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Age: 30s
Race: Caucasian
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
JonasBark is a convicted sex offender and BoyChat member.

Jonasbark sig pic

Jonasbark sig pic

JonasBark is a pedophile who is a member of and regular poster on BoyChat. He is an odd individual who speaks out against society's view of pedophiles. He has admitted to having had sexual relationships with children in the past, and discusses these past relationships on the message boards at BoyChat. He also admits to being a convicted sex offender.


...In all my life... I can remember only one time where I went (in) to a YF's house to have sex with him. Obviously, I much prefer they come to visit me on their own... the relationship means much much more that way.


The boy looked to be at least 11 but probably 12, and he was wearing a cowboy style hat over his short-cut, dirty blond hair. His short-sleeve shirt was a cool, light green color printed with leaves of some kind. At first glance my eyes almost popped out because his kneeling revealed his tightie-whitey briefs and the top most portion of his boy-butt crack

When he stood up I saw one of the most gorgeous boy bubble-butts I'd ever seen... covered quite snuggly with tightfitting denim.

When he turned to look and see who was now behind him, I looked at his face and discovered he has some of the most beautiful "silver-blue" eyes I've ever seen... and long, light-brown eyelashes. He's a white boy who's been out in the sun - you could see it in his face, and on his arms. He was tanned pretty well, it seemed.

And he has braces, too... his mouth and lips looking plump because of the wires. I never seen him before... yet it was as if he was there in the check out line with my friend.

LOL - The "check out" line.

Yeup... up and down... front and back... I checked him out as much as I could. He should be proud of his looks!

And that bulging zipper, too. WOW!

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • jonasbark

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

His current location is also unknown; however, he does speak of living in Mexico.

... lived around younger mexico for a while as young teenager

If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact us.

Additional Quotes

This is why I agree that AoC laws cause more harm than anything. And it's also the reason I took the plea deal.

Not only does JonasBark admit to being a convicted sex offender, but he also lays claim to being...a "beagle"? The following quote may help explain:

The Official Etiology of Jonas' *Dog-Thing* ...

Posted by jonasBark on 2007-March-1 22:53:48, Thursday

... mostly because curious minds want to know - but partly also because some others have either vague recollections or simply "don't get it."

Before I explain it... First thing I want to say about it is: If you don't like the dog thing... tough shit. The beagle is here to stay.

Second, just to set the record straight, I'm not on any kind of enhanced monitoring program - nor should I be. I'm not on parole or probation... and am free to go anywhere I'd like - provided I tell the world where I am every three days. (That's enough for me to think of these SOR laws as a kind of "leash"... but when I speak of *my* leash... I don't speak of these things. Really, I'm talking about the rope that clips onto my collar. And yes, I REALLY DO have one.

OK - I have several leashes... and collars... but that was supposed to be a secret )

Society has labeled me as some kind of animal - because to *IT* I am no longer qualified to be known as a "human being." The *system* and the *media* treated me like I was some mangy, rabid dog... I was locked up in a cage with other "animals" and then they tried to make me hate myself because I loved some boys along the way.

And that's just the beginning of the story. I feel I need not explain the many negative aspects of society's treatment of *pedophiles* and *sex offenders*. The horror stories are posted here every day, it seems.

Therefore - I protest. In the course of learning my humanity, I have decided that I no longer desire to be counted as part of the infection that sickens this planet: HUMAN BEINGS. Seriously - why would anyone WANT to be a human being these days? "I just don't get it." So, as a result, I have renounced my claim to be human.

Instead... I choose to be a beagle.

Not only is being a beagle more FUN than being a human - (I DO get to lick more BOYS this way) - it is my right to express my discontent with this human society by posting my tail on BC.


Here, he refers to children (his YFs) as "pups":

Should my answer include the 3-4 pups I met in the kennel?

Almost all of my pups were already "troubled" when I met them... thanks to their f'k'd up parents, etc. All but a few of them have very productive lives right now. Some are even married and/or have had litters of their own

JonasBark is also very familiar with the laws in his state regarding legalities surrounding adults and children having sex as is evident by this post:

Maybe that's because yours is experience from the past. I speak of what's hapening today.

My experience is also from the past - some of when blow jobs to a 14 yo boy was like a traffic ticket. No big deal! I watched as such went from traffic ticket to 10 year, 20 year, 40 year, and now life sentences for both adults AND juveniles.

So, today, in some places, it's a mandatory 20-40 years in an adult prison for a 13 yo boy to consenual sex play or experiment with a 11 yo... and yet only probation for a bimbo teacher to blow that same 13 yo boy.


Hmmmm... do we have any idea how much a boy (legally placed into an adult prison, for any reason really, but especially for a sex offense) is worth to put in and keep him there??


Additional Information


  • Attended college


  • Garbage Man while in college.

Physical Description

His physical appearance is not clear, but he does provide some small details:

Though, when I look in the mirror {cough cough} I usually think I look like shit. Must be the grey fur I've been accumulating, or the fact that I'm usually looking in the mirror just after getting out of bed. I'm just greatful I don't have any of those wrinkles yet...

...And I don't think it's because of my hair or lack thereof, or because I have to wear a "666" either.

It's also evident that he wears glasses, too.

Uh... they DO still provide Lasik in Mexico, right? Cost less, too?

He had a son who has passed away.

...Today, as I still deal with the Grim taking my son away at 13, what I find most comforting is that he doesn't have to live "in shame."


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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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