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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Michael John Morrow
Age: 60s
Birthdate: Aquarius
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Journalist/Photographer/Teacher
Location: Grand Junction Colorado
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, BoyMoment, BoyBliss, 12chan, Annabelleigh.net
Michael1016 is an active pedophile who posts on many pedophile based message boards. He is a journalist and has some sort of classroom contact with children within the age range of his attraction.

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Michael Morrow drew the attention of volunteers during online chats and e-mails, where he graphically described sexual acts he claimed to have committed against children. The contents of e-mails sent by Morrow suggested he may be involved in sexually exploiting children. Volunteers urgently contacted and worked closely with Law Enforcement; providing them with the information necessary to begin a criminal investigation which eventually lead to Morrow’s arrest and prison sentence. During the course of their investigation, Law Enforcement uncovered 13,000 images of child pornography which were in Morrow's possession. Michael Morrow was arrested on October 29, 2008. On May 22, 2009, he was sentenced to 84 months for possession of child pornography. Press Release

Michael John Morrow AKA Michael1016 AKA Michael814 is a pedophile from Colorado and an active member of many pedophile based websites across the internet, including BoyChat, BoyBliss, BoyMoment, 12chan, and Annabelleigh.net. He has also posted to Usenet groups and to a website called "Rate My Schlong.com".

Morrow has stated that his age of attraction (AoA) is where he came up with the numbers in his user name. Currently, he says he's attracted to boys and girls who are between the ages of newborn and 16. He often posts about young children he has met, giving descriptions about their physical features which causes him to become aroused. Morrow says that he first realized his attraction to young boys when he was 12 years old.

After being married for twenty years, "Michael" came out to his first wife, and they subsequently divorced. They have been divorced for approximately 10 years. He states that his ex-wife's three children, along with his adopted son, have no problem with his pedophilia. He remarried to a woman from Sweden, who he claims has no problem with his lifestyle. He is still married to her. He has also stated that he is a full time journalist with a flexible schedule. He has mentioned working in a classroom situation on a regular basis, with children between the ages of 12-14 years old.

Here Michael described his experience with a 5-year-old boy:

Michael says (4:01 PM): he is starting to cry, but i dont care
Michael says (4:01 PM): ive noticed him for weeks
Michael says (4:02 PM): i drive by the school almost every day and JO while i cruise it
Michael says (4:02 PM): he is the one i want...i want to suck him, and fuck him deep
Michael says (4:05 PM): i give him some ice cream
Michael says (4:05 PM): and slip a little powder in his milk
Michael says (4:05 PM): i want him relaxed

He followed with a graphic description of how he molested the child then said:

Michael says (4:19 PM): this happened years ago
Michael says (4:19 PM): i was on a trip to idaho
Michael says (4:20 PM): i had cruised this school for two days...i was going to leave the enxt day and i figured, what the heck
Michael says (4:20 PM): i had my popper.s i have a rathter innocent looking car. and i knew that i could pick up this little boy
Michael says (4:20 PM): i had seen h im, looked at his body language
Michael says (4:21 PM): my divorce allowed me to be me
Michael says (4:21 PM): and i wanted this
Michael says (4:21 PM): if he had resisted much, i would not have done it
Michael says (4:23 PM): im safe. it was just a 30 minute thing. and i was headed out of town anyway. i took the boy back to the school
Michael says (4:23 PM): im not sure he told anyone. he may have
Michael says (4:23 PM): it's really he only time ive done anything quite that brazen


~snip~ He is beautiful, 13, sort of small for his age.

He showed up at basketball practice in VERY TIGHT (mmmmm) speedos and a sleveless shirt. The speedos I took notice of for obvious reasons...and then, when he removed his sweat suit top, I was mezmerized. His arm pits had just enough hair to set me off (I won't be specific what that means), and I had to challenge him to a one v. one game until the other guys showed up. I got close enough to smell him, and it was even more beautiful that I could imagine. We practice an arms up drill for defensive positioning and, of course, I had him do that. I'm glad I was wearing jeans because if I had been in shorts, he would have noticed.

I'm sure we've all seen it.

Years (and years and years) ago, I coached my son's youth soccer team and those boys, at ages 11-14, were .......well. They were hot at 11, 12, 13 and 14 ... and even through graduation. And now, they have sons of their own in that same age range and ... well. Loving them is part of a friendship, a fellowship that developed during that first season. It grew from that, even those some of those boys were relocated to other teams. I personally am attracted (!) to boys between 11-14, but those boys, almost every one of them, including my son, continued to be part of my life

I was married for 20 years, finally had to admit I was a boylover (pedophile). We separated and divorced. That was 10 years ago. Time has healed wounds between us -- her three kids, our adopted son never had a problem with it --and my current wife, being from Sweden, understands.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed someone named michael1016 was posting on pedophile websites, with an email address leading to CP, claiming to be in law enforcement and spending time in his church's nursery room.
  • On one pedophile site, michael1016 discloses his former screen name was michael814.
  • On another board michael814 discloses his former screen name was Ganymede.
  • An online pedophile magazine identified the author of an article as michael814 ("Blake Blewitt"). A check on "Blake Blewitt" shows the same location, age, and occupation as michael814 or Michael Morrow.

Other connections

  • A poster named mychael included in his signature that he "used to be Blake Blewitt"
  • The e-mail address, [email protected], given by michael814 is the same e-mail given by a poster named mikailboiz

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • blakeblewitt
  • boystown
  • Ganymede
  • mikailboiz
  • Michael1016
  • Michael814
  • mikailboiz
  • mm241114
  • mychael
  • riverwriter

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites

  • MySpace
  • RateMyScholong.com - WARNING, sexually explicit material contained within this site


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

559 Greenfield Circle
East Grand Junction, CO 81504

Additional Quotes

Word pedophile does not faze me, might as well face up to it, actually

Sadly, my favorite boy, a gorgeous 13 year old, moved aobut a month ago, but before that he gave me many pleasureable times.

I miss him deeply, though we did get a new boy in class last week, a little younger, but just as cute.

I shall keep you posted. But savor those boy moments...and the boys.

A support group for other boylovers (pedophiles) is very important, and I'm glad having been a part of several

Additional Information

  • Morrow has posted on message boards about having coached his son's youth soccer team and his attraction to his son's teammates (ages 11-14).
  • He's also mentioned coaching youth basketball and has posted specific details about his attraction to a young 13 year old boy; admiring him in his speedos and shirtless body.
  • He posts often about his involvement with children and has made mention that his current Swedish wife knows and understands his pedophilia.
  • Morrow has also posted about having taken trips to Tijuana, Mexico to buy gifts, while living in southern California.
    • During those trips, he would frequent an area where young teens were known for what he termed "consensual sex", claiming that he never even thought of it as being illegal.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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