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Jason Garrison
Occupation: Website designer
Location: Montreal
Physical Description:
Individuals: John Melanson
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, FSC, Montreal Ganymede Collective, John Melanson, Open Hands, Epifora and others.
Jason Garrison is a pedophile in Montreal who has been involved in several pedophile Websites.

Jason Garrison is a pedophile who has been involved in many pedophile Websites and with many other pedophiles. He was the roommate of John Melanson, a convicted and jailed child molester. He was also a member of the Montreal Ganymede Collective and FSC, and designed the first website for Epifora. Another site he designed was the Website of child pornographer, Robin Sharpe.

He also worked on a "project" to collect child pornography websites in order to inform other pedophiles about which sites were sting operations. He called it "Operation Sting Watch."

He attended Concordia University and his thesis was called "On the Possibility of Just Pedophilia: An Ideal Approach."


I've added a list of child porn sites that are likely to be sting operations. Please continue to send in your links and information so we can build the most comprehensive list of probable sting operations and dangerous sites.

Montreal Ganymede Collectif

About a month after I arrived in Montreal, I emailed the MGC and began attending meetings. Meetings were held every second Saturday at a generous apartment of one of the members. Anywhere between 15 and 35 people would show up, some of them from out of town, even out of country.

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • graccus on EFnet IRC
  • zxcv
  • _KhlER3L
  • _khl
  • jason_

Known E-mail Addresses

  • _KhlER3L@heh.ca
  • _khl@heh.ca
  • heh@operamail.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address[edit]

6276 rue St. Hubert
Montreal, PQ
H2S 2M2

Last Known Phone Number[edit]


Additional Quotes[edit]

I found my experience with the Collectif to be exhilarating. I had met with other people like myself, but not in these numbers and ranges of age, experience and outlook. I spent Christmas and New Years of 1999 with members of the MGC, and they were the best times. I was finally part of a common experience.

In May of 2000, my roommate, someone introduced to me through the MGC, disappeared after molesting a young boy. His mother called me and told me that he had stolen her car, pots and pans, and family photos. He even took the boy's handheld videogame. Apparently my roommate told her he wanted to marry her, and the boy called him dad.

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