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Warlen Clyde Bassham
Age: 79
Birthdate: March 9, 1940
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Computer Backups Designer/Admin, Music teacher, Composer
Location: Bothell, Washington
Physical Description:
Organizations: GirlChat, St George's Episcopal Church
Jensman is an elderly pedophile who is currently in love with a teen-aged girl. His relationship with the teen began when she was only 6 years old.

File:Jensman - Febuary 1999.jpeg

Warlen Bassham AKA Jensman is a semi-out pedophile who frequents the GirlChat website. He is primarily attracted to little girls between the ages of 8 and 14, with an emphasis on 10 to 11 year old girls.

Warlen is a struggling author, musician, composer, music teacher and former English teacher. He is the Senior Warden and chair of the parish Vestry at St. George's Episcopal Church in Seattle Washington where he also gives music lessons to children.

Jensman states that he has been married twice, and was more recently widowed. He says that his last wife knew of his sexual attraction to little girls. He has posted that both of his wives had girlish features which made them both look much younger than they actually were. He has also shared with his peers that his age of attraction seems to keep lowering as he gets older and that his current relationship is with a girl who is 14 or 15 years old. The long term relationship began when the child was only 6 years old. He has posted that a relationship with another young girl took place when he was 33 years old and the girl was 9. She is over 40 years old now, but according to him, they still remain friends even though there is no sexual attraction. Jensman says that he believes he will love his current YF forever.

Jensman has come out to only a few people in his life, and has speculated as to what kind of reactions he would receive if he came out completely to everyone in his life. He states that he's a member of the ACLU, belongs to several social organizations, and says that he understands kids at a level that most adults do not. He is very supportive of his peers on the GirlChat site, going so far as to give advice to other pedophiles on how to let the child lead the relationship, even stating that grooming a child is acceptable if the pedophile is emotionally healthy. In another discussion, he presented that penetration between an adult and pre-pubescent child is possible, although not vaginally.

Jensman has posted that he has been to Boulder, CO, relating to his friends on GirlChat that he found the place to be a "Little Girl Paradise". He shared his experience of time spent in a Walking Mall, where he says several people caught him walking around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he drooled over the little girls wearing dresses and skirts. He even commented that one little girl of about 5 years old kept pulling her dress up and showing off in front of him while "grinning furiously", as if she were teasing him. Sadly, he also included the comment that if she had not been below his AoA, there's no telling what might have happened.


The myth about hymens, etc.

Posted by Jensman on Wednesday, January 31 2007 at 12:10:27pm

In reply to Against nature?! What are you talking about? posted by Colin Anastas on Wednesday, January 31 2007 at 01:14:55am

I don't know what girls you've been interviewing, but you're sadly mistaken in your implication that the hymen is the part that prevents comfortable penetration for prepubescent girls.

The myth that vaginas in young girls are just slightly smaller versions of full size ones in women has led to a lot of pain. Penetration is possible between adult and prepubescent child, yes, but NOT IN THE VAGINA. I think you get what I'm saying.

WARNING -- nothing I've said above should be taken as endorsing ANY sexual activity between adult and child, nor should it be taken to imply that I have ever had sexual contact with a child. The facts I've mentioned are derived from 'book research' in medical texts, not from personal experience. Et cetera.

I wonder if I'm the only one around here who has ever noticed that Boulder, Colorado, is Little Girl Paradise?

They have this place in town called the Walking Mall, where they've blocked off a street and given it over to pedestrians. It's only a block long, but My God if you walk down it slowly and keep sweeping around with your eyes, you will see more pretty girls per square inch than anywhere else on earth that I've ever been. Plus which, at least in the summer, they wear DRESSES and SKIRTS!!! [Yes, Furby, I did see some you-know-what's, including a pair that was pink with white flowers which a little 5 yr. old girl kept pulling her dress up and showing off to me, while grinning furiously.] (Or hasn't Furb made the transition to this new site yet?) She was somewhat under my AOA or who knows what might have happened!

Several times, people caught me with my tongue hanging out and panting like a bulldog, but nobody seemed to mind. In fact, several times I got sympathetic smiles from adults who were accompanied by YFs and knew I was envying them.

It must be the thin air [over 6,000 feet elevation].

What a place! Pricey, too, but I still wish I could afford to move there.

Our Investigation[edit]

All information we have obtained in our investigation on Jensman thus far has come from his participation on the GirlChat website. Our investigation is ongoing at this time. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Jensman
  • Orch21
  • Unic

Known E-mail Addresses

  • swtmark@fastmail.fm
  • len_bassham@merck.com
  • warlenbassham@yahoo.com
  • orch21@yahoo.com
  • warlenb@yahoo.com
  • wcb@bestpagebooks.com
  • wcb@zso.dec.com
  • always@bestpagebooks.com
  • wcb@nextpagemusic.com

Known Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

19139 130th Ave NE
Bothell WA., 98011

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

  • Cell Number:(206)-234-7010
  • Home Number: (425)-481-7010

Additional Quotes[edit]

So what would I do if it were possible to 'not be a pedophile'? I'll tell you what I would do: I'd run screaming in the exact opposite direction as fast as my old legs would take me.

