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Age: 73
Birthdate: April 14, 1946
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Washington state
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline, BL.net, BoysrUs, BoyMoment, BoyPassion, Haven4Boys
ike14 is a pedophile who frequents many sites which are geared for socialization and support of fellow pedophiles. He serves as a global moderator at Boylandonline and Kidzlandonline.
One of Ike14's signature images.
Another of ike14's signature images.
Yet another of ike14's images.

Ike14 is a boylover pedophile who frequents many pedo sites on the internet, including Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline, BL.net, BoyMoment, BoyPassion and Haven4Boys. He is a global moderator on at least two of the sites, assisting in administration of the forums and video posts in particular.

Ike boasts of having an underwear fetish, stating that when he looks at a little boy he often wonders about the kind of underwear they have on. He says that his AoA is of boys between the ages of 5 and 13 years old, and that he's "single and looking for a YF, maybe a young teen." Ike has mentioned that he had a 14 year old YF in the past. He states that he enjoys sitting on benches at Wal-Mart or COSCO and watching young boys in their summer shorts.

Ike states that his nickname was given to him years ago by friends, and that it is short for his last name. He has a grown son and a grandson whom he posts about often. He states that he spends a lot of time with his grandson. Ike also has mentioned a sister and a nephew, who was killed in the war in Iraq in June or July 2007. He has also stated that he is former military himself, and that he served in Vietnam for two years.


If I see a cute boy the first thing is. Wow is he ever hot. Then wonder how I could meet him or wonder what he's like. I have to admit I try to get a glimps of what kind of undies hes wearing. I have this thing for briefs lol. But who cares how big his package is and if he has hair. Hair is a huge turn off for me anyhow.

Re: Nice Dick Or Nice Ass?

How about a young 13yearold with a small to med. size wally-hairless-cut WooWoo

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a pedophile using the screen name ike14 posting on several boylove pedophile sites.
  • A search of the screen name revealed a non-pedophile site in which he listed several pieces of personal information. An image he used on this site was also noted as being used as his avatar on one of the pedophile sites.
  • Several profiles listed his date of birth and location, all of them matching. Although we have confirmation through his own admission, our investigation is still ongoing at this time.

Online Accounts

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Last Known Address

If you have information regarding this man's location and/or telephone number, please contact us at [email protected].

Last Known Phone Number

If you have information regarding this man's location and/or telephone number, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Real little boys are sweet and cute but not hot or sexy.Now over about 6 they start getting sexy and hot.

Re: Favorite boys undies? (Colour and style)

ahhhh the old what kind of undies post. Well its briefs that I love Nice and tight and maybe wet.

You know I do have a favorate type bum. I think one that sticks out not flat that rings my bell. But all Boy bums are lovely

Re: Do you sniff boy's underwear?

OK OK If I must answer YES YES i have done it PLEASE PLEASE dont hold it against me. Oh the shame. Now where did I leave those undies

Additional Information

  • Is interested in cats, sports (Seattle Seahawks fan), loves NASCAR (Tony Stewart fan)

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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