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Richard Hite
Age: Mid 20s
Birthdate: December (Year unknown)
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: U.S. Army Combat Engineer
Location: Fort Carson, Colorado
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: Christian Boylove Forum, Boylover.net
Richard Hite used to run a chat room for pedophiles.

Richard Hite AKA "Rhite" was active on several Internet message boards for pedophiles. He posted that his "Age of Attraction" (AoA) was to prepubescent boys aged from 5 years old to 12 years old. Richard also created an Internet chat room, which is now defunct, for pedophiles.


BL Chat room

i have made a chat room, every one who has been to it really likes it, i am trying to get it to be a way to meet boylovers or girllovers through out the net, and share thoughts.... if you want the chat room code, email me and have the subject CHAT and i will email you the code ASAP...

Chat Room i got For BOY LOVERS!


pass word is xclan that way we can all chat lIvE and you wont have to D/L any thing

My syf the end of the four day weekend

"anyways we had fun today, sat in a hottub at his parents house, 'they got back at 6:00 today' but for some reason, he got an idea to try 'skinnydipping' i let him, because as long as it dosent heart him in any way shape or form, i will let him do it. but he dident tell me he was, so whats funny, i came out from the dressing room, and he was standing infront of the hottub, but he took me offgaurd, but he managed to find yet another way to steal my breath, he had a huge smile on.. when we got in all i could think for a min was, 'did any neighbors see him?' then i told my self to shut up and to enjoy talking to and listning to soft music with my Syf.. and if you guys are wondering, i just treated him like allways, anyways, we had rootbeer and cookies, and then i set up a small TV out side, and we watched the TV for a while Cuddling in the hot tub,

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We noticed a pedophile named Rhite posting on Boylover.net
  • Google searches returned results for Richard Hite matching all the information he had posted at Boylover.net

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Rhite
  • Richard57686
  • AOL Instant Messenger: Rhiteclan

Known E-mail Addresses

  • rhite70@hotmail.com
  • Rhite@ampair.net

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

If you see a cute boy, how do you start up a simple conversation with him?

"what i'd do is "accidently" drop my phone infront of him, and then when i am picking it up just say hi, and say, you look bored.. I have some cool games on my phone... do you want to play them, and if they say nothanx just find something you have incommen

My AOA Keeps Widening

"i'd say about 5-12 for me...

could you make a few suggestions?

go to Destin FL. lots of cute lil boys, and also normally very clear water and small waves... and no old PPL in speedos!!! only boys [Smile]

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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