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Richard Kleinhans AKA Kissbyalice
Age: 26
Birthdate: November 18, 1992
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Stuart, Florida, USA
Physical Description:
Other: See Photos
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, VoA
kissybyalice AKA Richard Kleinhans is a dangerous teenage pedophile who frequents VoA and GirlChat.
File:Kba 45.jpeg
Richard K AKA KissbyAlice
File:Kba 43.jpg
Richard K AKA KissbyAlice
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Richard K AKA KissbyAlice

Richard K AKA KissbyAlice


Happy Birthday, Richard!

Since he is now 18, we feel it's appropriate to post his real life information. He has always been a threat to the community children, but he is now at the age at which he can be arrested, tried and convicted as an adult, no question, if he is guilty of crimes.

Our researchers frequently uncover teenagers spending time on dangerous pedophile websites. Some of them are victims of the Indoctrination Campaign and some of them are being groomed by pedophiles. Kissbyalice AKA Richard Kleinhans, is not one of these. He came onto the pedophile scene ready to be an activist, and ready to justify molesting children. He has created several "child love" videos which he has put on YouTube, and is very outspoken on several pedophile websites. He also hands out pedophile pamphlets in his community. In addition, he is administrator of the Toyboxonline.net group "Nepiophillia [sic]", a social network of pedophiles who have sexual interest in babies and toddlers under two years old.

KissbyAlice as admin of "nepiophilia" group

Kissbyalice has also been very active in his community and church, participating in Vacation Bible School, and says that he "came out" to his youth minister at his church. Since they have were informed of his activities, and have seen his comments on the pedophile websites and on YouTube, he has been banned from the campus of the church, and is not allowed to associate with children there. He has at least one target at his church, a 10 year old girl who he says he has kissed, as well as made vague comments about other physical interactions with. He calls her "O."

He says that his mother has forced him into therapy, however, he insists upon proselytizing his therapist, trying to "explain" his sexual attraction to children as being harmless. He is an unapologetic narcissistic predator who has a long life of child molestation ahead of him if he is not stopped. At age 15, he is writing such things as:

Re: Handling 'consent' of toddler

Posted by kissbyalice on Saturday, September 29 2007 at 11:34:31am

In reply to Handling 'consent' of toddler posted by kratt on Saturday

"If a 4 year old girl badly wants you to have sex with her, would you? Provided that it were legal?" Depends what are you calling sex? straight up intercourse, probably not, well it'd be more dependant on the girl you see I'm sure I'm not the only one on this board who can see the whole she's really tiny and we are really big and I'm fairly certain that the adult male penis is probably not gonna fit into a 4yr old's vagaina. I'm not gonna make a statement that that's true for ALL 4yr old's however it'd be something that'd be confirmed for both you and the LG provided that we could have Sex with whomever we wanted to. I'd say most likely though Oral sex would most likely be ok though.

One wonders how many crimes he will commit before he even reaches the age of majority, not to mention once he is an adult. The pedophiles at GirlChat and Visions of Alice continue to encourage his pedophile activism, as well as his "relationship" with the 10 year old. As we have seen in the past, this functions to embolden pedophiles to commit crimes against children. If this teenager does not receive help in the near future, he is destined to leave victims in his wake on his way to prison. And if the adults in his community do not take action to prevent him from associating with children, he will have access to victims on an on-going basis.


This is the one I'm remotly proud of (pride goeth before the fall xD?)

Tied the hair back... Told the facts how they are, talked about the kinsey report, how children are sexual, how children can and do have the abbiltiy to enjoy sex, how pedophillia is not synonomyous with child molester, lots of stuff hopefully this video actually makes some headlines. Now go watch it!

project rubber duckie

Posted by kissbyalice on Thursday, February 15 2007 at 02:44:17pm

OK... Griffith although upset me with his onslaught about Anti's getting ass raped.... IS RIGHT... WE DO NEED TO MAKE A STAND. So I'm proposing an idea... A international march for GLers and BLers if they'd like to join in. We need a peaceful demonstration. Think of it like this African Americans, Women, and many others had TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTs. My question to you is are you willing to Sacrifice everything you have? Are you willing to possibly never see a LG every again should we fail? Are you willing to die for our cause? I'm willing, and he's my plan. (Anti's stand back.)

I came out to my youth pastor

Posted by kissbyalice on Thursday, December 6 2007 at 02:37:37am

basically the title states it all, I attempted to explain to him what girl love and Girl Lover's are all about. I told him to come to girl chat, and I'm hoping that if he reads this message that he'll view this site with unclouded eyes, if anyone wants to responde and show my pastor what being a girl lover is all about please responde, yes he know's I'm KBA. Anyways talk to you later.

