with underage boys.

Allan Lee Doerner AKA Hangtwenty

Sigpic of Hangtwenty, which appears to be a younger Allan Doerner


Allan is performing karaoke at two Duffy's locations despite notification to Duffy's management on two separate occasions that Allan is a pedophile. He interacts with teens on a regular basis at both locations during the karaoke sessions.

Duffy's of Royal Palm Beach

6845 Okeechobee Blvd
WPB 33411


721 Village Blvd West
Palm Beach FL 33409

Hangtwenty AKA h2o AKA Allan Doerner is a pedophile who state he has lived the "good life". He's had inappropriate relationships with boys and is now living it up in southern Florida, singing karaoke and hanging out with the younger generation. He thinks its completely justified having sexual contact with boys, because he didn't know it was illegal. He's offered suggestions to other "boylovers" on ways to form relationships and groom boys. His Boychat posts have included mentoring others who "want to give it all up and move somewhere better" and statements recanting his life story numerous times. He often speaks of spending time with the grandchildren of other residents in his apartment complex.

According to his own admission, Doerner has a long trail of victims spanning many years. In his posts on Boychat, he brags about molesting multiple young boys, beginning all the way back to 1956.


...The use of the word 'sex' means many things in this context... It could mean bathing together, or sleeping together, or massaging together, or kissing....or it could mean a sexual act such as oral or anal penetration...!

...We all know what the law says about consensual sexual acts between adults and minors... and we all know that what the law doesn't find out, the law can't act on...

...But, on the opposite side of the coin... I see nothing wrong having sex with a boy.... if the boy wishes it, and knows exactly what he's doing...!

Our Investigation[edit]

Allan Doerner posted enough information on BoyChat, bit-by-bit for years, which led to his location, his activities, his personal appearance, his family, and his personal history.

  • Everything that the person known as hangtwenty' posted throughout the years matches the person known as Allan Doerner to the exact degree.
  • We were able to find out who he was through the search of pictures in his area, which were at an event he stated he performed at. From there, every bit of information matched up.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • hangtwenty
  • h2o

Known E-mail Addresses

  • hangtwenty20@operamail.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]


Previous Addresses:



Additional Quotes[edit]

...Personally...I like both sides of a child's behind..!

...Would teaching a 10-year-old boy how to jack off count as mentoring..?

As you may know, I have, on occasion, told some stories here that contained sexual references with boys I knew..... I got away with it on BC because those events happened between 1956 and 1984

....You are taking for granted that 'many' of us have never had sexual relations with boys....

....So, based on your question....we should think ourselves to be 'bad'..?

....Sure, we all have done some 'bad' things in our lives, especially those of us that have reached our middle or later years in life... but then...who hasn't..?

Re: The nutritional value of boysperm..

Posted by hangtwenty on 2007-September-24 15:41:28, Monday
In reply to The nutritional value of boysperm.. posted by hyacinth on 2007-September-24 01:06:21, Monday

....Hy, how about 'boysperm soup'..?


....All the boy has to do is go into the privacy of the bathroom....shoot his load into a pot....bring the pot back to you in the kitchen....and you add the necessary ingredients..! Whether it be chicken noodle, tomato, mushroom and barley, split pea, etc.....you'll have a wonderful mental-picture as you slurp down your soup..!!

....I think it's legal, too.....

...Yes, as a manager, I was able to put my hands on boys, playfully messing their hair, patting them on the ass, cleaning scrapes and cuts and bruises all over their bodies and even physically teaching catchers how to put their 'cup' into their undershorts...!

....Later, in the years 1979-1984....I was involved with street unwanted boys, mostly Puertorican... and these boys were another story..! I didn't have to say anything... or lie... They just knew..! To them, if a middleaged single white man (I was recently divorced) showed as much interest as I did in the welfare of an 11 or 13 year-old hispanic boy... there was more to it than just a fatherly concern for their welfare..! That's what they believed....

....It was a love-fest..! Over a dozen boys... and all of them I would call YF's... I was living on the edge... and it was better than being stoned 24 hours a day..!

...I had a few truly love affairs with boys that wanted our relationship to be sexual....

....The most intense affair happened between 1956 and 1958.... The boy, who was 12 when it started, not only told me that I was his 'best friend', but that I was his 'only friend'...!

....Since we both lived with our parents then, and both lived in the same apartment house, we were together alot... His intensity to be sexual with me was much stronger than mine was for him..!

