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Age: 79
Birthdate: October 21, 1940
Occupation: School Teacher, Little League Coach/Manager
Location: Current location unknown, possible past locations are Santa Monica, CA and Georgia
Physical Description:
Weight: 232 lbs (States he is dieting and works out at the Y)
Pedophile Websites: BoyBliss, Boylover.net, Pedologues
Rebellee is the entertainment coordinator and a moderator at Boylove.net. He was also feature on Episode 4 of Pedologues.

Rebellee is currently the "entertainment coordinator" and moderator of the "poolside" community at Boylover.net. He is also a member of BoyBliss.

In September of 2005, Rebellee was the subject of Episode 4 in the Pedologues series where he talked about his beliefs as well as his life as a "boylover".


The very first time I had sex with another boy was when I was 11 and I remember thinking how much I enjoyed it and wanted to continue doing it with other boys. The only thing that might have influenced my craving for boys at that age might have been my homelife. I was brought up in a home without any love on the part of my parents. The only love I ever received, except for my grandparents, was with the boys that I engaged in sex with. I am sure that that dependence on "boylove" might have enhanced the cravings I was born with, but that we will never know. I do know that in my relations with yf's since I was a boy, I have had a feeling that I had to provide love to my yf's, just as a father provides love to his son, perhaps it is because I never received it as a boy and wanted to be sure my yf's did not go through that loss of love.

If we could share our love with boys freely and openly, I doubt we would feel so obsessed with wanting to be with boys. Society has put us in this position and as a result some boylovers have to act in a way that puts boys in harms way. Of course it will never happen but if boylove was legal, just think of all the molestations (forced) would never take place. Child porn would be irrevelant as you could enjoy the real thing. Just imagine the pressure that would be removed from boys right now that have these same feelings that we all had when we were boys. Being 12 and being a boylover and wanting to be with other boys and NOT girls is a problem that many boys today are dealing with. What a shame that society turns their back on these boys just as they did to us when we were boys. It is so fortunate that boys today have boards like this to share their thoughts and experiences. I only wish I had this medium when I was a teen. It would have made life so much easier to deal with.

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Additional Information

Pedologues: Episode 4

Pedologues: Episode 4: This is a doozy! The running time is just under 90 minutes. We originally talked for over two hours before looking at the clock and realizing just how long we conversed. We just kept talking and talking. If it seems a bit fast-paced, it’s because I had to condense the time down to 90 minutes so as to fit into the remaining time I had available on my account. I’m thinking of upgrading. This is a special episode of pedologues where I interviewed Rebellee and got his views and opinions about "boylove" and some of his rather enlightening (and entertaining) experiences of his younger life. It’s actually a back-issue, so to speak. It was recorded on the 9/25/05. Hosted by Rookiee and Rebellee.

Show notes:

-Introducing Rebellee!
-The role of “Entertainment Coordinator”.
-Boylover.net, the turnover, the roles.
-Reb’s life in sports.
-The origins of Reb’s name.
-What being a boylover means to Reb.
-Misunderstandings. Choice vs. Biological.
-Parents’ horrified view of children having sexual thoughts.
-Rookiee’s first television boy idol.
-Reb’s memories of early 50’s TV and cinema. :)
-Tommy Kirk, boyhood homosexuality, blacklisting from Disney.
-Comparison of TV then and today.
-Reb’s first realization of his preference.
-Fluidity of sexual attraction vs. “preference”.
-Early boyhood realizations of sex. Passive vs. Cognative.
-First experiences, both consentual and not.
-Liberal sociopolitical tenor = free environment to explore early.
-Reb’s first consentual sexual experience as a boy.
-Overprotective vs. Liberal home life. Opportunities for exploration.
-Reb’s boyhood experiences of non-consentual sexual relations.
-Responsibly teaching kids about the dangers of molestation.
-From boy to man. Facing the same attractions.
-Comparisons of early forms of social engagement vs. today.
-Boys who like men who like boys who do boys that like girls who like boys who do men like they’re boys…
-Two fronts we face: Stigma of both homosexuality and fear of age gap.
-Age of consent raising up, up, up. Reasonable compromise.
-Original reasons for laws of Age of Consent.
-Seeya next time!

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