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International BoyLove Day
Purpose: To celebrate past, present, and future love between men and young boys.
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Each year on the Saturday after the Summer Solstice, pedophiles around the world take time to get together to talk about their love for little boys or celebrate quietly on their own by lighting blue candles in their homes or in public. The candles that are lit in public are accompanied by little notes explaining their significance.

No matter how the pedophiles try to sugarcoat it, International BoyLove Day (IBLD) is a day for pedophiles to celebrate their desire to be with young boys. Similar to Alice Day for girl lovers, IBLD allows pedophiles to come together to talk about young boys and spread the word that pedophilia and adult/boy relationships are ok.

International BoyLove Day has been established to give due honor and recognition to those kind, loving, and courageous men who have given over their lives to the love, nurture, and mentoring of boys. It also honors current and former loved boys who, in their quest for the love and acceptance they could find nowhere else, chose to defy the artificial and malicious rules that forbade such love. Brave boys and men who have committed themselves to this time honored and beneficial tradition in the face of suspicion, opposition, and hate from that large portion of today's society who neither understand nor appreciate boys who desire and seek after this love, or the heroic men who try to fill their need.


The concept of IBLD started back in June of 1998. There was a conversation in SafeHaven and BoyChat about creating a day where each pedophile could celebrate boylove. The idea came up that the summer solstice was the longest day of the year so what better day than to celebrate young love. The idea didn't take at first, but by the end of the year, pedophiles were wanting to celebrate IBLD twice a year on each solstice. The first IBLD was in December of 1998. The first few years the IBLD's were celebrated with 48 hour marathons of discussions on the forums, but this slowly started to wane and by 2002 IBLD was officially celebrated only once a year. It was also decided to celebrate on the Saturday following the summer solstice because it was hard for pedophiles to schedule activities during the work-week.

Active Websites

IBLD in practice

Nowadays, pedophiles celebrate IBLD by lighting blue candles either in their home or in public. In public, these "boylovers" would leave a blue candle burning in a public place with a note explaining the significance. From this website:

For some, it is only a silent and invisible remembering of what the day stands for. They have no one with whom to share the occasion, and neither the means nor the ability to do anything in a public way. At most, they may light a single blue candle in the privacy of their home.

For others, it may mean a meeting with one or more friends, perhaps a meal together, and a remembrance of times past, a discussion of times present, and sharing of hopes for the times yet to come.

Still others, who have been privileged in the past to share love with a boy, may contact or spend the day with the man that boy has now become, perhaps even with his family, if, as is the case with the vast majority of former loved boys, he is married and has children.

But this day is really for, and about, those fortunate loved boys and boylovers who are now in the midst of a happy and profitable relationship. And who are further fortunate in that no one has interrupted and destroyed their happiness in the name of societal propriety, as so often is the case. This is a day when they can revel in their closeness, and find joy in their camaraderie as they enjoy whatever activities they have chosen.

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