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This page is a special area set-up for redirections. This page will be updated with link redirections that should help clarify things for all who come here.

CoffeeChick.com Redirection - March 2008[edit]

A rather silly blog post on the aforementioned website had the following two paragraphs included.

...Or I might have to show you http://www.wikisposure.com/.

I don't know what it is, except that it's obviously a URL purchased because someone thought it'd be clever to have 'wiki' in front of something that makes very little sense as a word...maybe because they thought that's all you had to do to become a part of the wikimedia project. Or because they wanted to pretend they were part of it.

Oh, and it's a website just full of archived communications from people. Along with their names, addresses, pictures and phone numbers. Because that's what PeeJ does. And it doesn't appear that all these people are actually 'registered sex offenders', so you can't say that it's okay because of that....

First, we've seen it said online too many times so we have to mention it somewhere... "Wiki" is not a term created by the Wikimedia foundation. Wiki is a term used by sites that run the Wiki software which was NOT invented by the Wikimedia foundation. Even Wikipedia's article on the term Wiki acknowledges this: All about Wiki and the history of Wiki's. The Wikimedia project has taken the open-source work of Ward Cunningham and improved it, but they do not own the software.

As well, the URL is pretty simple unless you're a dullard like the blog-writer, I guess. Wiki ("Fast" in Hawaiian, generic term for the software we use to run our project) and Sposure (Shorthand for Exposure). Much like Wikipedia, the largest site to use Wiki software took the term Wiki and merged it with encyclopedia. In other words, don't be an internet n00b, know more about how the internet works, please.

Secondly, not everyone posted on the main page of Perverted-Justice.com is a registered sex offender. Some of them don't have public registration, some of them aren't sentenced to registration as a sex offender. All were convicted of the chats posted. However, there are many registered sex offenders profiled here, and all are either pedophile activists or RSO activists. For a quick read on the kinds of people profiled here, hit the following article: Aztram

Our message to people who want to write dumb blogs about us? Do some research if you're going to mouth off stupid statements.

Breaking Down Walls of Silence Redirection - February 2008[edit]

Redirected the following forum discussion found here. We have found no evidence of any "satanic ritual abuses" done by "pedophile gangs." We've found organized online pedophiles, and we've profiled them. We've never found a "Satanic pedophile" website however, just pedophile websites in general. We have found one "religious" pedophile grouping, however, but that was a Christian website.

At the end of the day, crazy right-wing conspiracies about Satanist Pedophiles have simply not passed the sniff test. Pedophiles come in all religious flavors, unfortunately. A simple reading of our database will illustrate that nicely.

Americans For Truth Redirection - November 2007[edit]

The anti-homosexual hate group "Americans for Truth" recently attacked a Nelson Garcia who is profiled on our Wiki[1]. Nelson Garcia is, of course, a dangerous pedophile activist. He should be exposed to his community and his credibility attacked, of course. He is not, by any means, profiled here because he is attracted to males. He is profiled here because he is attracted to underage minors. The reason "Americans for Truth" are attacking him isn't because he's a pedophile, but rather that he is attracted to males. They then go on to compliment Wikisposure and Perverted-Justice.com in the same article. This shows that unfortunately for them, they didn't really do their research.

Perverted-Justice.com and our Wikisposure Project have many gay volunteers. We're proud to have reached out to the homosexual community and even prouder still of those in the homosexual community who step forward to address the issue of pedophiles in society.

First, obviously, homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation involving two consenting adults. That, there is nothing wrong with, not one bit. However, pedophilia is a dangerous sexual fetish... it has more in common with other sexual fetishes such as those who are into beastiality, foot fetishes, asphyxiation, etc. Pedophilia is the most dangerous sexual fetish of any we can think of off the top of our head. Pedophilia and homosexuality have nothing to do with one another, not even on some remote out of this world scale. To slur homosexuals by comparing them to pedophiles is ignorant.

There are only two groups that will try to compare homosexuals to pedophiles. Pedophiles themselves, trying to gain sympathy... and right-wing religious organizations trying to demonize homosexuals. Not surprising, then, that so many leaders of such organizations that do so end up being pedophiles themselves. Why... oh why... would any organization appalled by homosexuals pass up attacking a pedophile over a homosexual? The answer is obvious to us.

At the end of the day, Nelson Garcia is a bad man. But those that would attack him under the guise of fighting homosexuality rather than pedophilia such as Americans for Truth are nearly as bad. To properly confront and defeat the attempts of pedophile activists, we need a united front that realizes just how dangerous pedophiles are. Unfortunately, some are too busy trying to push their political agenda against homosexuals to truly care about the growing child rape movement.

If you're a person who supports Americans for Truth, thanks for coming by... but please don't stay long. Hopefully this message will reach a few of you who understands that same-sex relationships have absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia, a dangerous sexual fetish.

Wikisposure Project: Anti-pedophile, not anti-homosexual.

(One of these individuals later emailed demanding an further in-depth explanation of our stance. It can be found at the following link)

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