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Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: CBLF, GirlChat, BoyChat, Common Ground, Age Taboo
jd420 is a Bible thumping, hallucinogenic drug using, excessively verbose pedophile who claims to be his own denomination, while preaching his brand of Christianity to other pedophiles.
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jd420 AKA JohnDoe420 is a pedophile who is a regular poster on CBLF and GirlChat. He is also a member of BoyChat and Common Ground. In older posts, he purported to be a Christian, who believes that pedophiles are God's creation and that they should accept themselves for who they are. He also says that he is his own denomination. However, over the numerous years of his involvement with pedophile groups, his posts gradually evolved into mostly postmodernist and pseudo-scientific-jargon nonsense.

jd420 claims to have had "relationships" and sexual contact with many young girls, some preschool age, while he was a guest in their parents' homes.

jd420 is also known for using the Bible as a basis for his answers to questions others have about God's approval or disapproval of pedophiles and their lifestyles, stating often that the Bible says nothing about it being sinful to have sexual relations with a child. He is known for referring fellow pedophiles to Tulmudic law, which he claims was in acceptance of sexual relationships with children as young as 3 years old. jd420's view of anti-pedophiles is that they are projecting their own inner desires to molest or rape a young child.

In addition to pedophilia, JD420 also frequently mentions his support of necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) and zoophilia (sex with animals); apparently his interests are in sex with anything that can't fight back. He also says he is afraid to let anyone touch his penis, including himself.

He has been registered on the ScarletTeen forum where he offered his 'advice' about sex to teenagers, has posted on the National Youth Rights Association forums, and has been banned under multiple user names on the RevLeft and Portal of Evil forums.

JD often claims to have done 'research' supposedly indicating that 1/5 of all people are pedophiles. Of course this is nonsense and a conclusion he drew himself from his own mind, not an actual clinical research study with representative sample subjects. However, other pedophiles frequently quote his so-called "studies" to support their arguments during discussions.

JD's posting style often reflects pseudo-intellectual grandiose verbosity, postmodernist nonsense, phony scientific jargon, gang-related colloquialisms, and racial slurs. He has presented himself as being educated in pharmacology and chemistry, although his "expertise" is questionable. He often praises the effects of hallucinogenic drugs such as Ecstasy and LSD; he has also been known to dispense potentially deadly "advice" to others, recommending combining over-the-counter drugs or, oddly enough, ingesting toxic green potatoes.

jd420's personal web pages include one offering 'advice' on methods for older men to have sex with prepubescent girls.


...I'd walk around with a pink flag hanging out my back pocket, clogo pendant, roll with the ganstas and the smokers, walk through my neighborhood without a problem, date openly, move in to live with whatever preschooler I was dating, and not have a problem.

Posted by jd420 on Saturday, September 10 2005 at 06:22:04pm

In reply to Poll: The predictable subject of AOA. posted by Cirkus on Saturday, September 10 2005 at 01:57:27pm

1. First of all, the requisite question~ what is your's?

"Cordfuckin' a preemie" to "no more than a handful." Oh, and I measured a handful. 4.5ml. If it looks like a breast, it's overgrown.

2. If your AOA extends over more than one obvious level of development(childhood/adolescence/adulthood) do you actually have a preference among them? Or are you attracted to all those levels evenly?

On average, that curious little cusp between baby and preschooler, the actual toddler set (for fucks sake, man! Is she walking? Then why the HELL do you call her a toddler??? freak...)

'bout 6-18 months.

'course, OTOH, every now and then I get this wierd 'pheberotic mood' and start drooling over people in the 8-10yo developmental range...

...and sometimes? Infants all the way. First tooth is a sign from the Creator... duh.

3. Do you label your sexuality/lifestyle based on your AOA? If so, what do you call yourself?


4. Did your childhood crushes seem to fall into the AOA you have now?


5. Are you sometimes attracted to people outside of your AOA?

6. Have you ever dated or even married someone outside of your AOA just for the social aspects of dating, or some other reason? (And, of course, "I was attracted to them despite their age" works.)


7. Have you noticed that ppl in your AOA seem to return the attention or do they tend to ignore you?

I'm actually downright famous as one hell of a ladies' man in the preschool set, locally.

8. What do you think of the general lifestyles, interests, personalities, etc. of ppl in your AOA?

Personality rocks, lifestyles are too parentally controlled - and our interests, usually, are each other...

10. If you actually fell in love with an LGF and nothing ever came between you, do you think you could still love her when she "grows up"?

It's been rumored to happen before...

BONUS QUESTION: Don't little girls kick ass?

Little girls have kicked my ass before, yes.

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I for one envy the hell out of you...
look at nekkid baby::
look at 4" thick member::
look back at nekkid baby::
get depressed at God's cruel jokes::

I had made the mistake of sharing my deepest heart, my deepest secrets, my very soul. He basically told me he thought I was a monster.

My last RL ethics argument with my friends was in defense of eating human flesh, dude. Fuck 'em.

At the risk of encouraging illegal activity contrary to the faq, I'd quite honestly suggest (though certaninly, do not do anything you do not feel right in doing) that you drop a moderately sizeable quantity of high purity LSD and explore every last buried nook and cranny in that head of yours. You'll find out *damn* good and well if and to what degree you're this manipulative fuck you speak of, as well as a myriad of things, good and bad, that you've likely never faced about yourself... best be prepared to accept. By the end of the 12-24 hours, you'll also likely know *exactly* what you wish to do about it - although this part is best done in the retrospective return-to-sanity part, rather than spur-ofthe-moment mid-trip.

As to homosexuality... ::shrug:: There's some evidence, but there's MORE than enough favored of God throughout the bible who were homosexual. As far as I know, no one explicitly described Jesus' sex life and/or sexuality. Frankly, though, I wouldn't be surprised - but more importantly, it wouldn't change one damned thing.

BTW, pedosexuality is NEVER mentioned, even in the slightest, as a sin. Not under the Law which was crucified with Jesus, and CERTAINLY not by Jesus' words. The talmudic AoC was three years of age.

Additional Information

  • Jd420 has also admitted to having been a user of LSD and even suggested that another pedophile give it a try.
  • He has posted that he's in his "mid-20s".

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