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Age: 46
Birthdate: December 23, 1972
Location: Crump, Tennessee, United States
Physical Description:
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Other: Deformity of right arm.
Pedophile Websites: Girlchat, Puellula.com, Debate Unlimited, ToyBOX Online
Todd Nickerson AKA Markaba is a pedophile activist who is into child pornography, as is evident by his desire to begin a so-called "blogging project", where he will profile well-known nude artworks of children. He's also openly admitted to communications with young girls.

Todd Nickerson

Todd Everett Nickerson AKA Markaba AKA Lateralus is a pedophile and known member of GirlChat and Puellula.com. He is also a member of the Debate Unlimited forum, which covers a number of controversial topics, including pedophilia. He is also known to frequent blogs of other pedophiles, and has actively pursued "Ella", a 16 year old girl who has a blog in which Nickerson has left comments. Currently, he is grooming a little girl he calls "K."

Markaba posted on GirlChat in 2010 that, after years of debating from a "non-contact" stance with other pedophiles, he has changed his mind. Because of a rape and murder in his family, he decided that he was pro-contact again, and ready to "take up the mantle of youth rights again."

But when I examined the case in detail, it made me realize something: had sexuality of youths been accepted, it’s likely none of this would’ve happened. The rape occurred because J’s stepfather found images on her phone that she had ‘sexted’ to her boyfriend; he used these images to blackmail her into sex by threatening to divulge them to her real father unless she allowed him to screw her. She gave in, fearing disappointment and reprimands from her biological dad. Given this situation, and the fact that all three of the children and their mother were afraid of the stepfather, J figured she had no choice but to give in. She may not have fought her stepdad, but it was an act entirely against her will. Now, if society didn’t make such a big holy deal about kids having sex, J’s stepdad would’ve had no leverage to use against her in order to pressure her into sex, other than the implied threat of violence. He was a fuckwad of the first order, and I hold little doubt that the laws deterred him from taking what he wanted. But I wonder, had J been more psychologically armed, if her stepdad would’ve given up on the idea. I don’t know.

Todd speaks very openly about pedophilia and says he's considering a blogging project of his own, on the history of little girls. According to Todd, this project would consist mostly of nude paintings and drawings of children, that would fall within legal limits. He has written previously about his own artwork as a young teen, which included images of young girls.

Nickerson claims to have been born in Watervliet, Michigan, and states that he is missing the majority of his lower right arm, which is replaced with a hook. As he puts it: "born with a right arm that had not completed the growth process in utero. The medical term is a right transverse (right side of the body) upper (arm rather than leg) partial (only affecting part of the limb) hemimelia." He's been known to threaten people with his hook and he's heavily into the martial arts.

Nickerson describes himself as someone who found a hard time fitting in with his peers, due in part to his inability to control his bodily functions well past the age when children should be beyond bed wetting. He says he has severe social anxiety, and he often has trouble leaving his house because of it. He claims to have been molested as a boy by a German speaking friend of the family, and that following that incident he would have dreams of being forced into sexual situations, which he found exhilarating. He states that by the time he was in the 7th grade, he realized he was attracted to little girls, and spoke of a crush he held on child actress Heather O'Rourke of "Poltergeist" fame. He claims that while in college a computer "virus" sent out child model pictures to everyone in his address book including several professors, which left him feeling suicidal. He did manage, however, to receive his degree in print journalism from the University of North Alabama in May 2003.

In 2006, Nickerson and several members of GirlChat decided to collect donations for a children's charity to commemorate Alice Day. When the charity rejected the donation (totaling over $1000), the money was returned to Nickerson by the organization. He refused to return the funds to the GirlChat members who made contributions, which angered many on the site. Nickerson has yet to disclose what happened to the donations, but he claims he used it to help children in some way. During this time, he threatened to reveal the identity of another GirlChat member. This resulted in a one year ban from GirlChat's chat room.


This quote is about the nude picture of a child that was taken from Elton John's home recently, which Todd found and downloaded:

Scrounging around the Net I did find a small version of the image. I won't post it as it is still legally contentious, but the girls are obviously very young--clearly under age 10. But I might add that it isn't entirely unprecedented for gay men to be aesthetically interested in nude/semi-nude or provocative images of children, even of the opposite sex. There is Robert Mapplethorpe's controversial image "Rosie" depicting a 3-year-old girl sitting on a bench with one leg raised, and she clearly isn't wearing any undies. He also took a photo of fully nude little boy, "Jessie McBride." Mapplethorpe had a show in Ohio shut down (temporarily) because of these two images primarily. He eventually won his case, and the images are legally protected art. Both children--now grown--are on record as supporting Mapplethorpe's images of them and as stating that they were not traumatized by the images.

When young girls go naked, I am liable to drool. :)

Believe whatever you like. I have three little girl friends in my life right now that I see semi-regularly. That's plenty for me. I wish I got to see them more often, but such is life. In addition, I get to see the smiling, happy faces of little girls at work almost every day. Most days that's all I need to feel happy.

