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Hierophant AKA "Dan of Dark Forces"
Age: 46
Birthdate: November 24, 1972
Location: Syracuse/Cicero area, NY
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, GirlChat, Logical Reality
Danny Edwin Foster is an outspoken pedophile who posts on multiple boards and supports molesting children as young as one day old.

Danny Edwin Foster AKA Hierophant AKA "Dan of Dark Forces" is a member of several pro-pedophile message boards, including GirlChat and BoyChat; and formerly a member of the now defunct pro-child pornography board Logical Reality.

Foster promotes the idea that children are mature enough to consent to sex from the "date of conception" while also claiming that it is OK to sexually molest children since they are not able to completely understand what is happening to them. He claims that a newborn baby's not crying while being molested means that the baby is giving consent; and that the feelings or informed consent of a child shouldn't matter if an adult finds it pleasurable to sexually abuse them.

Foster also dispenses 'advice' to other pedophiles on how they should babysit and do volunteer work in order to gain access to children.

The following quotes from Foster's various message board postings are classic examples illustrating the point of view held by many child molesters: that children are objects to use for their own gratification. Foster's statements are also clearly indicative of the threat he poses to any children who may be around him.


I know at what age children are mature enough to consent to sex. It is at the day of conception. At no time before the day of conception is a child mature enough to give consent to sex. Now at what time a child should be considered mature enough to consent to the risks of pregnancy and disease is a different story.

If a new born gets a hand job by some some retired old person and that new born demonstrates it's happiness with the interaction there is your consent. If however the newborn demonstrates it's discontent there is your rejection and the retired old person should stop.

I happen to prefer seeing children enjoying a diaper fetish. I guess that would make me a pedophile. I don't remember wanting to have sex with an adult. I never had sexual relations with an adult. Being a pedophile though I think you can figure out where my sexual interests are.

It seems that often when the issue of sex is brought up intercourse is entire subject. People can have a lot of sex without intercourse. There still is exhibitionism, cuddling nude or otherwise, hand jobs, mutual masturbation, along with a long list of other things. All these things can be very enjoyable. They also have very limited physical risks.

If one wants to protect children from pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease laws can be passed to protect them from the sexual acts most likely to result in pregnancy or disease. Quite frankly I highly doubt that it is the traditionalists concerns about pregnancy and disease that cause them to want to so called protect kids from sex. I think traditionalist want to dictate their moral values on whatever parties that engage in sex that they can get away with.

My interest in children is mixed with my interest in golden showers and diapers. Although naked kids is really erotic in and of themselves. In order to masturbate to my fantasies they need to seem some what real to me. Here are some in no particular order.

On the way home from school a child I have gotten to know is holding herself. She tells me she dose not think she is going to make it home. I tel her to remove her shoes and sox so those don't get wet. Than she procceds to wet herself in front of me.

A child I am looking after is spending the knight. This one is a bedwetter. I diaper the kid before he or she goes to bed.

Next to the beach or a swimming hole a child is on my lap. My lap suddenly feels warmer

Why is it important to know the feelings of the partner before going ahead and doing something that is pleasurable? So the child didn't know. Why should we care?

Why does one need to be aware of the fact that what they are doing might be called by some one else sex. What is your point with this awareness thing.

I think a child will know what they are doing. It is as easy as this. I am letting him look at my penis. I am touching his penis. He is touching my vigina. Why is is this not enough awareness?

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We noticed a pedophile named Hierophant was posting on various message boards.
  • He posted an email address on the board GirlChat.
  • A search of that email address led us to the name of Danny Edwin Foster, which matched all of the information he provided on the pedophile websites.
  • Public records search of that name confirmed the information.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known E-Mail Addresses

  • archbishop_nexus @yahoo.com

Known Websites


Last Known Address[edit]

Syracuse - Cicero area, NY

Previous Addresses

  • Clifton Park, NY
  • Lafayette, NY

Additional Quotes[edit]

Between Hugging and kissing and Oral, vaginal, and anal there is still a lot of things that could be could sex. You have mutual mastterbation. exibitionism, fetish stuff like water sports and teen and pre-teen baby hood etc. etc. Should these things be age regulated? I know of many adults who claim to have enjoyed these types of things in their youth.

I can't imagine a kid enjoying giving oral copulation to an adult but, I could imagine a child enjoying recieving it. Pluss this type of sexual activity is nearly risk free.

Sue the networks and news organizations that constantly and consistently use the word pedophile in place of child murderer or child rapist as a class action lawsuit for slander. Hopefully gain enough money to really investigate what it is seams like every one has lost their sanity about.

Masturbate to thoughts of engaging in illegal sexual acts with underage girls and boys. I hope masturbate isn't being to explicit.

Tell people anonymousl that you have masturbated to thoughts of engaging in illegal sexual acts with underage girls and boys. I masturbate to those kinds of thoughts at least 3 times a week if not more. I have those kinds of thoughts every time I masturbate.

Babysit as long as there is no court order against you it is perfectly legal for pedophiles to babysit, volunteer and work in places where they will have regular contact with children.

Hug and love a child very legal very rewarding.

Have your way with life like doll of a child. Something that is still very legal.

Celebrate Alice Day. I suggest we celebrate Alice day by going LG watching before Alice Day legally of course and posting messages about the LGs we saw on Alice Day. Descriptions should include tender moments as well as aesthetics and other things.

You can write stories that cast anti pedophiles in the light of a crazed angry witch hunting mob. At least that is still legal in the US. If it is not Legal in Canada and the UK don't do it.

Undress Little girls and boys with your eyes.

Pay for photos at child model sites or just visit.

This post brought to you by Dan of Dark Forces

Little girl dating services where big boys can meet little girls. That would be one definite mark of are emancipation. Can you imagine this personals? I think they would look something like this.

Hi I am Alice. I am seven years old blond hair blue eyes. I weigh 60 pounds. I enjoy the power puff girls and barbie. I am looking for a man who will snuggle with me, spin me around, and give me baths.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Claims that his cousin recently committed suicide rather than face charges for a sex crime.

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If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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