....When the affair began, I felt sorry for him, but I did fall in love with him eventually.... What made this relationship odd for me was that I was a popular little-league baseball manager at that time and this boy was a misfit when it came to sports and never participated in any sports whatsoever..!

....In those times, I was naive to the fact that it was illegal to have consensual sex with a minor...!

....Though our sexual relationship continued after I began dating a girl and even when I proposed to her, it finally ended, of course, when I married..! The boy, who was now 15, was jealous at first.... but after awhile, realized that we both had to move on with our lives.... and he began concentrating more on his schooling....

....He went on to college, studied dentistry... became an orthodontist....and lived a fairly good life...as a gay man....

....I am not sure if he is still alive....he would be about 61 years old now....I could google his name and see if it comes up.... Maybe if it does, I could phone him and bring back memories....

Additional Information[edit]

  • Hangtwenty looks like an older photo of the young dutch boy on the picture on the can of Dutch Boy Paints. In his early 40s, he grew a moustache, then a beard, and kept them for a few years. About six years ago, he decided to grow a moustache and goatee... and has had them ever since.
  • Very unique style of dress

...I go to malls to attract young people to me..! In order to do this, I dress in a very unique fashion... Today, I was bright red (good color for this time of the year)...fringed pants, shirt, V-neck sweater, topped off with a printed silk vest of various red and black coats of arms...and my black bowler hat pushed to the back of my head...and for good measure, a silver-studded black leather belt worn outside of my sweater...! Not to mention, I painted my moustache and goatee bright red with red glitter added...

....with a boy is always fun...

....If future meetings occur, which sounds like they will, you can help teach him the finer points of the game...

....I love shooting pool..! We have a large clubhouse in my senior development with many pool tables, but only on rare days, or holidays, will kids be there.... usually someone's grandkid....

....I hope you and Max eventually hit it off....!


  • Went to Tulane University in New Orleans for 1 year.

Employment & Volunteering

  • Hangtwenty did volunteer work for MDA, Catholic Charities and Big Brothers. He boasts that he “is a fairly successful artist". He had his own gallery for awhile; painted geometric designs (early 90s) / "part of an art gallery" for eleven years. He claims to have helped a large swim wear manufacturer, Catalina, become the first manufacturer to come out with the longer, laced-front, wild-print surfer-style bathing suit for guys way back when. Hangtwenty was a Little League manager for 11 years – Pony League and was single when he started this. He once had an office on 34th Street in NYC. In 1981, he had many business accounts in Pennsylvania, and many times, was in Gettysburg seeing two large manufacturers that were located in that town.

Association with NAMBLA He has spoken several times of attending NAMBLA meetings in Greenwich Village in NYC in the early 80s; meetings were cocktail parties at members homes with many young boys in attendance; made 2 friends from that group; was never a member.

My association with NAMBLA was limited to a short period in the early 80s....when I attended some meetings in Greenwich Village in NYC....I also attended a few cocktail parties in members' homes, with many young boys in attendance... but I made up my mind never to join them..! Yes, I did make two friends from that group, but I was, and basically still am, in the closet (at least, to my straight friends), and I had too much to lose then by becoming a member of that group.....so I stopped any further association with them...!

Naval Career

  • Hangtwenty’s base was in the Caribbean. He spent 9 months in Naval school in Key West. He served during Korean War (in Korea). He survived Hurricane Hazel in 1954 while aboard a naval ship in the Atlantic. He was on a destroyer.

.....Back in my Navy days, there was no 'don't ask don't tell policy... You just never admitted to or openly acted in a gay way, but I had sex with other Navy personnel from time to time and no one was the wiser.....

  • Hangtwenty is Jewish.
  • His most intense affair with a boy happened between 1956 and 1958. Some of the boys he knew in New York followed him down to Florida.
  • He owned a lakeside home in approximately 1997.
  • He posted that he belongs to a gay men’s group (since approximately 1993) called "Paths" that meets every Monday evening.
  • His dad owned a gun which he was keeping at his apartment.
  • He claims to know of one person who wants to make a documentary about him.
  • He posted about going to a "nearby weekend liquidation sale" on March 2, 2007.
  • Hangtwenty loves karaoke.
  • He also is known to post on Lifeline. One post from late 2006 states:

A middle school (7th, 8th and 9th graders), in this area, is preparing to put on a musical play...Oliver... sometime in early 2007

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