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Timothy R. Shehan AKA MrTim
Age: 64
Birthdate: 1-17-55
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Location: San Bernardino, California
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Gray
Individuals: Tobs
Pedophile Websites: Visions of Alice
MrTim is a long time pedophile activist online.

MrTim AKA Timothy R. Shehan AKA Tim Shehan has been an administrator at Visions of Alice for a very long time. He posts pictures of little girls and makes lewd comments about pictures of little girls on that website, and also gives legal advice to other pedophiles and sex offenders.

Shehan says that his wife, Jaynie, knows that he is a pedophile and is fine with it. She has even posted on VoA, and several of the pedophiles there say that they have talked to her on the phone and consider her to be a dear friend.

Tim Shehan is sexually attracted to children from the ages of 8 and up. He even says that if he had a daughter, he's not sure he could control himself:

If you had a daughter, are you sure of that statement? Most people, myself included, couldn't make that statement. I would say that I would try to avoid touching her sexually, but I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't.

He also says that he has a female room mate with a young daughter who is also a pedophile, and who knows that he is one as well.

MrTim says that he meets little girls in his apartment complex, with the help of his wife, who "breaks the ice."

Shehan has admitted to having sex with a 10-year-old when he was 13:

From about the age of 8 until I was 14, there was a lot of experimentation. I had my first vaginal intercourse when I was 13 and she was 10.


I wasn't what I consider molested, since my definition of molesting involves non consent. But when I was 12, I met a 24 year old couple and the woman was sexual with me. We never did fuck, but there was a lot of touching. I was told before anything happened what they wanted, and it was my decision. I chose to keep going back over the next 8 months until they moved. The husband was doing the 10 year old I mentioned earlier.


If it were legal to have sex with an AG, no matter what age, then I would. If she got pregnant, then all the better! To have a young teen bringing up my child would be very sexy for me. Granted, with todays laws, it wouldn't happen. So it is just a fantasy!

This girl was seen this morning at a IHOP! She was about 5, and as most of us know, they aren't that self conscious about their movements. Now, I don't get excited about seeing a 5 year old lifting her skirt under the table, but I'm sure that if I had gotten it on video, many of you would pay big money for it! Cest la vie, it's only in my memory, and she was what I would describe to my wife as an "up and coming"! Granted an LG I saw at Sam's club was more my ball of wax, and dressed to kill, but nothing gm about her other than the siting!

Our Investigation[edit]

  • One of Shehan's pedophile friends, Tobs, posted a happy birthday thread in the pedophile forum VoA, wishing MrTim's wife a happy birthday. He also posted her name, Jaynie, in that thread.
  • She responded, confirming her birthday, using MrTim's account.
  • Public records were searched for her name and DOB, which produced information that matched her age and DOB, as well as the fact that she lived with someone named Timothy R Shehan.
  • The DOB for Timothy R. Shehan matched that of his profile on VoA.
  • Their public information also matched their location of California, which MrTim has posted about on several pedophile websites.

Online Accounts[edit]


  • MrTim
  • MrTim2003

Pedophile Associates[edit]

Last Known Address[edit]

2020 Guthrie St
Apt C8
San Bernardino, CA 92404-5924

Last Known Phone Number[edit]




Additional Quotes[edit]

It was five months in the making, but I finally got a hug from the girl I like. She's 12, and I met her the last week of May. I see her almost every day, but it finally happened yesterday (Saturday) when she came by to talk to my wife. As she was about to leave, she gave my wife a hug, and I commented that it be nice to get one of those one of these day. She turned around and came to me and gave me a big hug. Ask anyone who I chatted with yesterday, they knew I was in Heaven! rainbowharts.gif

About the same girl:

So do I, granted, things are a changin'! They are moving on the first so I won't see her as much. Her granny is our roommate and her Aunt, who watches her sis and her when their Mom works, lives across from us. So when they go, I will still see her, but only occassionally.

SS, about treating her like a queen, I already have been. Granted, her granny has bad to say about her, but I don't see any of it! She is a QUEEN to me, and she can do NO WRONG! rainbowharts.gif

Written by Tobs, about the phone call he had with Shehan about the girl:

Well Tim you know how happy I am to hear this love46.gif So I guess the 6 hours we were on the phone that night talking about her and trying to figure out a way to get you brave enough to approach her worked laugh.gif I'M kidding I knew this day would come and I for one am almost as happy as you are about this smile.gif I too hope there will be TONS more where that came from love46.gif

Additional Information[edit]

  • Jaynie's son was in prison in New York in 2008, due to be released in 2010.
  • Was unemployed in all of 2008, and part of 2007, at least.
  • Says he has 6 siblings, 5 sisters and 1 brother, 4 of the sisters being younger than he is.
  • Says he bought child pornography when it was legal:

I started buying cp, which at the time was legal. It didn't become illegal until I was 23.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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