I'm a pedophile, always have been, always will be. And I'm both proud and gratified. There isn't enough money in the world to pay me to be anything else.

I'm in my sixties and there's a person with whom I 'fell in love' when I was 33 and she was 9. She's now over 40. Although we live a long way apart now, we still love each other and are very good friends. Neither one of us is sexually attracted to the other, nor does she 'turn me on' when I'm around her. I'm still attracted to the same age range I was then, namely 8-14, with the emphasis on 10 and 11, although I must confess that I find my lower limit moving downward with the years. [The upper limit has never budged.]

There's another person whom I fell for when she was six. She's now thirteen, almost fourteen. I can feel my sexual attraction for her fading away. But I can already tell that I will love her forever. Her interest in me has waned as she has entered pubescence. However, I think we will always be friends. At least I hope so. My interest in her will continue no matter how she ends up feeling about me.

There are many counter examples-- where the maturation of the person I was attracted to ended everything, sometimes because it ended for me, sometimes because it ended for her, sometimes because the end came simultaneously for both. But as someone once said, it takes only one exception to blow away a rule.

So my answer to your question is, at least in my case, sexual attraction can turn into love. It doesn't always, but it can.

[By the way, nothing I've said above should be construed by anyone to imply that I have ever done anything illegal or immoral or unethical concerning the girls mentioned.]


I continue to work behind the scenes for acceptance for us and our community. I'm not a confrontational person, nor a warrior, but I have my own ways of trying to change the status quo and I can see some progress, however small. Someday I will come out publicly, to the whole world, but the time is not ripe yet. I have to accomplish some things first for it to have any effect when I do it.

Lest you think I'm making this up, let me tell you a little story. [There won't be much detail-- for reasons you all know.] In 1975 I was very close to a remarkable 11-year-old girl. The girl's mother found out and informed her mental health counselor. (She-- the mother-- was in counseling for other issues.) The counselor asked to meet me, and I complied. He was completely non-judgemental-- did not turn me in to the 'authorities,' as nowadays he would HAVE to, legally-- and only wanted to make sure that I understood what some of the longer term consequences MIGHT be for me and for the girl. When I satisfied him that I was aware of the issues he was concerned about, he dropped the entire matter.

I have found out later, over the years, that many other men, and a woman or two also, had very similar experiences during that era. So my case wasn't just an abberration. [He also interviewed the girl, and was satisfied that she knew what she was doing and was at least moderately OK with it.]

Why should they love me? Let me count the ways.

(I'm feeling particularly immodest today, so beware.)

1. Because I love kids, I'm an excellent teacher.

2. I appreciate beauty more than most people do, because I don't regard a major portion of what is beautiful as 'off limits' for my attraction.

3. Because I'm tuned in to what kids say, feel, and want, as people, not as little objects, that makes me superaware of innuendo, which means I 'get' more out of communication than most people do.

4. Because I've had to become paranoid, it makes me more careful about everything.

The list goes on, but becomes boring.


Here's what would happen if I came totally completely permanently out of the toy box: (I'm already out to a very few trustworthy selected people, but that's not the same thing.)

First, some people would not believe me. They would say I was going through some sort of emotional crisis and that I would be sure to 'outgrow' my delusions about myself and return to my usual, normal self eventually. A very few of these would NEVER give in and believe me, no matter how long it went on.

Second, some parents of girls I was close to in the past would freak out and start trying to reinterpret past events in light of this new information about me. A few such parents might even decide that I had molested their children, and might even try to have me arrested. However, most, I believe, would realize that I had never touched, had never been a threat to touch, and that their children's lives were enriched by knowing me. Whether they would then be able to extrapolate from that insight to an open-hearted understanding of some more general truth about most true pedophiles, is a matter for conjecture, and my conjecture would probably be no more accurate than anyone else's.

There would probably be some effort to have me thrown out of some social organizations I belong to. I think, or at least hope, that most of these efforts would fail.

Some misguided mothers would probably 'throw their daughters at me,' in attempts to get me in serious trouble, if for no other reason. [This would not work, by the way.]

I don't think I would lose my job. In fact, I doubt that there would be any serious impact on my in my workplace-- as we are all kind of loners there and everyone allows space for everyone else, even in extreme cases.

I would probably be hounded out of my home by my neighbors. But that would be all right, because I don't much like my neighborhood anyway! In fact, I would probably move to a different country.


Additional Information[edit]

  • Is a big fan of the band "Smoosh"
  • Friends call him "Len"
  • Was raised a Seventh-Day Adventist, but left that church in 1964 and became an agnostic.
  • Was re-converted to Christianity due to the events surrounding his wife's death.

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