I am out of the toybox, as I'm sure you're aware, and I look at little girls all the time--every day I say a little cutie or five at work, except today for some reason :-( , but that's okay. Most of my community knows about me, certainly everyone at work, and yet they don't seem to mind too much. I have yet to be attacked or even insulted, and most people seem to like me pretty well.

...Without me, a 1st grade class would not have had an art teacher one year. It was cut from the budget and the teacher, whom I knew, asked me to volunteer, which I did. What an amazing experience. And, of course, dozens of children would not have had me in their lives to squeeze them and kiss them and love them unconditionally. They would've lacked my help with homework and learning to read and kissing their owies when they got hurt. They would've lacked a great friend and playmate.

Our Investigation

The following steps were taken in our investigation of Markaba, which lead to revealing his real name of Todd E. Nickerson:

  • We found a poster on GirlChat using the screen name Markaba. As we researched this name, we found that he also posted on a forum called Debate Unlimited, which covered a wide variety of topics, including pedophilia. His profile at Debate Unlimited listed Tennessee as his home state.
  • As our search continued using the Markaba name, we found that he had posted comments on other sites and blogs in which he left e-mail addresses for contact, as well as a Google groups profile in which he used the name Todd Nickerson.
  • On a well known pedophile website, we found where he had written an autobiography of sorts, in which he listed where he had been born, where he lived throughout his years growing up, information about his handicap, and about his pedophilia. A preliminary search gave us the name and location of a Todd E. Nickerson from Morris Chapel, TN. In depth searches confirmed the same locations that he had listed in his autobiography.
  • A member of ACME informed us that he may possibly be working at Lowe's, which we were able to verify easily.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Markaba
  • M
  • Starkroth
  • neomythic
  • tonicker
  • Todd
  • Lateralus
  • ICQ: 271840466

Known E-mail Accounts

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

2055 Hwy 64
Crump TN 38327

Other Previous Addresses

303 S Jefferson St.
Hastings, Michigan 49058-1829

3805 East State Road
Hastings, Michigan 49058


  • Fired from Lowe's (10/02/07)

Additional Quotes

I had other health problems besides my handicap, or rather, psychological issues that were connected to, and originated out of, my handicap. I was a quiet, timid, nervous kid who wet himself in stressful social situations (like being at school) and wet my bed frequently. I occasionally soiled myself too, which didn’t help much in the popularity department. I couldn’t help myself — I simply disconnected with my body and went into daydream mode when I couldn’t handle the stress or excitement, so I had little awareness of my body’s signals urging me to get to the bathroom. Or, in the case of peeing myself, sometimes it happened so quickly I had no time to make it to the toilet by the time I was aware of needing to go.

At age 8, I met a man who seemed to like me a great deal and was kind and gentle. I took to him immediately —he was a German who barely spoke English, a former acquaintance of my aunt and uncle’s who was visiting the U.S. and needed a place to stay. He stayed at my grandparents’ house next door for only one day. I was dragging the man (whose name I have long since forgotten) around my grandpa’s garden, showing him the vegetables and teaching him the English names for them, which he repeated happily. I enjoyed this game, and clearly so did he.

After the garden tour, we sat together on the ground beside the garden and enjoyed each other’s company, and then, abruptly, he began to fondle me. I felt a bit confused but strangely exhilarated by this contact, as if it were simply another level of our friendship, or another part of the garden game. I taught him the English word for what it was he was touching — “pee-pee.” He smiled and repeated the word, which made me giggle. After he took his hand out of my shorts, I got up and left him sitting, running to brag about the experience to a relative, but she told we to stay away from him, which only made me feel guilty about the intimacy, and that I had done something wrong. Again, I internalized my feelings.

I'm not worried about dying itself so much as dying before my time. I feel like I have yet to make my cultural impact, my legacy. In fact, I'm far more afraid of madness than of death. Creative people are more inclined to it, I think.

Nickerson's defense for not returning charitable donations:

I wish people would stop saying I stole the money. I didn't. With the exception of about $100 for something I needed, I never used it for personal gain. Most of it did wind up assisting children, and that's all I can say. It kills me that I can't tell anyone where the money went because I'm sure most of you wouldn't mind. While it didn't go to the original destination, it helped children and that's what's important, isn't it?

A quote from Girlchat member Eeyore about Nickerson's theft:

I declare Todd Nickerson to be a thief. I declare him to be a threat to the safety and security of not only every child lover he associates with, but a threat to the privacy of any children we happen to know, regardless of the nature of our relationship with them. I have never encountered someone as unpredictable in his actions or beliefs, and I am telling everyone now that you associate with him at your own risk.

Additional Information

  • Interested in art and art history, literature, writing, photography, and in debating a variety of topics
  • Has worked as an art teacher, as a cashier at K-Mart, and worked as an illustrator at the Florence Times-Daily (Florence, AL), and spent a semester writing editorials for the UNA college newspaper
  • Speaks of drinking heavily and of marijuana usage as well
  • Is into martial arts and speaks of owning a cat
  • Claims to be writing a book which he will title "Closetleap"

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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