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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Mark Theberge
Age: 53
Birthdate: January 7, 1966
Occupation: Social worker with criminally involved youth
Location: Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyMoment, VoA
Mark is a member of pedophile message boards and also writes "erotic" stories about children being forcibly raped.

Mark Theberge AKA KidBarber2 is a member of two pedophile message boards, one which caters to pedophiles with a sexual attraction to boys (BoyMoment) and another which caters to pedophiles who are sexually attracted to girls (Visions of Alice). In the posts Theberge left on the pedophile message boards he frequented, Theberge expressed an interest in both boys and girls and talked of a fetish he had for hair.

On top of his participation in these pedophile message boards, Theberge has also written "erotic" stories that describe children being forcibly raped and are too explicit to directly reference here. Theberge prefaces these stories with a comment stating their content and with a request that people who also "enjoy" his stories contact him:

This story is fiction and depicts the forced head shaving and rape of a young girl. If reading this may offend you or is illegal in your locale, please go no further. If, however, you enjoy this type of thing (especially the head shaving part) please let me know because I'm always looking for others who are into it too! Thanks.


How Boyish Or Girlish Are You?

"50% boyish 50% girlish”

Sounds about right, given that I like both boys and girls! hump.gif"

Why Young Boys?

"Mondo summarized my response perfectly! There's just something so HOT about a small, smooth boy body held tightly against my own while I bury my face in his longish, freshly shampood hair.... ooooh man... sorry, gotta go


"I have a HUGE fetish for girls hair and for the cutting/shaving of it. To me, there's nothing more erotic than seeing a little cutie with long, pretty hair getting it all hacked or shaved off. Granted this isn't something you see every day, but through the wonders of the internet if you look hard enough for it, you'll find it! biggrin.gif

Our Investigation

  • Accounts listed by KidBarber2 on pedophile message boards were associated with information that related to his location and name.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • KidBarber2
  • Mike
  • Clipthathair
  • Chuck Amato
  • Mark Andrews
  • Marktheberge
  • Mthebby
  • YIM: littlekidbuzzer
  • MSN Messenger: kidbarber2

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes

Ever Been Attracted To A Cousin Or Other Relative?

"I don't see my extended family very often, but every time I do I look for one of my little cousins... he's 8 now, and just about the cutest blond-haired, blue-eyed little thing I've ever seen. Wonder how the hell he got in the family, cuz nobody else looks anything like that! Dunno.gif"

what age is your favourite?

"5-9, with 7 being juuuuust about perfect!"

Additional Information

  • Stutters while speaking and has had trouble with this all his life.
  • French/Canadian descent.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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