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NukeSheep AKA Matt
Age: 44
Birthdate: February 20, 1975
Location: Angleterre Area, Southern England, United Kingdom
Physical Description:
Other: States that he is "beard" free but no other details are known at this time
Individuals: Starlet Luver
Pedophile Websites: BLISS, Boylove.net, BL.net, BoyTales, BoyTalk, Boy Love United
Matt AKA NukeSheep is a pedophile activist who not only frequents many "boylove" pedophile sites, but he works to help keep them running as a moderator and administrator.

NukeSheep AKA Matt is a pedophile who is attracted to little boys, and works as an administrator and moderator on several pedophile forums to ensure that he and his peers have an online gathering place to talk about their pedophilic lifestyle.

An owner of several failed sites of his own, Matt now throws his support towards forums owned by other pedophiles. He is an administrator on the BLISS forums and has been deeply involved in the structure of BoyTales and BoyTalk, along with other pedophiles The Storyteller and Starlet Luver.

Matt states that there is no meaning behind his screen name, and that he simply made it up years ago when he was active in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) rooms. One of his former sites, titled "Nukes Angels", contained an image gallery from which he would post one image a day in the BLISS forums for other pedophiles to drool over. He also states that he has met at least 5 other pedophiles in person after meeting them online through "boylove" web sites.

Matt has posted that he thinks 5 is a very cool age for little boys, and that he likes to watch "his" boys sleep. He also states that he will go out of his way to take a route where he knows he will see little boys while he is out walking or driving.


"If you are out walking or driving etc. do you ever go a different route just because there are boys that way, or do you just carry on the same way as if they weren't there at all?

If there is more than one way of getting to somewhere, and I see boys along one way, I will go that way even if it is longer or more awkward than the other"

"5 is a very cool age I think"

Our Investigation

  • Our first notice of NukeSheep was on the BLISS pedophile site, but then we also noticed him on Boylove.net as well. His posts often contained links to his own sites, which are all now defunct.
  • In his signature on BLISS, he listed an e-mail address, and in another post he listed his location as being "Southern England".
  • In archived posts from the same site, we were able to locate two other e-mail address, from which we located his now defunct site, nukeboy.net.
  • All other information has come directly from his posts on BLISS and in archived posts from Boylover.net.
  • Our investigation into this individual continues, and we will post new information as it becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

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Known Websites

Additional Quotes

"Sounds cool. I love to watch my boys sleep, and often give them a little hug. They look so cute and peaceful just lying there. Makes my heart melt to see them"

"I know a 19yo who prefers younger boys to people his own age or older, so in my eyes that makes him a boylover. The thing is, he doesn't like that term, and in fact prefers to be called gay. That doesn't quite work for me, as the word gay makes me think of a same sex attraction to people of about the same age."


Pedophile Websites


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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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