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Joseph R Power
Age: 62
Birthdate: November 6, 1957
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Santa Clara, California, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 280 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: NAMBLA, BoyChat
Joe Power has been highly involved with NAMBLA

Joe Power

Joe Power has been highly involved with NAMBLA, having held a position as the editor of the NAMBLA Bulletin and having written numerous articles for NAMBLA's website.

Online Powers opposes age of consent laws, arguing that instead of age of consent laws being designed to protect children from adults which would otherwise sexually exploit them, that they're designed to prevent "mutually desired relationships."


">Take the two following situations then:
>A 10-year-old boy that you have known for some time comes up to you and
>wants to have sex with you. You say sure! Why not?
>A 10-year-old boy that you have known for some time comes up to you and
>wants to drive your car without you in it. You say sure! Why not? And hand
>over the keys.

I could see myself saying yes to both.

I might hand over the keys, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be in that car either next to the boy or having him sit on my lap. You can also bet we'd be in some large empty parking lot or traveling slowly down some back country road.

The key, in both cases, is my involvement with the boy in the activity. As we interact I would get continual feedback on how he was perceiving the activity and I would use my experience to help guide him to a safe and pleasurable conclusion. In both cases providing him access to the situation requires my active participation...

Some will argue that our judgement is impaired in the sex case because we are seeking to gratify our own desires (rather than seeking whatever is best for the kid), but are not parents' judgements often impaired because of their emotional connections and their desires? We don't condemn them for this so why should we condemn BLs?

Joe Power"

"Once again I will assert that the persecution of man/boy relationships is a symptom of a much deeper societal disease - the artificially manipulated fear of sexual freedom...

There is a clear difference between a kind and loving BL and a rapist and so long as our society ignores the difference it puts kids at risk because resources that could be used to stop rapes are instead frittered away chasing after harmless boylovers who would rather be helping than hiding."

Our Investigation

  • Joe Power was out as an activist for NAMBLA.

Online Accounts

E-Mail Addresses:

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • Power2718
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger: power2718

Online Activity:

Additional Quotes

"As for AOC (Age of Consent) laws, their purpose ISN'T protection of children - it's state control of people through control of their sexuality. There are plenty of laws against rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc. The ONLY relationships covered by AOC laws AND NO OTHERS are consentual, mutually desired ones."

"We oppose AOC laws because they make no allowance for individual human variability and because they are the result of an extremely narrow and unrealistic view of sexuality. All humans are sexual beings and activities such as hugging and caressing have sexual components to them. AOC laws deny both of these truths. They arbitrarily declare children to be asexual and declare only acts of the 'insert tab A in slot B' variety and a very few others to be considered sex acts. This, we feel, does everyone a grave disservice."

"Re: boy love advocacy: a lost cause

...In the US soon after World War II, Harry Hay and a small group of homophile activists formed the Mattachine Society to push for what we now call gay liberation. For many years they were vilified, discriminated against and threatened in just about every way possible. Now here we are as a society, 50 some years later, seriously discussing gay marriage and gays in the military etc.

We Americans are so used to instant gratification that problems which persist longer than our half-hour sitcoms become 'lost causes'. Well I don't believe that. The cause isn't lost until I stop fighting for it."

Additional Information

  • Operated as the editor to the NAMBLA Bulletin
  • Appeared on Pedologues Episode 16

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