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John-Paul Vitale
Age: 50 (approx if true)
Birthdate: Birthdate believed to be 1969
Occupation: Writer
Location: New York, possibly West Islip, Farmington area
Physical Description:
Organizations: TkGL, VoA
John-Paul Vitale is a pedophile from New York who is sexually attracted to little girls as young as babies through 14 years of age. He is overly obsessed with child actress Dakota Fanning as well.

PersonInMyOwnEyes AKA John-Paul Vitale is a self-described pedophile who was a regular member of VoA and the now defunct site, tkGL. He is sexually attracted to females, from birth through 14 years of age.

Vitale, who has a strong obsession with child actress Dakota Fanning, has stated that he has watched his 4 year old "little girlfriend" masturbate, and that if he had a daughter who wanted to have sex with him, he would probably do it, just once, since he should be the one to take her virginity. He has posted that he sees nothing wrong with incest and that he has often fantasized about having sex with his young female cousins.

In addition to his obsession with Dakota Fanning, Vitale has also participated in many forums across the internet which cater to fans of sitcoms, television theme songs, and television game shows. He has posed both as a teen and as a female on social sites that are geared towards young teenagers. Vitale has written an internet sitcom, which he called Gabaldi Bound, as well as several "poems" about his little girlfriend and Dakota Fanning. In a blog he created, called Crushing Dakota, he stated that he wanted to marry Dakota Fanning someday.


Please note that we have removed the names of any children in his quotations for their protection:

In response to a question about watching little girls masturbate:

yes, it is quite amazing. I love watching my 4yo lgf (J****) doing it. She looks so darn adorable!

When asked if he would have sex with his own daughter, Vitale replied:

If anything, I'd probably say "just once". As weird as it might sound, I feel, being her father, that I should be the one to take her virginity but that it should only be a 1-time thing. Most people probably find this weird but that's how I feel right now.

I'm currently in a "relationship" with a 4-year old. We kiss, we hug, I've seen her in the nude but we haven't had sex and probably won't for quite some time, if ever. I would never, EVER do anything to hurt her. I lover her way too much.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We found Vitale posting as PersonInMyOwnEyes on the TkGL forums
  • His screen name was linked to ASSTR and Usenet posts using the e-mail address john-paul2@lycos.com, Yahoo screen name yoyip2000, yoyip2006 and AIM name ActorDG
  • The same e-mail address was linked to an Amazon.com account for a John-Paul Vitale in New York
  • Comments made in the Usenet groups regarding his AoA matched those posted on the VoA forums
  • Usenet group message headers showed an IP number which traced to New York, which also matched John-Paul Vitale's location
  • Both e-mail address as well as his Yahoo and AIM screen names were linked to a number of profiles for John-Paul Vitale on TV/movie related forums. Also consistent across the board were posts made revealing his obsession with child actress Dakota Fanning
  • Further searches lead to a song meanings site and two teen related social sites wherein he pretended to be a teenager. We also found profiles where he was pretending to be female.
  • Public records confirmed information on John-Paul Vitale of New York.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • PersonInMyOwnEyes
  • john-paul2
  • Yoyip2000
  • yoyip2006
  • Werfamle
  • maryelleen
  • Themole2001
  • Misty
  • Sitcomwriter
  • AIM: ActorDG
  • YIM: Yoyip2000
  • YIM: Yoyip2006

Known E-Mail Addresses:

  • john-paul2@lycos.com
  • Werfamle@optonline.net
  • yoyip2000@yahoo.com
  • yoyip2006@yahoo.com
  • Sitcomwriter@nestmail.bluehawq.com

Known Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

While we know that Vitale is living in New York, we do not have an exact location. His Internet sitcom centered around couples from Farmington, so there is a strong likelihood that he may be from that area.

Additional Quotes[edit]

While I've never had incest, I have (when I was younger) imagined myself with some of my female cousins (P****-A***, P**, A**, C******* and S*****, who is actually my step-cousin so I don't know if that counts as incest). I think incest (just like adult/child sex) is fine as long as both parties consent. It's disgusting if someone is forced into doing it. That would be rape or child molestation. That is disgusting. However, if you AND your relative both want to have sex, then do it! It's perfectly fine. However, I don't do it. Just like how I don't have sex with dogs but I think that's ok too, if man and dog both want it.

My personal age of attraction is 4-14 but I like older girls (and younger) as well. I am actually in a "relationship" (sexless) with a gourgeous little 4-year old. The light of my life and my soul mate

I am in love with Dakota Fanning. I just find her to be so beautiful and sexy and amazing and hopefully I shall marry her one day.

J****, you are my soul mate. You are the most beautiful girl on the planet I love looking at your body You are so beautiful and amazing I love your gourgeous blonde hair I love your glistening blue eyes I love your cute little bubble butt I love your barely-there breasts Society will probably look down on us But let's make sure we stay together Through stormy weather I love you J**** I'm 17 and you are 4 I love you You aren't a whore You are the sweetest girl I ever met I love you J**** I love that awesome body I love you forever J**** Please never forget me

I am sexually attracted to children (including infants). I just wanted to say that. I am a pedophile. I like kids ages 0-12. I do not abuse children. I love and care for them.

I met someone. She changed my world She's my soul mate A beautiful girl! The mind of a scholar The body of a model Blonde hair, blue eyes An amazing rack Great thighs You said "When are we going to meet her son?" And I said "In a couple of years. She's only 1

Dakota Fanning

A Poem You are so young Only 10-years of age Your hair smells lovely Like cloves, strawberries and sage I love you although I do not know you I feel you Although, I only know you from watching on my TV screen I understand you Although, you do not even know that I exist I want you I want to feel your kiss

I don't mind pubic hair. In fact, on older girls, I prefer them to be natural. While I love girls who don't have any pubic hair, I don't mind an 11 or 12-year old with a little peach fuzz. In fact, I quite like that . However, I can't stand huge breasts. I like them small. I've never seen the big deal with large breasts.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Has also participated in fan groups for celebrity Tara Reid and has expressed a past crush on Christina Ricci
  • Also interested in Sailor Moon anime, role playing games, writing fan fiction, and former sitcom, Three's Company

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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