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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Joseph Gittings
Age: 34
Birthdate: May 6, 1985
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Formerly student and lifeguard, now incarcerated
Location: Cummings, Georgia
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BL.net, BLISS
Gittings AKA JoeCool4218 was the Executive Director of the now defunct BL.net site. He was sexually attracted to little boys between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.

JoeCool4218 AKA Joseph Gittings was a young teen when he first found BL.net, but by the time he was 17 years old, he was an administrator of the site. Before much longer, he would become second in command, serving as the Executive Director. Gittings also belonged to BLISS and hobnobbed with many other pedophiles, both on and off line. At one point he was even interviewed by Rookiee in Episode 27 of Pedologues, the online pedophile podcast which was shut down after we outed Rookiee in 2007.

Gittings, who actually built the server on which BL.net was hosted, presented himself as a bright but cocky young man who defended the right to possess and view child pornography. Gittings did not believe that viewing child pornography was a crime, and believes that no one gets hurt by doing so. He even went so far as to state that if he discovered a member of BL.net to be in possession of child porn, he would simply delete the member and image(s) from the site but that he would not turn the information over to authorities.

In September 2009, ICE Agents contacted us regarding the profile of another BL.net member who had met Gittings in person on several occasions.* At that time, we were able to provide authorities with the information we had gathered on members of BL.net, including Joseph Gittings. In October 2009, Gittings, along with Dale Hodges, turned over 2 DVDs filled with child pornography to an undercover operative. In November 2009, ICE Agents in Atlanta, Georgia, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies around the world, arrested Joseph Gittings, Dale Hodges, and several other pedophiles from BL.net. This operation also resulted in the shut down of BL.net, undoubtedly the largest pedophile web site in the world.

Gittings initially pled not guilty, but has since changed his plea. His case is still pending. We will update this article when more information on his case becomes available.

*Note: At the request of, and as a courtesy to law enforcement officials investigating this case, the profile of Gittings' friend has been removed as he turned state's evidence.


When the question was asked, "I found boy porn, now what do I do", Gittings reply to the poster was:

Look at it and go, "Who the hell cares?"

I mean, I'm for not allowing children to be hurt and what not, but I find the whole 'war against CP online' to be ridiculous. Any decent 'techy' knows that digital information lasts forever. Once something is put on the net it will always be on the net

Boylove is all about cock!

I mean, think about it, there are almost no physical differences between prepubescent boys and girls. The physical difference between boys and girls start to appear when testosterone is introduced into boys at around age 9 which begins to prepare their bodies for puberty. Even then no heavy physical difference between boys and girls appear until a few years later; usually around 11 to 13 in which testosterone and estrogen are fully being introduced into their respective parties.

So for those of us that are attracted to preteen boys the attraction really is all about the penis.

Sure, boys and girls may act differently. And sure, I could contribute that to sociobiological evolution, but the main difference is that boys have a penis and girls do not.

Physical attraction is the main drive behind ANY sexuality. The main attraction behind being a heterosexual male is to a woman's vagina. Just like the main attraction to a boylover is the boy's penis. It is the fact that he is a boy, and that he has a penis, and not a vagina that drives our attraction.

So why then is there all the run around?

Let's just go ahead and admit it, boylove is all about the cock!

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed JoeCool4218 mentioned on a now defunct site called "Will's Wish" and soon after, on BL.net, noting that he was a Director on the site. We also found him as a member of BLISS as well, with information regarding his date of birth, age, location and contact information.
  • An archived copy of the "Will's Wish" site gave us information regarding his position as Executive Director on BL.net, as well as information on his live in lover and fellow boylover, Georgia Cowboy. In addition, he had stated that he knew two other pedophiles from BL.net with whom he had smoked marijuana and thought up an idea for his "Technoman" site while stoned.
  • Staff listings on the BL.net site confirmed that he was indeed a Director on the site
  • A search of his screen name yielded a Yahoo profile in which he listed his name as "Joe" and his location as "Georgia". He also listed his occupation as being a student and a lifeguard.
  • A search of JoeCool4218's e-mail address lead us to public information belonging to a close relative of Gittings. This information then led to an address for Joseph Gittings in Georgia
  • All information was turned over to ICE Agents, who confirmed his identity further when they arrested Joseph Gittings in November 2009 on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Online Accounts

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Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

1930 Chadwick Drive
Cummings, GA

Additional Quotes

Topic: Suck the cum, or have it as a facial?

It all depends on my mood. However, there is something about giving a boy a facial that is really really HAWT.


Elder Brother

I love fucking little boys. [Big Grin]

HAIR IS EVIL!!! [Hump]

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