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Info non-talk.png As far as we know, this sick fuck is not the same sick fuck who is known as Kero the Wolf

Kero Chan
Birthdate: February 25th
Physical Description:
Organizations: BL.net, GirlLove_Garden, GirlChat, Open_Hands

Kero AKA Kero Chan is a longtime member of several pedophile websites, including BL.net, GirlLove_Garden and GirlChat. Not only is he a member of these sites, but he also serves in the role of a moderator at both GirlLove_Garden and GirlChat. Kero was also known to be a member of Open_Hands, a group which supported spouses and significant others of pedophiles.

Kero has stated that he hates adults, and that it is due to the way he grew up. He has posted that he felt that every adult he encountered as a child hated kids, and is clearly disassociated from his parents.

Kero and two other pedophiles from GirlChat had, at one time, discussed creating a girl love comic strip, although it is unknown as to whether or not the creation ever took place. Although his AoA is unknown, he is primarily attracted to little girls.


I use the name Kero Chan for official board business. I have been posting for over five years and a moderators for almost three.

To meet an adult who wasn't always serious and stuck up. I'm finding out that I was an exception, but my childhood saw nothing BUT the serious all-too-grown-up adults. Basically, every adult I ever encountered hated kids or at least disliked them, or considered them an inconvenience, or even wished them all dead or liked to hurt them...

One wonders why I hate adults so much now. I DO NOT want to EVER be like them. I feel this so strongly... that capitalized letters don't really do it justice. Let me try again:


If I had met a single adult friend who actually treated me as a real person, I might have had a much easier life.. At least a place to run to... I probably would have run away WITH the person, I was so desperate at times. But then, I was under 24/7 supervision by my parents, who thought that any type of self-expression was a sign of being gay... and I was NOT ever to be gay. Heh, funny. I didn't turn out gay, but I turned out to be something my parents hate even worse: pedo. Woo! Ain't the love grand?

"I love you son" means nothing to me. If there had been a person out there... an adult... to tell me they LIKED me... I can't really describe how that would have felt.

Probably why it feels so right to want to give that sort of comfort to children now... because I yearned for it so much at that age. Ah well. On with life, then death.

snif Kero

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first noticed Kero AKA Kero Chan as a longtime poster and moderator on GirlChat. Kero also lists his e-mail address in his posts and on the staff contact page of GirlLove_Garden. In addition, we learned that Kero is also a member of the Open_Hands pedo support site.
  • Searching the internet using his screen name, we were lead to Cerius.org, where Kero is listed as a member of the GirlChat Committee.
  • Research into this individual is ongoing. We will update this article when more information becomes available and is confirmed.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Kero
  • Kero Chan

Known E-mail Addresses

  • kerochan@airpost.net

Known Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

There's a very specific way to do it (don't just go sticking sharp sticks up there), but the end result is a very healthy prostate (doctors will do this for thousands of dollars a shot) and orgasms lasting in excess of 6 hours.

Don't believe me?

Well... I didn't either. Till I finally figured it out. Amazing stuff...

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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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