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Jan Elizabeth Kruska, Amanda Rogers, Jan Elizabeth Gustafson, Jan Nelson
Age: 49
Birthdate: November 6, 1969
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Formerly a real estate agent and plumber
Location: Glendale Arizona
Physical Description:
Other: See pictures
Organizations: Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign
Jan Kruska (or whatever her name of the day is) blames the victims and the parents of victims for what child molesters do to them. She is also an activist with the goal of abolishing the punishment of child molesters.

Jan Kruska

Jan Kruska AKA Amanda Rogers AKA Jan Gustafson AKA Jan Nelson is a pedophile/RSO activist who says she was convicted of molesting a child about 15 years ago. She says she has been a registered sex offender for over 15 years, and will be for life. However, she says that her crime was a misdemeanor, which would put her in the category of a Level 1 sex offender. In most states, Level 1 is not high enough to place her on the public registry, so she has been free to campaign against sex offender registry laws on the internet without people knowing what her real agenda is. She said she was embarrassed to find that her picture was used for a news story in Las Vegas about violent sexual offenders.

Looking closer at her life and her activities, it's no wonder she does not want to be on the registry. After all, she posed as a 16-year-old on MySpace a year ago, and there is no telling what was done with that account. In her testimony at the Joint Legislative Committee on Youthful Sex Offenders, she states, "I knew I made a bad mistake." However, when looking at some of her quotes it is difficult, if not impossible, to see any remorse on her part.

The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles

Had Jessica's father been home with his daughter that evening might Jessica still be alive?

Adam Walsh, six years old left in the toy department while his Mother goes off to another area of the store to look for a lamp. Mrs. Walsh admitted to having an affair at the time. Could Mrs. Walsh have left Adam alone to meet with her secret lover?

These quotes come from a section on her website called "MURDERED CHILDREN' S PARENTS PROFILED." Over and over, she blames the parents for their children being abducted and murdered. This does not seem to be anywhere near remorseful, and, in fact makes one wonder what she has in mind.

This pro-pedophile activist has taken it upon herself to try to launch vicious attacks on the anti-pedophile movement, often targeting wrong individuals on incorrect information while doing so.


I am on the registry and have been for almost 15 years and I have never missed a Halloween yet. I do it for my kids so that they can maintain some sort of normalcy in this crazy world and I will continue to do so, being civilly disobedient whenever possible. I urge everyone who is NOT on probation to do the same. You have nothing to be afraid of or feel bad about. Don't let them take away what little happiness you have.

As for your child getting abducted, they have a better chance of being struck by lightening. Rule number one, don't leave your 6 year old child alone in a department store while you go off shopping for lamps (this is what happened to Adam Walsh). Rule number 2, be a responsible parent and WATCH your kids, KNOW where they are and don't let them wander around alone (Like Maureen Kanka did with 7 year old Megan). An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Common sense should tell us these things.

Our Investigation[edit]

Absolute Zero discovered that Amanda and Jan Kruska were one and the same. We decided to follow up on that, and the rest of the information was discovered in our joint effort. These are the steps that were taken to discover this person's many identities, and her agenda as a signatory for the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign.

  • First, it was noticed that the Website, Operation Awareness was run by a woman named Jan Kruska, in Glendale, Arizona. It was also discovered that she ran another Website, called http://www.rhythmnation.biz/about.html.
  • The contact email on the rhythmnation Website is azrockhoundz@yahoo.com. It was then discovered that she has a YouTube account with that user ID, which is owned by someone named "Amanda Rogers."
  • It was also discovered that she had written the same articles online under both of those names.
  • Further investigation led to a profile for "Amanda Rogers" on a Website called SOclear MEDIA, which is a site dedicated to getting rid of sex offender laws. She is also a double signatory for theReform Sex Offender Laws Campaign having signed with her real name Jan Kruska and also with her pseudonym Amanda Rogers.
  • Finally, the agenda of this woman with two names was revealed when it was found that she testified before the Joint Legislative Committee on Youthful Sex Offenders in the ARIZONA STATE LEGISLATURE, which revealed her saying that she must register as a sex offender for life.
  • The E-mail accounts associated with this woman led to three different MySpace accounts, one of which is of a 17 year old. However, the account was created over a year ago, so when she created it, she was posing as a 16 year old.
  • The rest of the information was found using public records.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Jan Elizabeth Kruska
  • Jan Elizabeth Gustafson
  • Jan Elizabeth Nelson
  • Amanda Rogers
  • azrockhound
  • Freedom Slave
  • Warrior Princess

Known Websites

Her Articles

Known E-mail Addresses

  • azrockhoundz@yahoo.com
  • ontopmtop@cox.net
  • ontopmtop@aol.com
  • jankruska@aol.com
  • amanda@operationawareness.com

Last Known Address[edit]

4102 W Woodridge Dr.
Glendale, Arizona 85308

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

  • (503) 389-7679
  • (602) 579-8580
  • (602) 714-8397

Additional Quotes[edit]

While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life. Most children do not die or become permanently disfigured as a result.

Civil Disobedience is most effective when very large groups of people join together in a concerted effort. Therefore it is vital to connect with others who share your concerns and issues. There is strength in numbers and Big Brother knows this.

STATE AND FERAL GOVERNMENT SEEKING TO MANDATE REGISTERING E-MAIL ADDRESSES AND ONLINE IDENTIFIERS: If you're State (like Arizona or New Jersey) is trying to pass legislation where you need to register all of your present and future online identifiers THAT YOU may USE (OR NOT , bring them BOX FULLS and or E-MAIL THEM DAILY with several new ones. iF E-MAILING THEM BE SURE TO DO SO IN PDF FORMAT SO THAT THE INFO CANNOT BE COPIED AND PASTED. THIS WILL FORCE AUTHORITIES TO HAND ENTER EACH ENTRY. Make up as many as you can, it doesn't matter whether you will ever use them or not, The point is inundate the heck out of them so that they realize the ridiculousness, futility, and colossal waste of resources of such ill thought out legislation.

One of Big Brothers growing technology is facial recognition.

There is a very simple, easy to use and cost effective way to combat and confuse this system. Check out theatrical liquid latex.

Lawmakers have just as much blood on their hands as the killers themselves. BOTH are monsters and are equally as evil. Both are driven by selfishness and power and both use our children as prey. The only difference is that one gains sexually and the other financially, always at the expense of an innocent child.

If you think taking away the liberties, rights, freedoms, jobs, and even homes of every registered sex offender is a good thing, I would ask you to think again. Think about all the thousands of other children hurting and dying every day. Think of the child within the sex offender who is still hurting.

It is the opinion of this writer that lawmakers have just as much blood on their hands as the Edenfields themselves. How many more children, like Christopher, have to be raped and murdered before the public wakes up to what is really going on and demands change?

The laws that they have passed because they tell us "the sky is falling" should be our first clue. They created a "registry" of citzens using fear as their tactic, much like the Nazi's did with the Jews. I assure you the Germans felt justified in what they were doing then too.

As I have said many times before in various other articles, there are far too many individuals on the sex offender registry who simply do not belong on there, because they pose no threat to anybody. Period.

Even worse, what if the offender falls prey to some damn "phishing" scam? It happened to me on ebay. Someone hacked into my account, changed my password and started selling thousands of dollars worth of items which the buyers would never see.


That would be much worse than a community finding out a sex offender is around their children?

Additional Information[edit]

  • A big fan of the band Tesla
  • Also likes Rock-hounding and many other interests:

Hobbies: Painting (the dragonfly and whale tale pics are my originals), fishing, rock-hounding, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, exploring new places with my family.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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