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Lelia-Anne Lawless
Age: 57
Birthdate: October 20, 1962
Occupation: Delinquency Prevention Project
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Physical Description:
Organizations: SOhopeful, SOclear, SOSEN, Roar for Freedom, Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign
Lelia-Anne Lawless is an activist for sex offenders, and the mother of a convicted sex offender. She is an active participant in several RSO advocacy groups, a staff member of SOSEN and the director of the Virginia chapter of the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign.

Lelia-Anne Lawless AKA Lee Lee Lawless AKA gratefulhoo AKA rukidding AKA mywhozit is the mother of a Registered Sex Offender, and an anti-sex offender law activist both online and in the community. "Lee Lee" is a staff member of SOSEN and a valued member of other activists groups including Roar for Freedom, SOclear, the now defunct SOhopeful, and Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign for which she heads up the Virginia state group. The RSOL Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children is affiliated with SOclear and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.

Lee Lee is very prolific in forums, blogs and news sites where she spreads her message that her son was convicted at the age of 18 only for consensual sex with a 13 year old girlfriend and condemns young girls for being "sleezy" when men exploit them. She fails to mention her sons other charges included distribution of marijuana, possession of cocaine and contributing to the delinquency. She claims he doesn't even have a problem at all, except for sex offender laws. Her son received a 20 year prison sentence but was released after only 2 years, within 3 months he had violated his conditions by attempting to contact his victims, using drugs and maintaining a MySpace on which he befriended 16 and 17 year old girls.

Lelia-Anne Lawless is a devoted mother to her son. She has stated that she works tirelessly to the point of exhaustion and neglect of her two young daughters to get laws changed and help offenders escape the consequences of their actions. She has the unique habit of creating one sided debates in forums by responding to herself in her alternate nicknames and is best known for derogatory remarks about victims of sexual assault, their families and the neglect of her own daughters.


Kids? What kids? My girls ask why I never put the computer down - my husband says he's going to put my picture on the back of the laptop so he can remember what I look like. I stopped fixing a family dinner a year ago. My sister had to take one daughter the other night because she had a mid-term, and I couldn't take the time to help her study because I had to prepare testimony for 4 bills, and my husband had to work. My youngest was just diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, and Sensory Integration Disorder as part of her triennial valuation, and I haven't had time to follow up on it. Well, not really "diagnosed" - it's just the school assessment, but I knew it already (being that my former life was assessment of kids ...). There are dust ELEPHANTS in my house which is just generally a complete disaster. I'm a bad, very bad, mother.

We NEVER encouraged parents to have older boys charged with sex offenses even when they were righteously pissed off. I can only recall one case in 10 years (we served about 400 kids a year) where we advised parents to bring charges because it was a coercive, manipulative relationship, and the girl was definitely at-risk. We worked with the girls and families to try to get the girls to stop acting like little you-know-whats.

Open your mind and learn the FACTS about sex offenders. If you want to blog about this, I suggest that you actually do some research first rather than posting based on myths and your girlfriend's inability to move on with her life.

Our Investigation

We first became aware of Lelia-Anne Lawless when we learned of sites, such as SOhopeful and SOSEN, on which registered sex offenders, their families, friends, and other supporters gather in an effort to fight what they feel are unjust or unfair laws regarding sex offender registration. This led to the discovery of her involvement with the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • Lelia-Anne Wiltshire
  • Lelia-Anne Hamilton
  • Lelia-Anne Lawless
  • Lee Lee Lawless
  • rukidding
  • gratefulhoo
  • mywhozit

Known Websites

  • MySpace


Activist Groups/Sites

Convicted Sex Offenders, Associates, and Supporters

  • Tom Madison
  • Shirley Lowery
  • Jackie Sparling
  • Cheryl Griffiths
  • Mary Duval
  • Jacquelyn L. Orthman-Horst
  • Linda Pehrson
  • Jan Kruska
  • Nigel Oldfield
  • Jim Freeman
  • Michael Gregg
  • Betty Price
  • Michael Price
  • Jeremy Jason Bolick
  • Michael H Finley
  • Christopher McShane
  • Calvin Edwin Shelton
  • Richard Herbert Schalich

Last Known Address


2516 Smithfield Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22901-2222

Last Known Phone Number

(804) 970-1930

Additional Quotes

It is incredibly sad. Her death should NOT stand for the systematic destruction of the rights of hundreds of thousands of people while her daddy makes a living off of crying on demand. With this family, she didn't have a chance no matter what..

