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Age: 33
Birthdate: March 12, 1986
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Waukesha/Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, born in South Carolina
Physical Description:
Height: 6'3"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Pedophile Websites: Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline, TeenBoysWorld, BoysMagicWorld
Gabe, aka Kurenai, is a bisexual pedophile who claims to be autistic. He is very active in the boylove forums run by pedophiles online.

Kurenai, aka Gabe, is a pedophile who frequents many "boylove" pedo sites, such as Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline, BoysMagicWorld, and the now defunct TeenBoysWorld. He states that he is bisexual, with an attraction towards little boys and older women.

Gabe, who refers to himself as an ephebophile, holds that his AoA is of little boys age 11 and up, but that he can be attracted to boys who are entering adulthood as well. As for his attraction to females, he indicates that it is limited to adult females only. He also states that he is autistic, and that as a teenager he was socially inept as a result. He prefers little boys who have fair features, such as blue eyes and long, blonde, hair. He has posted about having incestuous thoughts and feelings towards his teenage cousin, going so far as to say that he would wait until the boy is of legal age if they should enter into a romantic relationship.

Gabe's employment status is unknown, however he has stated that he plays soccer and is trained in Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga. He has also said that he is good at "beating the snot" out of people.


Re: What do you find attractive on a boy

The face, especially the eyes. I also like chests, tummys and er... frontaareas.

I'm a FUCKING Pervert

So, I'm usually ok with the whole "I-like-young-boys" thing. But I saw a boy this weekend that and I got a huge crush. Not only is he hot, but we have a lot of intreasts in common. He's 16 or 17, so he's old enough to be at the AoC in a lot of states, though not ours. So, why am I flaggelating myself over this?

I visited family this weekend and the boy is my motherfucking cousin. I hate myself...

Well, I still feel like a sick, incestous creep, but not a much as I have been. Guess that's a start...

We live at least 5 hours apart and I can't drive (heck, it's been a couple years since i've seen his family) so it'd hard to get closer...

For the record, I'm only 21, so yes, there's an age gap, but it's not a very large one. I am capable of waiting til he's legal if, by some strange planetary allignment, we were in that kind of a relationship.

Our Investigation

All information obtained to date has come directly from profiles and posts made by the subject. Our investigation is ongoing at this time. We will update this article when further information becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • Kurenai


Last Known Address

Gabe, aka Kurenai, is from the Waukesha/Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, however an exact address and/or telephone number is not known at this time. If you have information regarding this person's location and/or their activities involving underage children, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

I spent last night watching fireworks with some relatives. Of course I enjoy spending time with my family, but let's focus on the pervy part.

The fireworks were done at a beach, and it was hot and crowded. Tons of eye candy. Tons of shirtless cuties. Perfect for watching boys, women, boys, men and boys.

There's only one bathhouse thingy, so the bathrooms got way too crowded. However, a bunch of guys came to the conclusion that using the shower would be easier. A cummunal shower room with no dividers. Lots of good shows. I got to stand next to a cute 11ish black boy that only had swimming trunks...

Additional Information

  • Owns 2 cats - a 12 year old cat named Jenny and a 2 year old cat named Rinoa. States that his family owns 4 other cats and a dog.
  • Has stated that he cannot drive
  • Interested in a music group called X-Japan, which features a song, "Kurenai", from which he takes his screen name. He has noted that the word "Kurenai" means "deep red" in Japanese.

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