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Johnny Ray Lee
Age: 52
Birthdate: July 15, 1967
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Certified Braille Transcriber
Location: North Carolina (incarcerated)
Physical Description:
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 130 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: Roar for Freedom, SOSEN
Johnny Ray Lee is a convicted sex offender. He was the Public Relations Director for Roar for Freedom and Media Director for SOSEN, advocacy groups for sex offenders seeking to eliminate registry requirements and restrictions for sex offenders.

Johnny Ray Lee AKA JFlea86 AKA Nate AKA NCHomeBoy AKA BillieJosDad is a registered sex offender and RSO activist. In 1993, at the age of 26, Johnny was convicted in Wisconsin on charges of sexually assaulting two 10 year old boys. He plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for the dismissal of 13 of his 15 charges. Johnny was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation to be followed by registration as a sex offender. Johnny was released from prison after just 6 years, but 2 years later he had been jailed again twice for violating his parole. One of those violations was for possession of child pornography.

After his release from prison Johnny moved to North Carolina and became active on the internet. He set up blogs and posted images of young boys. He listed his occupation as a counselor, his age as 24, and his interest as "Bisexual Teens".

With the basics out of the way, Johnny moved on to becoming an activist for sex offenders. He started a prison ministry, stating he "served the Lord in a variety of ministries through the years since the age of fourteen, including Youth Camps, Christian Schools, Bus Pastor, Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor and Chapel clerk in the DOC." He focused on a pen pal mission for prisoners and advocacy for those he felt were victimized by the sex offender registry. As part of his activism he joined SOSEN and took on leadership roles as the Media Director and Moderator of the Wisconsin and North Carolina branches. Next he joined Roar for Freedom and quickly became their Public Relations Director. He advocated for maintaining close ties with other sex offender advocacy groups, including SOhopeful and SOclear He began to speak out within his community, going so far as to approach parents in restaurants condemning their behavior with their own children while claiming that they as parents were more likely to molest their own children than was a registered sex offender.

Johnny then moved on to writing editorials, calling in on radio shows, and writing letters to editors of news sources, Senators and Congressmen informing them of their ignorance on the issues and their need to become educated with his supplied information.

Johnny states that he was diagnosed with pedophilia but claims that it is something impossible to control. "On the subject of Pedo vs Hebo. I was diagnosed in 1994 as being a Pedophile, even though I am attracted to males... normally 11-14." Other sex offender activists stood up for Johnny at every turn. When his computer was confiscated for suspicion of child pornography, his biggest supporter Betty Price stated, "One good thing going for him is if they figure out his passwords and go on the groups with his account, there have been many times that he has stated he has no desire to offend a child. Please keep Johnny in your prayers. He is a good person and has no intentions of EVER re-offending." And upon his subsequent arrest, Michael Price said, "I only wish there was something we can do to help him get out of that place."

Johnny won't be returning to Roar or SOSEN anytime soon as he just received a 35 year prison sentence. Authorities say that Johnny immediately began trafficking child pornography in 2004 upon his return to North Carolina.


If officials are going to "castrate" to get rid of one's desire, they must take out the brain. And in order to keep people from re-offending, they must also remove the hands and tounge, as some do not use their penis in a sexual assault.

Adding to a long list of our rules does not stop us from committing a crime nor new victims. It is the determination to prove to the public that we are not monsters and that our crime does not need to painted with such a broad brush

Now I do not know what the answer is, but giving really long sentences do not work... After the two year mark of my sentence, I had become comfortable enough that doing time didn't bother me. Not that I want to go back to prison, but it would not bother me if I were told I had to return.

Our Investigation

We first became aware Johnny Ray Lee when we learned of sites, such as Operation Awareness, SOSEN and others on which registered sex offenders, their families, friends, and other supporters gather in an effort to fight what they feel are unjust or unfair laws regarding sex offender registration.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • JFlea86
  • Nate
  • NCHomeBoy
  • BillieJosDad

Known Websites

Last Known Address


720 E Walnut St #3,
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Previous Address

224 Edwards Street Wausau, WI 54401


PO Box 996 Goldsboro North Carolina 27533

Last Known Phone Number


(919) 221-6134

Additional Quotes

As a convicted sex offender, I tried chemical castration, in which I was given a shot of Depo-Provera once a month. It did slow down my sex drive, but it did not stop my thoughts, nor sexual acting out in an appropriate way, nor ejaculation..

Yea... if I am planning on using my email to commit a crime I am going to give it to the authorties. Do they think we are stupid also?.

it is not the thought of being in prison that keeps me from re-offending it's the thought of being away from family and friends.

What can be done to help protect children from such violence? The answer may not be long prison sentences, not is it all the other knee-jerk legislation being proposed. The answer is simple, Parental responsibility and education.

It is very uncommon for a convicted sex offender to kidnap and murder a child. the majority of sex offenders assault those that are known to them through family relationships. Most are also first time offenders, and do not reoffend at high rates that the media and talking heads would have one believe…...We at ROAR4Freedom would like the public and public servants to be educated on the truth of Sex Offenders.

I was in the SBC when I was arrested and the Pastor knew prior to my arrest of what I had done. They investigated and found out there were no victims from the Youth Group, of which I was in charge. The church refused to accept my resignation. I stayed there until I was convicted and sent to prison. We had one PERSON leave the church as a result of my staying. It was a father of two of our youth. The mom and the teens stayed and supported me. In fact they seemed to be more upset with my ex-wife for telling the Marriage Counselor that got the whole ball rolling, than me.

All of this has to do with forgiveness, does it not?.

Additional Information

Convicted Sex Offenders, Associates and Supporters


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