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James Cooper
Age: 78
Birthdate: January 31, 1941
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Paramus, NJ
Physical Description:
Organizations: NAMBLA, IPCE, Project Truth/Free Will
James Cooper is a convicted sex offender, NAMBLA member and pedophile activist

James Cooper is a member of NAMBLA, and is the owner of the Project Truth/Free Will organization, which was the beginning of IPCE, a pedophile repository of stories and articles.

In 1984, Cooper was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14 year old boy, and sentenced to 5 years in the state prison. His conviction came at a time prior to current sex offender registration laws, therefore he is not registered as a sex offender. It is very likely that he is involved in other pedophile activist projects, both on and offline.

The full account of his arrest, trial, and conviction can be found in the book, Child Pornography and Pedophilia: Hearings Before the Permanent Subcommittee, published by the United States Senate.


Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first came across James Cooper while searching an archived website which listed the domain registration information for Project Truth/Free Will. This information showed James Cooper as the owner and that he was located in New Jersey.
  • Further domain research showed that his information was the same as was showing for another site, IPCE, as well as another site we came across, jimcooper.org.
  • A search of public records using his name, location and telephone number as listed in the domain registrations, revealed his age, date of birth and a New Jersey address.
  • A Google search on his name revealed that he was included in the book written by the U. S. Senate on child pornography and pedophilia. The search yielded information that Cooper was the recording secretary for the New York Chapter of NAMBLA, and that he had been convicted of the sexual assualt of a 14 year old boy, sentenced to five (5) years in prison.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Web Sites:

E-Mail Addresses:

  • powweb@JimCooper.org

Last Known Address[edit]

Mailing Address:

P O BOX 73

Physical Address:

651 Forest Avenue
Paramus, NJ 07652

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(201) 265-7075

Additional Information[edit]

  • Cooper does not show as a registered sex offender, as his conviction was previous to current sex offender registration law requirements
  • May be involved with other, currently active, pedophile organizations online from a financial aspect

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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