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Kevin Brown
Age: 49
Birthdate: February 20, 1970
Occupation: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, GirlChat, NAMBLA
Kevin Brown is a pedophile activist who called into a radio talk show and identified himself as a member of NAMBLA. He has also served prison time for possessing child pornography.

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Kevin Brown is, by his own admission, a pedophile NAMBLA member and so-called 'minor attracted adult'. On February 23, 2005, San Diego radio talk show host Rick Roberts offered a $1000 bounty for information on NAMBLA members. Kevin Brown promptly called in to Roberts' show, identified himself as a NAMBLA member, and tried to defend pedophilia. However, instead of giving Brown the $1000 reward, Roberts gave him a visit from Child Protective Services instead; this resulted in Brown's child being removed from his custody.

Brown has served more than two years in prison for possession of child pornography.


I have swung back to what I know in my heart, there is nothing wrong with sexual contact with children.

(I was “outted” against my will, by being discovered masturbating to a nude “family portrait” type of image of a friend’s younger sister)

I was at a party and the girl had a picture of her little sister naked in the bath tu b showing a lot. I got caught masturbating to it and did not get to enjoy graduating school.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Email Addresses

  • kbrown@maa-daily-lives.org
  • remo@alicemail.net
  • kbrown@pedfoundation.org

Known Screennames

  • Remo
  • Adam's End



  • BoyChat
  • GirlChat
  • Common Ground

Last Known Address

770 Haugh Street
Indianapolis IN 46222

Last Known Phone Number

(317) 632-0812

Additional Quotes[edit]

Pedophile Propaganda

From the mouth of a convicted sex offender:

My attraction has always been to girls under ten.

When I was 14 I was sexual with two young girls and believe I caused them a lot of damage because I was manipulative and coercive.

My initiation was to gang rape a female teenager, and that s how I lost my virginity.

I am a pedophile, or person who experiences sexual attraction to pre-pubescent minors.

I am still a pedophile. All the therapy in the world has not changed that fact, or given me any better answer for living with it. I miss having little girls in my life.

In one case the girl's mother knew I was a pedophile and some details about it. She trusted me and I enjoyed her daughter's company immensely.

My name is Kevin Brown, I reside in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I am a NAMBLA member as well as a publicly “out” pedophile to my friends, family, coworkers, and the world at large.

Our goal is to promote a better life for minor attracted individual's, one with fundamental respect for our freedom and decency as valuable members of society.

The nicest thing the documents say about me is “manipulative sociopath”

In approaching fatherhood, my wife and I thought a lot about that question. We consulted experts, at substantial expense. We developed a written "Family Safety Plan" and lived by it. The intention of that Plan was to provide transparency to my relationships with children. One requirement was that I disclose to friends with children my orientation when our friendship became sufficiently close that it was likely I would be alone around their children (camping trips, etc.). This element ended up being my stumbling block; most of our friends were okay, once they had a chance to ask questions, seek advice, and let their feelings settle. However, one friend didn't feel that way and set about threatening to call "CPS" - and Indiana's CPS agency does not believe that 'pedophiles' can ever be safe around children, and rather are 'ticking time bombs'.

Physical and psychological torture are the tools of cowards, and corrupt the regime employing them by destroying internal order within that regime. We have the benefit of knowing of our enemies, and they are not us; they employ utilitarian rationalizations that permit injuring children in a misguided attempted to secure some “greater good”, where we find those ‘cognitive distortions’ to be abhorrent. We hold the moral high ground, whether society sees it or not.

Additional Information[edit]

  • As a result of his confession Kevin Brown lost custody of his son, his wife left him and he also lost his job.
  • His wife asked the court to grant full custody to her with family supervised visitation which was granted.

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