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Stacey B. Katz
Age: 50s (was 45 in 2007)
Birthdate: Possibly August
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Computer Technician
Location: Montreal, Canada
Physical Description:
Weight: Overweight
Hair Color: Graying with beard and mustache
Other: Wears glasses, says that he wears the BLogo pin on his cap
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Montreal Ganymede Collective, a.s.b-l
Stacey B. Katz AKA PopaBear is a convicted pedophile who was instrumental in the creation of the infamous Montreal Ganymede Collective. He is active on BoyChat and currently works as a computer technician at Dawson College in Quebec. He prides himself on being a 'father figure' to boys.
File:StaceyKatz 01.jpg
Stacey Katz, pedophile
A picture Stacey Katz posted on BoyChat, which he says is himself as a child

Stacey Katz, pedophile

Stacey B. Katz AKA PopaBear is a convicted sex offender and known member of BoyChat. He is also a founding member of the Montreal Ganymede Collective. An article/interview about him at http://philia.ws/ph/99/06d.htm indicates that he was convicted of child sexual abuse in or around 1992. Though he says that he participated in therapy, that was not enough for him, so he went looking for other pedophiles online. Since then, he has embraced the "BoyLove" community and become an active online and real-life participant in the pedophile movement. It is known that he traveled to Amsterdam in 2000 and while there, attended an International BoyLove Day rally. He has since organized several meetings in several countries, including Canada, the Netherlands and London, that consisted of sex offenders and pedophiles.

Katz fancies himself a "father figure" to boys, dispensing advice and hugs, online and off. He has a long history of interacting with underage boys on Internet Relay Chat, as well as other places, especially in areas where there are young gay teens.

Katz is a Canadian citizen, currently residing in Montreal, Quebec. He is a computer technician and has been working at Dawson College in Montreal since April, 1988. He has a degree in psychology from Concordia University and a DEC (Diplome d’Études Collegiales) from the New School of Dawson College. His hobby is photography and he displays his photographs on several websites.

His work with children's charities gives him the opportunity to be very active with children on a very regular basis. There is a video of his 45th birthday party, in which he is surrounded by children, and he can't keep his hands off them. Reading his quotes, it's easy to understand why that is disturbing.


I'm getting a boy magnet!

Posted by PopaBear on 2005-April-20 21:59:15, Wednesday

Where do I begin...snicker :-)

I'm getting a Motor scooter!!

There are lots of boys around my house, I hope it gets their attention :-)

September is a good month to travel to London, with the warning that the museums will be filled with school groups. Warning? Sounds more like an invitation to me :-)

Anyway, back to the BM, I was in the BM (British Museum silly) walking through the Egyptian collection. I was in awe of what was there, the carvings, statues, artifacts and mummies. I was also interested in the school kids. You can tell they are there with school because of their uniforms, sometimes a a blazer and pants, or juts a sweater and a tie. and with the younger kids, no tie.

I was walking through the collection and a boy of about 7 or 8 asks if I was going to take their picture, not that I would mind, but London is very paranoid, taking pictures of kids is not really a good idea. I asked why. I was told by the cute blonde in the group that an American and another gentleman had already took their picture. I politely smiled and said I wouldn't be taking their picture. BUT, I did give them all, there were 4 of them, a Canada flag pin. There were smiles all around. Again I was asked if i could please take their picture now, this time I couldn't refuse. The mom that was with them supervising their work at the museum seemed to enjoy what was going on and even encouraged them by reminding them to say "Thank You" and by allowing them to get their picture taken.

4 wonderfully cute British school boys all smiling and showing of their new pins.

Who could ask for anything more.

Our Investigation

The following are steps we took to confirm the pedophile screen name "Popabear" matched real name of Stacey B. Katz:

  • http://iluv2surf.blogspot.com/ first reported the true identity of "Popabear" as Stacy B. Katz in Canada.
  • We found several posts from him on pedophile and public sites where he posted personal details, including his name "Stacey."
  • His posts on a public website under his Stacey Katz identity matches the information he posted as Popabear on BoyChat, including information about the children in his family, his travels, children he met in his travels, his charity activities, the death of his parents, his religion (Jewish), etc.
  • His blogspot blog mentioned that he worked at Dawson College and also that he does works in the children's charity field.
  • Further following of public links led us to find where Stacey Katz, an employee at Dawson College, was using the same email he uses on the Pedophile boards, "[email protected]"
  • At that point we were able to easily confirm additional information regarding Stacey Katz, his place of employment, and the connection to his screen name, Popabear.
  • Please see the screenshots at the bottom of this article.

Online Accounts

Known Screennames

  • PopaBear
  • Sparky
  • Zazu
  • Stacey
  • Umajor
  • GreatBear
  • RedBear

Known Websites

Known Email Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Other Pedophiles

Last Known Address


Dawson College
3040 Sherbrooke West, Room 2H.12-6
Westmount, Quebec
H3Z 1A4

Last Known Phone Number

Work Phone Number

(514) 931-8731 ex 5116

Additional Quotes


I'm PopaBear, a name i was given by my young friends on IRC. They told me i was what they wanted from a dad or Popa, and i was always availible for a chat or a hug.

And here's what another infamous convicted boylover, Camper, had to say about Popabear. High praise, indeed:

PopaBear is on the front lines, guys, while we hang back here trying to get our heads on straight. I am very proud of him for the job he is doing - he is a fine example of an internet BOYLOVER - the kind that casts doubt into peoples minds about the media-popularized INTERNET PEDOPHILE.

PopaBear talks to a lot of kids - and I know he often talks to their parents too. He is civilized, polite and loving and honest. He tells people up-front that he is a man who is attracted to boys.

You, David, are not the first person to have had an experience like this - PopaBear has told me of others. He has helped out adult/kids before, and no doubt will again.

Not only of IRC fame, PopaBear was also insturmental in the creation of The Montreal Ganymede Collective.

And to me, personally, he has meant a great deal. I met him about a year before I was jailed for loving boys, and he was a great companion to me before that experience, during, and after.

In my not so humble opinion, PopaBear is a great boylover.

Additional Information

  • Is involved in charitable organizations, which keeps him in contact with little boys
  • Claims to travel constantly, recently claimed to be in Peru
  • States that he is of Jewish faith
  • Says that he wears a pedophile pin on his ball cap, and sells those pins to other pedophiles on BoyChat
  • PopaBear posted on BoyChat that his father died on March 25, 2004 and that his mother died on April 1st of 2005.

Related Media

'Popabear,' a computer technician at a Montreal CEGEP and lifelong pedophile, agrees. A founding member of the Ganymede Collective, he is unequivocal that he couldn't live his lifestyle anywhere else in North America, particularly since he has a prior record of abuse against a boy in the early 1990s. 'Because of attitudes in Montreal and Quebec, there was a level of comfort for us to make some public announcements,' he says. 'I'm not saying we had billboards up or anything, but I don't think people in Toronto would do that...'

Popabear suggests Ganymede was only a club for pedophiles to talk about computers, though there is evidence members tried to cover up the sexual exploits of a fellow member.


Signing his real name on BoyChat:

Screenshot of his fotopic profile before he changed his email address (the one he uses on BoyChat) on it (matches the post on his Stacey Katz blogspot blog, screenshot below):

Screenshot of him posting about interacting with boys in London, on BoyChat(matches the post on his Stacey Katz blogspot blog, screenshot below):

Screenshot of him talking about his nephews on BoyChat (matches the post on his Stacey Katz blogspot blog, screenshot below):

Screenshot of his Stacey Katz user profile on his blogspot blog:

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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