Posted by kissbyalice on Thursday, December 6 2007 at 12:47:46pm

In reply to Re: I came out to my youth pastor posted by Bolm on Thursday, December 6 2007 at 06:29:11am

No he didnt look at me funny, no I didnt tell him my AOA, and the second half of that question is WTH would I be posting here if I didnt? once again my fantasies in the erotic sense on my minds alone thank you. Basically what I told him is that I am part of the girl love movement, and had he had ever heard of it, he'd said no, then I'd sorta explained everything to him about my podcasts, posting on GC, my username, the arguements with my mother ect. Yea I was a scared considering that's not how I planned it'd go so smoothly, happy it went better then I thought.

Our Investigation[edit]

Kissbyalice was identified by our team from e-mail accounts he posted on pedophile Websites, as well as from videos he did in which he showed his face while talking about child molestation.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • kissbyalice

Known Email Addresses

  • Kissbyalice@hushmail.com
  • Akioremora@hotmail.com
  • Akioremora
  • Akio

Known Websites

His YouTube accounts have been removed by him, despite YouTube's policy of allowing pedophile activism on their site, after his church was informed of his pedophile activism by our team.


Pedophile Websites

Other Affiliations

Church Information

  • First United Methodist Church of Stuart, Florida

Additional Quotes[edit]

one GM for GC.

Posted by kissbyalice on Monday, June 9 2008 at 05:56:34am

Yea well I'd kinda sorta promised I'd post a GM for you guys xD so here's a copy pasted one I posted over at GC about today xD Ok so there was a picnick at the new church grounds where the new church hasnt been built. here was a live stage of music, games, BOUNCE HOUSE (HELL YES ) I gave my LGF her suprise, which was a beaded bracelet I made with pinks and golds and lord it looked like the most amazing bracelet ever, I then to enclose the bracelet put it inside a wood burned box with a fancy O on the top (first letter of her name) then proceeded to wood burn all kinds of vines all over the box. Anyways she loved it and wore it the rest of the time there, we hung out the entire time her lil sister being a big meanie head(my words) decided to pour water all over my LGF's favorite shirt, and she almost started crying but when I saw the first tear trickle down her eye I brush it away and held her tight to me. And told everything's fine,(she was afraid it'd shrink) trying to make a joke out of it I'm like nothing wrong with a belly shirt it'd look cute, and she smiled and laughed, everything was better. Until her parents and my Dick of a mother decided to have a little chat which then included us and more or less her mother said that O was only ready for "just friendships". I played the game and said I understood blah blah blah....

When O and I walk out of earshot range we both said what we REALLY thought of it and how it was utter crap and well it gets to be more interesting as more people of the congregation were spying on us and telling good old mummy dearest... We thought it annoying and we didnt care so we kinda ran away from everyone and then she pushed me up against a tree, and we kissed it was sort of I'm mad at the world and I love you so much kiss it was just filled with emotion and just pure passionate affectionate love that words cannot even describe, her lips are so soft just recalling it literally is like a pure rush. This went on for well...Until we were finished, and then she started talking about marrige (getting hot and flustered now xD) she's like "KBA maybe we could get married but instead of a wedding ring you could make me a beaded one" (in my mind I'm like AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and resisting the urge to get down on one knee.) and I said "well you know the wedding ring to my mother from my father its mine you know so perhaps" and then we started talking about our love on the more ahem... physical side if you will because she just kept saying "If only time could just stop and everyone would go away for like five days, it could just be the two of us we could kiss...*que blushing* and...some other fun stuff." I held her in my arms and said I loved her more then anything in the world, and I wish it too that we could just have five days. so then we walked to my car, and I held out my arms for one last hug. Mainly I just am really pissy about the fact that the congregation was acting like spies... they need to keep their bloody noses out of OUR relationship its just ME and my O NO ONE ELSE, next adult I see spying on us I'm gonna think about taking a swing at....(Bloody adults...)

Wed. Are Always good days I have no class on Wed. I also is a church night in which I get to see my LGF and many of the other LG's. on a side note I looked out my window and I see three new girls whom have moved in to the neighborhood Perhaps I'll attempt to hang out with them sometime. So Wed. is a great day as always ^^

8 might be great and 7 truly is heaven but six is where my heart stays fixed.

Re: The myth about hymens, etc.

