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Location: Possibly Canada
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boychat, Age Taboo
Highlander is a very outspoken pedophile and active BoyChat member. Although little is known about this pedophile, it is known that he is romantically involved with fntm, another known BoyChat member, who shares his interest in little boys.
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Highlander is a well-known member of BoyChat and admitted pedophile. He met and became good friends with fntm, another well-known and admitted pedophile. They ultimately became life partners and are currently living together.

This pedophile's identity is unknown, at this time, but we've included several of his postings in hopes that someone recognizes him.


I do love girls too but not as much as boys. I just relate better with boys. I have had some girls as YFs in the past.

What becomes of your things?

Posted by Highlander on 2007-February-19 22:44:24, Monday

I used to work at a dump.

The thing that shocks me the most was how the "family" treats your stuff after you are gone. Many many things could be given away or sold but no! The 'Family" takes it to the dump and tosses it in a pile. Who wants THAT shit! they say.

The thing that got me was a family brought out there sons things right after Christmas. He had killed himself. Must have been 13 or 14 years old. They had everything of his ...all his gifts he got (new skate board etc) His photos, clothes, Bed, ...well just everything! I looked over his things and it was almost too much. I found a Picture of him swimming with his best friend, good looking boy!

I also found a school pictures with some cut marks on some of the faces. Notes with why he hated going to school and who was "on him"! Christmas that year pushed him over the edge I guess.

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact admin@wikisposure.com.

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If you have information about this person's current phone number, or his exposure to children, please contact admin@wikisposure.com.

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If you could have stopped your development at any given age, what age would you have stopped at?

Re: A silly question...

Posted by Highlander on 2006-September-20 21:02:57, Wednesday

In reply to A silly question... posted by Logan on 2006-September-20 02:22:05, Wednesday

For me it would be 12 years old. I can think of a few things I could do

Take care


no old posts at all

Posted by Highlander on 2007-March-27 18:02:54, Tuesday

In reply to Increase the size of OldPosts posted by d on 2007-March-27 14:03:03, Tuesday

why dont they delete all the old posts and be done with it? Less for the LEOs and such to log.

We have them here...

Posted by Highlander on 2007-February-20 03:38:13, Tuesday

In reply to Re: Hope you don't mind... posted by Hagar on 2007-February-20 00:56:06, Tuesday

Second hand stores that is. I have seen land lords bring in stuff that should be going there. One time a man brought in things from an old man that had passed on. This fella spent his whole life collecting things like LPs records, books, you name it he must have one of it...all to be tossed in a landfill. No one cared about his life, it was just in someones way when he died. I looked over his stuff and called one of my coworkers over. He took the LPs home and most of the books. The rest sits under tons of garbage now I find it sad when all a mans life amounts to is a pile of unwanted shit. I wondered where that mans family was. He did have photo albums with pics of kids. I figured those kids would have to be in their 40s now.

Additional Information[edit]

Highlander has posted about having worked as a security guard in the past. It's suspected he may reside (or has previously resided) in Canada. He has also posted that he has had girls as YFs ("young friends") as well as boys but relates better to boys than girls. At one time Highlander posted that he always dresses in bright, colorful clothing. His father left before he was born and he has a sister.

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If you have any information regarding this individual, his current whereabouts or his contact with young boys, please contact admin@wikisposure.com.

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