Speaking of Alicia Kozakiewicz who at the age of 13 was abducted, held hostage and sexually assaulted by a man she met online

the fact that she looks like a freaking MODEL and does that shy, soft-spoken Princess Di thing sort of irked me. Can't help it. I am a bad human being.

Wouldn't it be cool to sue John Walsh for knowingly spreading false and malicious information to lawmakers in order to pad his pockets? He has intentionally inflicted great pain and suffering on hundreds of thousands of people. A massive class-action lawsuit. Can't sue Mark Lundsford. He's just plain stupid and couldn't possibly be accused of developing a plan.

Met with PO today. He hasn't gotten the SO eval back yet but talked to the psychologist. This Dr. Colley character is putting Kenneth in an SO treatment group. I absolutely lost it.

Okay - they ask him to write from the perspective of the girl. Hmm. Something like, "Wow, that was great"? Or maybe, "I wish he was as good as my last boyfriend"? Guess they wouldn't like that. Maybe, "I wish I hadn't stolen all the booze from my parents' liquor cabinet last night - I could really use a drink." Probably not a good one, either. Kenneth was pursued - there was no sadness or hurt or anything else negative on the part of the "victim". Just like those feelings aren't there when these girls continue to do it!

These girls were HIGHLY dysfunctional. However, it was ALL THEM! They were the ones lying and enticing unwitting guys. One was very overweight which made her appear much older. The other was only a young teen but was, um, quite well developed for her age. These girls were a danger to guys everywhere.

Maybe if this lady would get a JOB instead of nosing around people's business full time, she could move out of this neighborhood that is all full of sex offenders and go protect her son somewhere else.

Kenneth doesn't have any therapy or anything to do because he DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM other than the damn probation and SO laws!

Kenneth went to jail Friday on 2 violations – 1 for allegedly having a “3rd party” make contact with one of the victims and 1 for his relapse (pot) a month ago.

They don’t know if they can PROVE the attempted contact with the victim, but his PO thinks he is “pushing the limits” and is escalating into a possible relapse. They are supposedly trying to head this off. I’m not quite sure how a jail sentence is going to head anything off, but I agree that he is engaging in risky behaviors – driving WAY TOO FAST (try 80’s in 35-45 zones according to his GPS!!), not going to NA enough, hanging out with some old friends. They are basically using this because it allows them to bring the pot violation.

I honestly think the head of the SO unit is a good guy. I talked with him for about an hour after they took Kenneth to jail Friday. I agree that he is exhibiting some behaviors indicative of potential relapse. The guy kept asking me to step out of my "mother" role and into my "professional" role. What would I have done in this situation when I was working? Would I think this kid was going to relapse or screw up? Well, yeah, probably. I'm just not quite sure how locking him up will help. If it is a VERY short time (or maybe a few weekends) , then maybe it is a slap upside the head letting him know that he has to do EVERYTHING right - not just MOST things. I'm just afraid it could be a year or something. Kenneth pushes limits and always has. He can't push these. I'd like to see them just put him on house arrest except for NA, therapy, etc.

I'm a phantom staff member of SOSEN. I'm out of commission during the holidays but will return in full force in January!! For those of you who don't know me, I'm the mother of a sex offender who was incarcerated for a consensual sex offense at age 18 in March 2005. He will get out January 31st. He'll be joining us soon!

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