Posted by kissbyalice on Wednesday, January 31 2007 at 01:37:24pm

In reply to The myth about hymens, etc. posted by Jensman on Wednesday

ok.... Then how come. at the time when I was 11... (hope this isnt too erotic.)(she was 10) Their was a neighbor girl whom I liked. and my middle finger could eaisly fit inside her >.>. (I loved being 11) So um yea... what do u say to that? and no she wasnt near having her first peroid... oh and on a slight side note. this didnt have any negativity or social scarring on either of us. So yea... Hope that wasnt too erotic for any of u if so please delete.

Photoshopping Is It Wrong?

Posted by kissbyalice on Wednesday, January 30 2008 at 02:39:50am

Well I'm currently taking a college class in photoshopping and after seeing some of the effects I could very well see them being used for quite hmm... As most news stations put it "Deviant purposes". I.E you can literally well to a point, spice even the most mundane of image. I'm just wondering do you consider it wrong to spice up images in photoshop? Personally I dunno my opinion on it, mainly because all it is is photo manipulation which makes it even non existent. Secondly I'm wondering what the laws and what they have to say on photoshopping pictures, because if your turning pictures of minors into somewhat erotic pictures you have loop holed out the idea of having a "Victim" in the erotic material. I'm just curious on thoughts opinions and if they have been any news articles on this sort of subject.

I belive the sooner I can come out and express my feelings the better. Because I'd be younger then any ped who has come out, I belive that it would allow people to help shatter the "dirty old man" sterotype. As far as safety goes I'm not afraid.Just hoping everything goes according to plan

ahh the great teh jesus vs. teh Ped0... imo thats true for some however the Church I attend, is fairly liberal,( I gave my lgf the bracelet there and no one was gonna throw jesus books at me.) As you probably can tell I go for strictly social reasons. Give Church a chance, like volenteering for vbs.( A week with many beautiful girls is worth the small bit of bible study.)

Well another Fun filled Adventure At Church tonight I skipped, the sermon to go play with the regular crowd of kids their tonight and to my surprise my littlist crush was there! Beautiful as always blonde slightly wavy hair falling past her shoulders on a navy blue collared shirt. A face with just the tinist hint of freckles a perfect slight rosy color in the checks. Wearing her standard "Girl Jeans" as I call them with the pink embrodered pockets. She had brought with her to church her entire Stuff Animal Collection With her. Of Course I enjoyed hearing about all the different one's she had and how she one the beagal looking one from a school drawling, and the one's she'd gotten for her birthday, And I was allowed to hold her most special one a fuzzy Tiger. Her Younger sister (Five, shorter blonde hair wearing a a blue blouse and similar "Girl Jeans",smaller for her age) joined into our conversation and purposed we'd play Monkey in the middle. So My little Cursh Grabbed her favorite Tiger Stuffed Animal and we began passing it back and forth, Occasionally I'd "Accidently" drop it and let her younger sister play while me being the monkey. Then My Crush Decided That it'd be better to play Keep Away Of Course with me being it, I chased the Two of them around the courtyard zooming past the fountain and host of chairs outside through the landscaped bushes, hoping over the grasses. My Crush due to her involement in Gymnastics is actually quite good at Running and even though I'd done track in the past it was hard to keep up with her! Eventually I'd Catch it and then pass it off to one another. We'd probably played ,for what seemed like hours when in all likihood Was probably about thirty minutes, when the the [sic] two boy's I'd taught from summer before last in vacation bible school joined us. ( I had only remember they were from summer before last as I recognized the one as the one boy was the one I defended for liking the color pink and knew it was him as he wore a Pink T-Shirt). When We all decided to play keep away Soon we divided up into to teams (where mainly a few of us would switch back and forth from teams as spy's trying to get the Tiger Stuff animal).

Additional Information[edit]

  • He says his "age of attraction" is between 5 and 10 years old.
  • He also goes by the names Dick, Rich and Richie.
  • He previously lived in Ohio.
  • There was a story about Richard Kleinhans in the papers when he was 9 years old, chronicling him being suspended from school, and his parents' battle with the school.
  • He is heavily into the rave culture, frequenting rave parties, and taking pictures of little girls who attend.
  • He makes colorful bracelets and jewelry out of beads, and calls it "kandi."
  • He is an avid fan of glow-sticking.
  • He constantly compares the way he looks to the way Jesus is depicted.
  • His father is deceased and he lives with his mother, who is a nurse.
  • He has braces and wears childish looking t-shirts and wears colorful bracelets and necklaces.
  • Attends The Clark Advanced Learning Center.
  • He smokes cigarettes.
  • He takes Ativan.
  • He plays FFXI.
  • He plays piano and guitar.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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