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Walter David Bertsche III
Age: 50
Birthdate: 10/23/1969
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Sells BMW parts, former truck driver for a carnival
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Other: Glasses
Pedophile Websites: Boytalk Radio
Walter David Bertsche III is a Tier III Sex Offender in Cincinnati, OH who was convicted of “the use of a minor in a sexual performance”. He wears adult diapers, collects media of children in diapers, and posts regularly on Boytalk Radio about his fetish.

Walter Bertsche III, pedophile

Walter David Bertsche III AKA mortuis99 is a Tier-III Sex Offender in Cincinnati, OH. He was arrested in 1999 after an investigation and subsequent arrest of his friend Thomas Meyer. A 14-year-old boy in Meyer's care told police that Meyer and Bertsche had been taking pictures of him and other boys in diapers and in the nude.

Bertsche was convicted and incarcerated at a psychiatric prison from 2001 - 2004. Claiming he had been wearing diapers for years and liked the attention of being changed, Bertsche used manipulation to make sure he could continue his fetish. During his time in the psychiatric prison he continually wet himself and was required to wear diapers. Wearing diapers and getting attention is exactly what he wanted. Pedophiles will go to great lengths to continue their perversions, Bertsche is no different.

He currently lives with another pedophile, Robert J Byers, right near a park and swimming pool where a lot of children spend their time.

18:35 < mortuis99> the prison i was at is where the Criminal Psychiatric Unit
18:36 < mortuis99> is
18:43 < mortuis99> because i had a history of self distructive behavior(head banging)they had me wear a helmet most of the time i was there
18:44 < Father_TMJR> Was this when you were a teen, Mort?
18:45 < mortuis99> 01 to 04
18:45 < Father_TMJR> But how come you were in the criminal unit, Mort?
18:46 < Father_TMJR> I didn't know head banging was a crime :-/
18:46 < mortuis99> ummm in truth cause iw anted to stay at THAT facility
18:46 < mortuis99> so i cut myself
18:46 < mortuis99> and i have a HISTORY of mental illness

Using the excuse of being abused when he was younger, he attempts to justify his perversion. Bertsche has a history of mental illness and lived in a Catholic home when he was young. Asserting he was abused, he tries to legitimize his soiling himself and wearing diapers was caused by the stress of the abuse. Bertsche is a 40-year-old man who chooses to wear diapers and rationalize his pedophilic behavior.

Upon his release from prison, he continued to wear diapers, go to IRC chats for pedophiles, and joined Boytalk Radio, BoyLinks, diaperchat.net and jeffsfortboard.com (a site that posts erotica for pedophiles).

Bertsche talks to other pedophiles boasting about collecting photos of children in diapers and says "like me just cant get enough pics and feel it a triumph in a way to find new stuff". He also collects Anime pornography and child pornography movies. This man continues to make excuses for his diaper fetish, and claims to have 50 pedophile movies. "i have a 80gig HD and 4 500 GIG HDs in this box". He refers to having "TB+ of boymedia" A TB+ is a terabyte.

Bertsche lives with his parents and works on his BMW, buying and selling parts on Ebay and on bimmerforums.com. In addition to his vast collection of pedophile photos, movies and Anime, he owns several guns "2 9mm a .45ACP, a 308 sniper rifle, a M4, a Mag90, 2 shotguns, 2 .22s, a 870, a 1300, and an original m16".


posted 2/8/08

23:53 < mortuis99> i wanna see a live action ver of Enzai
23:55 < mortuis99> in enzai there are some good ass raping scenes

posted 2/12/08

17:48 < mortuis99> brown boys in what diapers are SOOOOO CUTE
17:49 < mortuis99> boys from 5 to 12

posted 3/1/08

21:02 < mortuis99> i have about 50 boy mvies on my server
21:05 < mortuis99> heh im about to have about 4 TBs online so i could host them
21:08 < icarus12> and ur streaming that? dood what bout the mpaa?
21:08 < mortuis99> i didnt say i was streaming it
21:09 < icarus12> or share the files?
21:09 < mortuis99> but i can give access on a limited basis
21:09 < mortuis99> through FTP or P2P
22:30 < mortuis99> im DLing one now called
22:30 < mortuis99> ....
22:31 < mortuis99> the blossoming of Maximo
22:31 < Ranger> Yea, I have seen that on the shelves as well. Let me know if there is any nudity
22:32 < mortuis99> there is a full frontal scene in Walkaobut

posted 6/22/08

08:43 < mortuis99> most girls today dress in a way that SHOUTS rape me and thenwonder y when it happens
08:45 < mortuis99> ummm we are animals and here for ONE thing PROCREATION
08:45 < mortuis99> PERIOD
08:45 < mortuis99> i dont care what your senceabilities are

Diaper Pics

To me it all come down to intention. what does the person getting the material intend to do with the material. Some (like me just cant get enough pics and feel it a triumph in a way to find new stuff)

Others are looking for pics of kids in diapers (or kids in cub scout uniforms or nudes or whatever) for self gratification (ie to jack off to)

When i was younger i was in a catholic home and one of the staff there would take me home( to his house) and abuse me there. because of this i started wetting the bed and my pants and sometimes but not often mess my pants and because of that they put me in diapers. there was no cruel intent it was just done. and at some point i came to LIKE the attention of being changed etc.

one BIG issue about collecting pics of kids in diapes is that it can be addictive and one can "LOOK" for them at inappropiate time etc.

Our Investigation

The following is how we were able to identify mortuis99 as Walter David Bertsche III, a Tier III Registered Sex Offender.

  • We first became aware of mortuis99 on a pedophile IRC chat for Boytalk Radio
  • As a regular poster he revealed several details about himself, such as his email address, state, age, his diaper fetish, hobbies and criminal record.
  • Searching for information on him led to other websites about his diaper fetish and his participation on other pedophile sites.
  • Several online accounts confirmed much of the information he posted in the IRC chats.
  • Searching the registered sex offenders in Cincinnati Ohio, and putting together all the details from our research, we were able to identify his real name.
  • Searching his name, we were able to confirm his online identity as mortuis99, due in part to a news article confirming his arrest and incarceration, matching several statements he made previously.
  • A website tying both his real name and screen name together as well as linking to the news article of the investigation and his arrest confirms our research.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • mortuis99
  • moshi

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address


Previous Addresses

CINCINNATI, OH 45243-3018
Hamilton County

Last Known Phone Number

(513) 561-0347

Additional Quotes

posted 1/26/08

13:41 < mortuis99> is anyone interested in my upping boy movies to the FTP?
13:41 < mortuis99> and it is allowed?
13:42 < mortuis99> i have a TB+ of boy media
13:47 < mortuis99> JB have u seen LOVELESS?
13:47 < mortuis99> Wolfs Rain?
13:47 < mortuis99> i have the anime
13:48 < mortuis99> of both
13:48 < mortuis99> as i said i have about A TB+
13:48 < mortuis99> of media
13:49 < mortuis99> i have a 80gig HD and 4 500 GIG HDs in this box

posted 2/22/08

< mortuis99> sometimes i wish i had had sex with my YF since i went to prison ( not because of him be he was part of it)

I have been wearing diapers for so long that they have become an important part of my life almost to the point that if there was a way to stop wetting i probably wouldnt.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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