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Michael Frederick Melsheimer
Age: 67
Birthdate: August 21, 1942 (Deceased July 15, 2010)
Occupation: Director of Operations for B4U-ACT
Location: Westminster, Maryland
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, GirlChat, Newgon.com
Michael Melsheimer AKA Lek was a convicted pedophile and activist who was a long-time member of BoyChat.


According to a newspaper obituary from July 2010, Melsheimer is now deceased.

Michael Melsheimer AKA Lek was a convicted sex offender and out pedophile by his own admission. He stated that he's been "out" to his real life community since 1986 -- when he was released from prison. He's also stated that he discovered his sexual affection for boys at age twelve and as he grew older young boys remained the object of his attraction. He says he realized from the start that he had to keep his desires secret.

Even though Lek was caught and served prison time for sexually assaulting two young boys when he was the director of the Camden YMCA, he still continued to be a long-standing member of such pedophile forums as BoyChat, Common_Ground, Newgon.com and GirlChat.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for Lek; he also served as the director of operations for a Maryland non-profit organization established in 2003 called B4U-ACT, which receives annual funding from the Baltimore Mental Health Systems. As disturbing as that is (receiving government monies for such a cause) even more disturbing is what B4U-ACT publicly states on its Web site:

If you're a minor-attracted person:

You may be looking for mental health services to deal with anxiety, depression, anger, or other factors either unrelated to your sexuality or resulting from society's stereotypes and reactions to your sexual feelings. Or you may be wondering how to live life fully and stay within the law. But you may feel you can't trust therapists because they don't understand you, they'll judge you, or they'll report your feelings to others. We help minor-attracted people find mental health professionals that they can trust. That way they can develop ways of coping and consider how their actions affect themselves and others before they react to their situation or to society's attitudes about them.

Even more shocking is that this Website actually had Dylan Thomas, an FBI Top Ten Most Wanted individual, working with them.

Stop It Now wanted to umbrella us, but I said no to them. I wanted MAA's to have an organization that would not require them to say they were sex offenders if they had a problem. None of this was easy to do. I was fearful all the time that someone would stop us in our tracks. No one did. I then worked to involve what I thought were significant MAA's in our online community. Dylan Thomas made us a chatroom, and he was appointed Webmaster. We actually have seven significant people they would have particpated and the indirect support of some other people.


Lek states his support for Tom O'Carroll, a pedophile activist with multiple child pornography related convictions as well as his admiration for NAMBLA activists.

I was on the Sally Jesse Raphael show years ago with a NAMBLA person. Be sure that I wasn't as ouspoken as he was. His name escapes me now. I was so damn impressed with his courage to stand up for his issues. He was not going to be beaten and wasn't. He influenced my life tremendously. NAMBLA made a lot of mistakes, but they supported BL's almost before there was anything else. Tom O' Carroll, PIE fame, is also one of my heroes. His book, Paedophilia - The Radical Case, certainly opened my eyes up to a lot of things, just as my travels to SE Asia did.

Lek is an angry pedophile, which he admits to in many of his posts and he also states that he even tried moving overseas so he wouldn't be so angry, but that didn't help.

After I got out of prison, I was so angry that I couldn't sleep. All I wanted to do was to get back at the system. I was obsessed. My doctor started giving me sleeping pills. At first, I would take them as prescribed but gradually more and more were required for me to sleep.

I moved overseas and the fact that I was out of the United States was neat, but I was still angry and unable to sleep. Ativan could be bought over the counter, and I bought and bought and bought it.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed user name Lek posting on several pedophile forums promoting and advocating pedophilia; in September 2007, he began posting using his real name.
  • He stated that he served prison time for sexually assaulting two young boys, which was later confirmed in a March 7, 1984 article written by the Philadelphia Daily News.
  • He made public posts that included several different e-mail accounts, all of which confirmed his identity as Michael Melsheimer -- the identity that he announced in public on these forums.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Lek
  • michaelmelsheimer

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

30 Locust Street #315
Westminster, MD 21157

Previous Address

3349 Chatham Road
Elliott City, MD 21042

137 Hillcrest Avenue
Findlay, OH 45840-4115

Last Known Phone Numbers

  • (410) 751-9571
  • (443) 465-0955

Additional Quotes

Here are several quotes wherein he confesses who he is:

As for my anger management skills, they are relatively good. The system makes me angry. It is rather difficult to prove that BL's are right, but easy to prove that the system is wrong. I focus and play. Thank you for wishing me well.

I don't mind a bit saying that sex with a boy is illegal, never could I say wrong. Why would I ever add to the fiction that has made my life so miserable?

BTW, as a BL, it is impossible for me to ignore the fact that sex has a lot to do with how I love. This does not mean that sex is my life and singularly defines me as a boylover. As a BL, my relationship with some boys will be more than platonic. I am very comfortable with this and see nothing wrong with it.

My name is Michael Melsheimer. I live in Westminster, MD. I am a bl without regret and have had a great life. My life as an activist is over. I'm tired and want to listen to more and more of my beautiful jazz.

He encourages other pedophiles to contact him:

just checking out my real nick

Posted by michaelmelsheimer on 2007-September-9 21:51:17, Sunday

lek is the past. This is a really neat day for me. Glad to me you as me.

you forgot your address (telephone number?)

Posted by michaelmelsheimer on 2008-January-30 16:49:21, Wednesday

In reply to Re: Get a life posted by mvanhouten on 2008-January-30 16:04:16, Wednesday

A response to this email giving me permission to contact some people would be nice, specifically saying that you want to talk about your thought: "Boys are great! Loving boys is great! Sex is great! Men and boys having sex together is great! It's the culture that is offensive, not man/boy love!" and link you up with some people.

Please use my private email address linked above. I am giving this email address because I will pursue some media contacts as a personal and private project. I will verify the contacts that you give, address and telephone number, and go from there. Thanks. Maybe, I have been wrong about you.


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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