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Jessica Massey aka Kalinnan
Age: 19
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student
Location: Evansville, IN
Physical Description:
Organizations: Boychat
Jessica Massey is a female pedophile who has frequented Boychat, writes child rape fiction, and maintains multiple propedophilia blogs
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Jessica Massey
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Jessica Massey

Jessica Massey

Jessica Massey aka Kalinnan is a female pedophile from Evansville, Indiana. While still a minor, she began to frequent the Boychat pedophile website, and at one time also tried to start her own pro-pedophilia forum. Although Massey was a teenager when she first appeared on Boychat, she was not indoctrinated or influenced by the other members; she came to the board as an already-enthusiastic pedophile activist who claimed that she can convince “just about anyone” that it is OK for adults to rape children.

Under multiple screen names including Dun Lunicor and Baby Morrison, Massey writes child rape fiction and "poetry". She maintains several different personal blogs, where she posts her pedophilia fiction and personal writings; her interests also include "slash" and "shota" Japanese anime child pornography.

At times, Massey pretends to be male and/or transgendered in her online personas; often posting under the name Matthew or Matthew Michael. In real life, however, Massey is a female; she is a co-founder and member of the Evansville Young Women’s Theatre, a female-only live stage performance group in her local area. Regardless of what gender Massey is claiming to be at any given time, her interest in sex with young boys always remains constant. She tries to present herself as an intellectual; however, behind her pompous writing style, Jessica Massey is just another pedophile who arrogantly justifies her desire to molest children.


If it helps, according to many researchers, it's perfectly healthy for you to play with your child's genitals as much as any other part (so that they have a healthy attitude towards sex later in life).

I If BL is a sexual orientation, then what happens when your YF is no longer within your age of attraction? Does the romance just go away; he finds someone else and so do you? I would certainly hope that love could outlast a change in body. However, with me, it's the innocence of childhood that I'm attracted to, so if that went away, it'd be like a marriage in which one person changed and the other didn't. It would have to end...

Our Investigation

  • User name Kalinnan posted to Boychat under the email address [email protected]
  • This e-mail address was linked to Myspace and Facebook profiles for Jessica Massey of Evansville, IN.
  • A Web page for an Evansville, IN theater group also included this e-mail address as contact information for Jessica Massey.
  • Kalinnan's Boychat posts included a link to her pedophilia fiction page, which was linked to her personal blog.
  • This blog included photos, "shota" pedophile fiction stories, and indicated her name was Jessica Massey; it was also linked to [1] where Jessica called herself "Matthew Michael".
  • Screen names "Dun Lunicor" and "Kalinnan" were also linked to a number of additional profiles, all of which pointed back to Jessica Massey of Evansville, IN.

Online Accounts

Email Addresses:

Known Websites:


Last Known Address

Evansville, Indiana

Additional Quotes

Why is it that, without mentioning NAMBLA, Freespirits, or the actual term "BoyLove" I can convince just about anyone that adult/child sexual relations are okay, and yet no one on the face of the planet can manage to convince a government that not only should such practices be tolerated, but that their legalization would actually help to decrease instances of unwanted sexual contact from malicious, non-CL, child molesters?

Additional Information

  • May use alias Jessica Hoskins
  • May be a voice major
  • May belong to Signature High School alumni group

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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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