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Kaliko Kat
Age: Appx. 25-26
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Service industry
Location: Iowa
Physical Description:
Organizations: PACM, GirlLove Garden, Common Ground, Livejournal blogger
Kaliko Kat is a pedophile who is attracted sexually to underage girls and as a result, created the PACM website. He claims to be a "non-practicing child lover" and uses that to project himself to those around him as being a "safe" pedophile.

Kaliko Kat is a pedophile who founded PACM, also known as "Pedophiles Against Child Molestation". He describes himself as a "heterosexual, nonpracticing child lover and non-practicing hebephile (teen lover); bisexual teleiophile (adult lover)". No matter how many words he uses to describe himself, he is still nothing more than a pedophile who is attracted to underage girls. What it all boils down to is that he wants others to believe that there is a difference in sex with a child and child rape/molestation, and that the difference is "consent" from the child.

Kaliko Kat is quite persistent when it comes to his activism efforts online. He has had web sites shut down by Geocities and Bravenet, as well as blogs removed by Live Journal, even though he claims that this content was perfectly legal. He is out to his parents and siblings and says that while difficult for them, they still love him and, as he repeatedly states, they know his "true heart". He says he enjoys "romantic age play" and writing fiction with characters who are minors in sexual situations with other minors and adults. Kaliko Kat also claims to have the ability to tell immediately if someone tells him a lie or has malicioous intent towards him or others.

His site, PACM, is currently inactive, however he remains a member of the GirlLove Garden and Common Ground sites. He says he works in the service industry and has had many opportunities to molest children through his jobs, but he didn't do it.

In December of 2007, Kaliko Kat posted a "suicide note" to Girlchat, claiming he'd set up a delayed message to be sent after he was already dead. In his final words, he blamed his tragic demise on everyone who'd prevented him from living freely as a pedophile:

….all those hateful, spiteful, judgemental, evil people who ruin innocent lives out of fear and panic, labeling all those who have certain thoughts and feelings in the same group as those who act on those feelings: you will read the suicide statistics for Iowa for this year, you will pity the poor souls, you will feel deeply for them all, and yet you will never know which one of them was me. For once in your small, hateful little lives, you will pity a pedophile.

He also made this parting karmic threat:

I also find great pleasure in the knowledge that all you judgmental assholes will have to pay off the bad karma you've accrued because of your actions. Thanks to your deeds, you will live future lives where the tables are turned and YOU are the ones having your lives ruined beyond repair by ignorant, hateful shitheads.

His final good-bye also included the following prophetic statement:

I don't care if I have to come back into this life in another universe and try again

Apparently, the cosmic powers decided Kaliko Kat would indeed come back to try again, but not in another universe - he was miraculously resurrected and reincarnated on Myspace, under the name "Fresh". Obviously, he retained memories of his past life as Kaliko Kat; he constantly defended pedophilia in Myspace forum discussions, included links to his PACM website in his posts, and used Kaliko Kat's same email address.


This is my page I set up to dispel some of the lies, false generalizations, stereotypes, and misinformation about pedophiles. I am also here to help you differentiate from the dangerous child molesters and the true pedophiles. [Child molestation here defined as "rape where the victim is a child." Rape is usually thought of as violent, but is not necessarily so.

I am a nice guy. I love kids, and I have for all my life. When I was as old as 19 or more, I would play outside with kids. My parents know I'm a child lover, and they know my true heart and so they trust me still...

...Truth be told, I've been in jobs where I had plenty of opportunity to molest a child, and I never did it. I just love kids too much. That, and I admit, a fear of police dating back even to when I was a child myself keep me in line.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first came across Kaliko Kat as the founder of PACM and began to look into his online activities by conducting searches using his screen name.
  • We found that Kaliko Kat is a member of GirlLove Garden, where he had posted an autobiographical piece, wherein he listed two other screen names used online.
  • Searches using his various screen names led us to his pedophilia fiction writings and e-mail addresses as well.
  • Our investigation is ongoing into this individual. We will update this page when more information becomes available.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • Kaliko Kat
  • Kaliko_kat69
  • Kat_kame_back
  • Indigo Child
  • KalvinKatz
  • the enchanter69

Known E-mail Addresses

  • kalikok@gmail.com
  • the_enchanter69@mindless.com

Known Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

Believed to be in Iowa, however the exact location is unknown. If you have information regarding this individual's address or telephone number, please contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

Believed to be in Iowa, however the exact location is unknown. If you have information regarding this individual's address or telephone number, please contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com

Additional Quotes[edit]

Below is a poem that Kaliko Kat wrote and posted wherein he pines for a girl named Elizabeth, possibly a real child who he was "in love" with:

_Love Is My Detention_

By Kaliko Kat © 2004

Now where did my heart go to? Oh how awful, is it lost? Tell me now before I go, She disappeared into sea tossed?

Never mind all the specifics, Help me find my truest love! Old sea, mighty Pacific, Just show a sign from God above!

How I weep at night in horror, Terrified that I've lost her! Elizabeth is my Lenore, But not dead, thank God for her!

Always I looked out for Liz, Zealous in my protection. I'd love to whisk her away in a whiz, Love, though, is my detention.

Elizabeth, I love you.

Oh come on, God,

Give me an innocent touch. Something the little girl Would not mind very much. Something any parent could publicly enjoy, Come on, God, I just want mutual joy. ---from "Oh Come On" by Kaliko Kat

Child molesters anger me very much too. They give us who are true child lovers a bad name, in their not being able to control themselves. I for one think that the violent molesters, at least, should get a taste of what it's like from some big dude named Bubba.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Likes cartoons with a superhero theme, anime, sci-fi shows and CSI
  • States that he believes the show "Angel", a spinoff from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" about a vampire with a soul, is symbolic of "child lover"
  • Has mentioned being out to his parents and siblings, however he has not stated how many siblings or their gender. Interestingly enough, he is a member of an online incest discussion board
  • Likes a wide variety of music except gospel, Christian, country-western, jazz, "racist music" and opera
  • Reads books pertaining to the topic of pedophilia, any work by Lewis Carroll and others
  • Claims to have an indigo colored aura and that he is gifted with the ability to determine if someone is telling a lie or has malicious intent

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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