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Mark McDowell
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: ESL Teacher (English as Second Language)
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown
Other: Glasses
Pedophile Websites: Pedophileophobia.com, MarksESL.com
Mark McDowell is a convicted American child molester who was recently working as an English as Second Language teacher in South Asia.

Mark Joseph McDowell is the owner of a pro-pedophile Website called Pedophileophobia.com, a former American teacher who was convicted for child molestation, and a registered sex offender. Until recently, McDowell had been working in South Korea as an ESL professor at a Daejeon university; he had also been teaching English to children at various different facilities and operating an ESL/EFL (English as Foreign Language) education resource website called Mark's ESL WideWorld AKA marksesl.com.

In 1996, as a new teacher at Olive Middle School in Los Angeles County, California, McDowell couldn’t keep his hands off his students long enough to make it through his first year in the classroom. By February of 1997, complaints had already been made about McDowell sexually harassing girls in his classes; by May of 1997 he was paying girls in his class a dollar to let him touch them.

These incidents led to McDowell being arrested for molesting six of his 12-year-old female students, charges that included sexual battery and annoy/molest of a child under 14. McDowell was subsequently convicted for three of the counts; fired and stripped of his teaching credentials; and served six of a nine month jail sentence. Some of the victims later filed and won a civil suit against the Los Angeles School District.

Before his arrest, McDowell had been very interested in a 15-year-old athlete - writing her letters, asking her mother for permission to photograph her, and posting web pages about her that were supposedly co-created by two different teenage girls. On one of these websites, McDowell claimed to be corresponding with at least one 15-year-old girl named Emily; calling her his "email friend" and saying that he'd been communicating with her since she was 13.

After his release from jail, instead of learning from all this, McDowell went on to create a website called Pedophileophobia.com. The site contains pro-pedophile propaganda from individuals such as Lindsay Ashford, along with rants from McDowell, complaining that his molestation convictions are wrong and that sex offender laws are unfair (in his opinion). He uses the term "pedophileophobia" to describe concerns about sexual predators and says efforts to protect children are "hysteria".

McDowell's lack of remorse is beyond glaringly obvious - he blames the victims, calling them liars and/or crazy; alternates between saying nothing happened and saying that whatever happened was all the victims’ fault; and that most child molestation is really not even harmful anyway.

McDowell also found a way to get himself back in the classroom – he moved to South Korea and began working as an English teacher at the university level. By doing so, he avoided any criminal background checks for foreign teachers, as he was not ‘officially’ working with young kids. However, McDowell had indeed been teaching children in various Korean locations; including classes at the BCM Academy in Seoul and also giving "English lessons" to young girls in Nam Won.

McDowell's ESL resource website includes a section that features resumes of teachers who are seeking foreign jobs. One of the resumes posted is that of John Mark Karr, the man who confessed to and was arrested for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey (but subsequently released because his DNA did not match the DNA evidence taken from the crime scene); a 19-year old woman subsequently accused Karr of trying to secure young girls to form his own sex cult.

After learning that McDowell was a convicted child molester and working as a teacher in South Korea, volunteers contacted U.S. and Korean authorities, who responded immediately and placed McDowell in detention and under deportation review. According to news reports, a 12-year-old boy also came forward to Korean authorities and filed a complaint that McDowell had abused him.

Rather than wait for the 30-day review period, McDowell chose to leave Korea immediately and traveled to the Philippines; U.S. authorities then alerted Philippine immigration officials, who arrested McDowell in February 2009 and blacklisted him from the entire country (according to news reports). As of July 2009, McDowell's current location is unconfirmed; however, there is no question that he is dangerous to any children he comes in contact with, regardless of what country they are in.


As you may have guessed, I was convicted of child sexual abuse - three misdemeanor counts of child annoyance and molestation in California in 1997. I feel I was wrongfully convicted and that the acts were so minor that even if guilty, could not have possibly warranted the damage that I have suffered.

Idiotic things such as pats on the butt, and discussing anything sexual with a child can be thought of as sexual molestation. Just as adults can joke around about sexual matters without really being sexually erotic or sexually provocative, so can adults joke and engage in horseplay with children that is in some sense sexual, but not erotic. Unfortunately, many teachers and others who work around children are going to jail for the most ridiculous excuses of child molestation imaginable due to the fanatical sickness of what one might call pedophileophobia.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed the website Pedophileophobia.com and began to investigate its content.
  • Google search of the site name led to technical questions from a poster with the email address [email protected], asking for help with his website, Pedophileophobia.com.
  • This email address led us to McDowell’s real name and the Mark's ESL World website.
  • Google search of his name found that McDowell was currently a university teacher in South Korea.
  • From his own admission on Pedophileophobia.com, we learned that McDowell was formerly an American teacher and that he was fired and convicted for molesting students. This was confirmed by further search of public records.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Mark McDowell

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

  • Pedophileophobia.com
  • MarksESL.com

Additional Quotes

Of course, no one ever holds the child or adolescent accountable, even though it may very well have been the so called victim that purposefully initiated and encouraged the incident. We are, in fact, often now just teaching those under the age of 18 an easy way to rip-off the system -- profit for lies at the expense of grown adults who lose everything.

Anyone who is intellectually honest should find it quite understandable how any number of adults could be sexually attracted to teenagers...Most any man, certainly up to the age of 40 or so, would give his right arm to have sex with "that" cute cheerleader at the local high school.

What can a therapist say over the course of years to help someone get over remembering a teacher bathing her and sticking his finger up her anus anyway? That case just can't be worth eighty-thousand dollars and years of therapy.

Additional Information

  • Registered sex offender.
  • Had been teaching children in various Korean locations, including classes for young children at BCM Academy in Seoul. He also indicates giving "English lessons" to young girls in Nam Won, Korea.
  • Known to travel to other countries in Asia, including Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines on multiple occasions.
  • News reports indicate he is currently in another South Asian country; may attempt to find another teaching job there.
  • May attempt to find work as a private tutor, giving English lessons to children.

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