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Casey Boone aka Ism Avatar
Age: 31 (if true)
Birthdate: October 15, 1988, was reported on Logical Reality, but he has said in other places that he is a Pisces.
Race: White
Occupation: Unknown, possibly computer programmer
Location: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Physical Description:
Other: See photos
Organizations: LogicalReality.com, Newgon.com
Casey Boone aka IsmAvatar is a long-time supporter and member of various pro-pedophilia boards.
Pro-pedophile activist
IsmAvatar's Newgon profile

Pro-pedophile activist

Casey Boone aka IsmAvatar is a pro-pedophile activist who has frequented boards such as LogicalReality.com and Newgon.com. According to his own words, Boone claims "I am not a pedophile, but I support Pedophilia." Regardless of whether or not the first half of that statement is true, the second part certainly is; Boone has a long history of contributing his efforts to support groups of adults who want to have sex with children.

As a frequent poster on the pro-child rape/pornography board LogicalReality.com, Boone used the name IsmAvatar and claimed to be only 14 years old; although his vocabulary and writing were obviously that of someone much older. Boone would verbally berate anyone who came onto the board and disagreed with child rape or child pornography; then whine that it was child abuse if the person argued back with him. His myraid of pro-pedophilia posts include the claims that some 12-year-olds are more sexually developed than adults, and that sexually fondling babies is good for their development.

Boone may deny being a pedophile, but in older posts he says that he "has eyes for younger kids" and speaks of his interest in a 10-year-old child that he was in contact with.

Boone is also a forum moderator on the website Newgon.com. In addition to helping administer the board, Boone also assists the members with their efforts to spam the general public with pro-pedophile nonsense propaganda. According to his own admission, Boone's vision is to help change society's views on pedophilia, so that adults would be free to have sex with children.


I have eyes for younger kids, and when I get older, I probably still will. There is one in particular, 10 years old, who has shown an apparent liking towards me.

A 12 year old can be twice as developed as a 25 year old....We all agree that a full grown adult having sexual intercourse with a baby is very harmful, would cause tears and bleeding of the vagina, etc...However, fondling a baby's genitals does NOT harm them in the same way. Instead, it normally produces a type of stimulation that is Healthy and good for the child's development! (unless performed with violent force, etc.)

A lot of people when arguing against child-sexuality will throw out this “innocent” argument, claiming that a child is “innocent”. I call this “the dreaded I-word”, not because I don’t have a response for it, but because it is one of the few arguments that actually uses a word for its dictionary definition (see “sick” and “wrong” for examples of words that don’t do this) and that as such it begins with 2 simple *false* assumptions, straight out of the definition.

Assumption 1) Children are innocent.

Assumption 2) Sex is not innocent.

Merriam Webster defines innocent as “free from guilt or sin. Blameless. Harmless in effect or intention. Free from legal guilt or fault. Lacking or reflecting a lack of sophistication, guile, or self-consciousness. Artless, ingenuous.” Or here’s my favorite one. “Deprived of something.”

Almost makes you want to think the cherubs are going to grow wings any second. Lovely definition of innocent, very idealist. Too bad it doesn’t apply here. Children aren’t innocent, and Sex isn’t guilty.

Sorry to burst any idealist bubbles about children, but many of them are little criminals, and they are certainly not free from sin. They can cause harm, and can be blamed for it. Oftentimes they come up with the darnedest-sophisticated plans too.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed somebody posting on Logical Reality and Newgon with the user name "IsmAvatar" and the email [email protected] and ICQ # 207380436
  • We found that the user name had also been registered as a domain name, when he was listed on Newgon as contributing a forum to the pedophiles' idea of "Utopia," which was http://ismavatar.com/utopia_forum/YaBB.pl (now defunct)
  • Whois records showed the registrant as Casey Boone from Pennsylvania
  • This matched IsmAvatar's posts that gave his location as Pennsylvania
  • The domain registration email address for Casey Boone was the same as IsmAvatar's email from his Newgon.com profile
  • This same email address was also used by Casey Boone on Usenet, and was linked to a number of other profiles for IsmAvatar
  • Further confirmation exists in the identical "life stories," ideals, and philosophies that IsmAvatar posted on Newgon and Casey Boone has posted on facebook.


  • IsmAvatar
  • AvatarOfFury

Online Accounts

  • ICQ: 207380436

Email Addresses:

Known Websites:


More Information

  • Claims to be a radical reformist
  • Claims to be an atheist
  • Loves to debate philosophy
  • Is interested in magic and illusion
  • Worked or works at a company called "Mutiny."
  • Is interested in "breakaway naturist colonies"

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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