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Occupation: Teacher
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, GirlLove_Garden
Infinity is a longtime staff member/moderator of the GirlLove_Garden and member, moderator and treasurer of GirlChat.

Infinity sig pic

Infinity sig pic
Infinity sig pic
Infinity sig pic

Infinity is a longtime staff member/moderator of the GirlLove_Garden and member, moderator and treasurer of GirlChat. He was convicted of a computer crime, narrowly escaping a possession of child pornography conviction, and spent time in prison. He downplays his conviction, claiming it was not child pornography, simply pictures of scantily clad children posing sexually, better known as "NN" (Non-Nude) or Child Modeling.

Despite his time in a correctional facility, Infinity admits he would have sex with children if it were legal.


I am proud and happy to love little girls the way I do. I do not feel guilt and shame over the sexual desires that I have for them, and if it were LEGAL and if we lived in a sex positive society that understood child sexuality, I would have NO problem with adult/child sex play.

God forbid a person finds lg's sexually attractive and looks at naked/clothed pics of them.

I joined that "lolli" site to LOOK at pics, why would I download anything when I do not own my own computer?

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Infinity

Known E-mail Addresses

  • luvgirlfeet@fastmail.fm

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

And this post where he talks about his contact with kids is why this pedophile needs to be stopped.

Your concept of reality is questionable.

Posted by Infinity on Friday, November 12 2004 at 04:25:59pm In reply to Re: lol. Keep deluding yourself. posted by Markaba on Friday, November 12 2004 at 01:56:55pm

I will do what I can behind the scenes. I have contact with lots of kids, I give them love and support. I contribute money when I can to lots of child charities, and I volunteer to work with kids here and there. If I was "out" as a pedo, every single thing I did would be questioned. All of the good I do for kids would be seen as an attempt to be close to them and have sex with them, and telling them it's not true is not going to work.

People do not want to listen right now. They are not ready. Sex is still a bad, dirty thing to be ashamed of. Kids are still "innocent", helpless beings who are not sexual. Stop being in such a rush to change the world. Real change takes time, and if you don't believe that...well, study some damn history.

I, for one, and going to continue to simply live my life the best way I can and touch the people around me...and THAT is the best way to make a real difference.

I am done talking about this, it's an old issue, and I've more than had my fill of it. You can think what you want, but if you really believe any of the nonsense you said above, then your sense of reality is just not there.


Here's another typical Infinity comment:

lol. Keep deluding yourself.

Posted by Infinity on Thursday, November 11 2004 at 08:11:26pm

In reply to Mm, yes and no posted by Markaba on Thursday, November 11 2004 at 07:33:46pm

You and I are no-one. We have no money, no power and no authority. The people with MONEY run the U.S and that is less than 1% of the population. The rest of us are nothing. We do not make the rules, nor do we have a say in making the rules. Whaddya wanna do? Go to the congress and senate and tell them we have rights too?

You say to fight. Fight? Yeah, ok...let's all go get the tanks. Lol. You have no idea how stupid you sound. We are the scum of the earth to them, and the only thing any of us can do is just live our lives the best we can and be there to help and support children in any way we can...pass on our ideals to future generations and hope to hell that one day the U.S will not be the sex-hating, sex negative, close minded society it is today. Then the people we have passed on our knowledge to can make some progress.

There is no quick and easy answer and that is the problem with those of you who want to be "out" so desperately. You're looking for a quick fix and instant gratification and there is none. The WAR is gonna take decades, if not centuries. Children need to be freed from their shackles. Religion needs to be eliminated and sex needs to be seen as good and positive. Children need to be seen as sexual beings. None of these things are gonna happen simply because we all come out and declare we're here to stay and we want to be accepted.

Do you know how fucking stupid this sounds to the average person? In their minds, no matter what we say to them, we will ALWAYS be creepy people who want to have sex with children.

Go ahead...try and educate the mindless sheep. Even if you could...the people in the U.S have no power. MONEY is power in this country and we don't have it and thus we have no influence or authority. Believe what you want, but I have a larger perspective than you think.



The first amendment simply does not apply anymore, free speech does not legally exist in the United States anymore

Additional Information[edit]

  • Was caught looking at sexually explicit photos of children while surfing on a computer at his University and served 6 months jail time for this offense.

What happened was that I was in a rather large lab on campus and had several other applications open, as well as netscape. I was checking out some of the pics from a non-porn newsgroup, there was a set of nude pics of a girl who was about 10 or 11. I found her absolutely enchanting and so I was looking at most of the pics in that set. Apparently some girl walked behind me and caught a glimpse of what I was looking at. She then went to the lab monitor and they can obviously bring up what ANY computer in the lab has on its screen. So, the female monitor saw the pics I was looking out, and deemed that it was CP and after I had left the lab, she called the police and had them check out the computer.

just a misdemeanor computer charge and some jail time.

  • Has a fetish for little girl's feet and a member of "The young foot lover's adoration society" www.tyflas.org.
  • Has the same girlfriend for over 10 years who stayed with him even after served time in jail.

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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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